VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Quarterfinal Press Conference – Roland Garros 2018

Rafael Nadal speaks to the media after his win over Diego Schwartzman.

Also, Rafa refuted concerns among fans that he might be dealing with an injury:

It was very wet, very humid. The sweat was coming to my hands, so just to protect a little bit. Because if you have tape behind the wristband, then it holds a little bit more the sweat. That’s all. It is not usual here in Paris, but this year is very humid.”


  1. Rafa very well done and all the best for your semi finals,

    Love and prayers,


  2. To win of you are making me happy.But I’m worry about your injuries.Take care Rafa.I always love you.

  3. I thought Rafa was getting an
    ice cream sundae right after the
    first set, delivered to him on court LOL LOL
    I guess they were dates though.

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