VIDEO: Rafael Nadal makes ball kid’s day in Paris

During his on-court interview with Marion Bartoli, Rafael Nadal was asked if he would play against the young admirer Leo.

Our champ was all smiles as he exchanged a couple of rallies with the ball boy to warm applause from the crowd. Watch!


It was a good feeling. It’s so nice when you have a chance to play with kids that normally only watch you on TV.

I have been on the other part of the situation, being a kid and playing with professional tennis players when I was 12 or 11 and having an amazing feeling.

Probably for him, today was a great day, especially here on this amazing court.

Sources: Roland Garros, Tennis Channel


  1. Rafa is truly amazing, and how wonderful for the ball lad,

    who would have been so thrilled.

    All the best for tomorrow’s game and have a SPECIAL BIRTHDAY,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Rafa….solo tu eres capaz de demostrar ese corazon tan grande…..Feliz Cumpleanos

  3. WOW!!! Such a lovely impress Rafa and the kid.
    Happy and happy birthday and hoping you wish come true 11th RG champion

  4. Amazing man!!!!! Such a wonderful thing to do. typical Rafa though. Have the best birthday tomorrow. You are, and always will be, my absolute hero….so exciting to watch, in fact if you ‘re not playing,..i ain’t watching!! XXX

  5. What a beautiful thing to do . Typical Rafa who just connects so well with you young people. This young boy will remember his all his life . The crowd loved it . I loved it ❤️

  6. Siempre en tu sitio…tu saber estar tu elegancia y educaciòn….eres ùnico…te queremos!!!!!…hoy para ese jovencito es un dia d los mas felicices d su vida gracias a tu atencion….

  7. So cool 🙂 Imagine being that kid, shaking Rafa’s hand, holding his racquet, hitting with him on Chatrier in front of all those people! Rafa is the best, hope he has an amazing birthday tomorrow because he deserves it so much for all the kind and thoughtful things, like this, that he does.

  8. Gracious and accommodating🙏Merci, Rafael. 💕good luck in the next round🍀

  9. Reason number 9,486,000 why we love this man. Who else would do this??? In the midfle of a major on center court?

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