Rome Masters 2018: Post quarterfinal interview [VIDEO]

Top seed Rafael Nadal reacts to his quarter-final win against home favourite Fabio Fognini at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia.


  1. Only I can do is soport Rafa and good luck champ you can do it your surfast is Clay.the best player on Clay love your fans for a tennis player too 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍👍❤️🏆

  2. Rafa himself said it is expected to play against tough opponents in a Masters but I was hoping for an easier road to the final as in previous tournaments. I only hope Rafa plays his A game and makes it to the final and beyond.


  3. Like many Rafans, I would have preferred that Rafa face Nishikori, but that was not to be. Novak played very well, and was just a little better than Kei on critical points. Novak is very popular in Rome. but I think the fans will be supportive of both players. I had hoped that Rafa could avoid Novak until RG, where it would be best of five. Novak looked a little winded in the third set, so hopefully Rafa will make him run a lot. I hope Rafa will win, but Novak will want to win badly.

    • va4favre, my response was to your comment about Rafa playing Kei.
      It didn’t follow your comment. Having problems with the RNF program.


      • Margo, I know that the replies don’t follow immediately after the comment. It is confusing. I so want Rafa to win tomorrow.

      • Rafa has to enter the arena with the belief he can win and play like a winner. He will be playing against a 12-time Slam winner and he has to play like a 16-time Slam winner. Put doubt in Nole’s mind AND win the match. We don’t know which Nole will appear tomorrow, a doubting Nole or a confident Nole.


  4. Well i didnt switch off in time to avoid novak’s heart cupping thingy but it’s novak vs rafa tomorrow. No doubt novak will crank it up for tomorrow. Rafa will be ready for him. It’ll be a good match for sure

    • Susie, I think today even Novak didn’t liked doing that titting or boob throwing or heart cupping or whatever the hell it is. LOL
      Now Rafa vs Novak tomorrow. I think Rafa just needs to remain calm and play freely and he’ ll get the job done.

      • Rafa gets a bit nervy at times Navdeep and novak is walking on air now. He’ll be a lot more tired than Rafa thats for sure. But one thing i know – Novak hates losing to Rafa and will do anything to avoid it. The king will be ready hopefully

    • You are right Susie nadal does get nervous facing djokovic. He himself admitted that last year in Madrid but then again their is no doubt Novak is improving as we can see but taking on nadal will be too much for him right now. I think novak will push our champ but Rafa will win it in straight sets.
      Vamos King

      • I hope so Navdeep – even if it’s just so we don’t see that “boob throwing”. Lol

  5. good to see djokovic and nishikori tiring each other out. winner will not be fresh tomorrow for sure. Vamos Rafa

    • Let’s hope Rafa can contain his nerves playing against Nole tomorrow. He’s healthy, he’s been winning. I find no reason why he shouldn’t win.


    • I do not think Djok… could be exhausted by anybody. If ATP orgaizers were serious about doping control they would have long ago traced some drugs on some players; Vegan diet my foot. How about other diets?

      Wamos Rafa, win or lose you are the best.

  6. As he does at times, Rafa had a slow start today. Thrilled he was able to take charge and keep Fognini from reaching the semis.


  7. Great play in match today-satisfying win. All the best in next round💪👊👍👏🍀😍

  8. Good test for Rafa and we know that Fognini has great skill but always felt confident that our champion would prevail . As expected the Italian crowd were in full void but mostly respectful towards Rafa too . Rafa played some amazing shots as did Fognini bud Rafa better at figuring things and adapting . A pleasure to support this man

  9. Maria Sharapova just played and won a brilliant match against 2017 FO winner Ostapenko , Rafa looks like the practice session with the king of Clay paid off.

    • Hi Maria – yes practice with rafa would be a pleasure and an experience for most players im sure. Novak is 5-1 down in 1st set to nishikori. Yikes

      • Looking like Rafas’s next opponent might be Nishikori, but it’s just the first set. Whoever it is , it’s not going to be an easy match for Rafa tomorrow.

      • Oh no Novak’s looking good in this second set, and the crowd seem to be on his side which won’t be a good thing if he’s Rafas’s next opponent. I was hoping he wouldn’t get his form back to after the FO

      • Oh for god sake , we have a Roger sized pain in Rafas’s side , looks like tomorrow we will be having a Novak sized one as well.

      • Just seen novak scream at his team. Unruly behaviour – never seen Rafa do that ever. Its neck and neck in the final set. I have no clue if its going to be Novak or Kei meeting Rafa tomorrow

      • It had to happen somewhen Rafa v Novak , just wish it hadn’t been before the clay court season was over , the crowd will definitely be behind Novak tomorrow and if he wins it might knock Rafas’s confidence going into the FO.
        Rafa go out fighting tomorrow and show Novak that he can’t come back after injury and start pushing you around. Good luck Rafa , don’t know if I am brave enough to watch ,might have to watch the wedding instead lol

    • Can anyone explain why someone with such a nasty personality as Djok… has a big crowd popularity in tennis?

      • He is quite popular PUMA but not as popular as Rafa or Roger and apparently he knows this and it vexes him. When he started that heart cupping thing when he won his matches it was a weird way to get more fans and when he got the ball boys and girls to do it with him, it was his way of showing the world he was good with kids. No-one else has to try that hard quite frankly

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