VIDEO: Rafa’s interview on Tennis Channel

After his third round win over Richard Gasquet, Rafael Nadal spoke with Tennis Channel’s Brett Haber and Jon Wertheim and they surprised our champ with another pretty cool birthday gift.


  1. How can one person be so NICE? Just Rafa, being his usual lovely self.

    Love you always.

  2. What a great interview , and I’m sure the kids at his academy will come away with great attitudes and values , there being taught by the best (uncle Tony) and if they come away with 1% of what Rafas’s like then Job done.

  3. One of the most important values that Rafa posseses and talks about, is, to be a good person. I think almost all the times he has been that way. Also, tennis is just a sport, there’s more to life than just tennis. So important not to lose sight of this fact.

  4. Rafa has a natural charisma. It is not forced or manufactured in any way .
    He comes across as not only a person who loves tennis but who loves life in general.
    I think living in Mallorca surrounded by family and friends (most of which are from his school days) keeps him grounded.
    I can remember some years ago when he was interviewed he was asked what he most wanted to be when he retired and he said “I just want to be an ordinary guy.”
    That is how he comes across now. A brilliant tennis player but still, an ordinary guy.
    Happy 32nd birthday Rafa and may you never change. !!

  5. You can’t help but smile watching this 🙂 It’s lovely to see Rafa looking so happy and relaxed and being so talkative. Although he’s sometimes talkng about the same things in press conferences (see next RNF article) he’s so different in a more social situation than one which is a professional obligation. I’d bet Rafa is great company in real life and speaking Spanish!

    Speakng of Jaume Munar and the values of the Academy, when Jaume left the court after his match against Novak, he stopped and signed autographs for fans just like Rafa does 🙂

  6. Rafa was charming as always. It was great watching him leave with hundreds of fans crowding around him. It was just a sea of humanity. His security detail wanted him to keep moving, but Rafa loves his fans like they love him.

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