Rafael Nadal comments on loss to Dominic Thiem

Rafael Nadal talks to the press following his quarter-final defeat to Dominic Thiem in Madrid:

This is not a drama. I won 50 consecutive sets on this surface. Now I lost. I’m not gonna do a lot of things different because of this.

Of course, I’m upset. I tried to come back. I tried to do it a couple of times, but I wasn’t good enough today. He was better than me today, that’s the end of the story. Some days you don’t play as well as you’d like to play. Also, when that happens, it’s because your opponent is doing really well. I just want to congratulate him, that’s all.

I think that today I didn’t read the ball well enough to be able to handle the situation, to put him into places where he didn’t feel comfortable. I was not good enough with my forehand or my backhand to open up to his forehand.

Three weeks ago I beat him 6-0, 6-2. I don’t know if that’s a tough player or not. I don’t think it’s that way. I think it’s just been a match that he was better than me, same as a few weeks ago I was better than him.

This week, of course, he has been the toughest opponent. There is no discussion about that. This is the reality. If he beats me three times in a row, maybe we can say he reads my game and can beat me. Today he was better than me, and that’s all.

Rafa on losing No. 1 ranking to Roger Federer:

I think from January till Monte-Carlo I played zero tournaments. These are three months or more given away. This is a lot of months given away to the other players.

Having said this, I think I placed myself in a good position more or less. I am No. 3 in the race of the year, which is the most important thing. I still have two good weeks on clay, and then I’ll keep on moving forward. This is the reality.

Talking about No. 1, of course I prefer to be No. 1 than 2, and No. 3 than 5. I have said this a million times. I lost the No. 1 before, but what makes me happy is I feel fit, can compete with possibilities every single week. This is my final goal: to be happy. That’s what I’m working on.

Sources: ATP World Tour, Metro


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  2. i live and die Rafa . When heveins , i am elated snd when he loses , i am really upset . Losing to Thiem yesterday was upsetting but reading Rafa’d reply i’m a bit relieved . I think Rafa should do more work on the first serve and with Thiem work his backhand just like in Monte Carlo . I cross my fingers for 2 victories in Rome and Roland Garros . Vamos Rafa !!! We have a great prospect for this .

  3. Muy triste porque fue una perdida que no debio ser pero no importa mi campeon a recuperarte e ir con to al Italian Open y este titulo sera tuyo

  4. Desde luego que me hiciste gritar mucho está tarde y me dejaste un sabor agridulce porque no hiciste jugadas que pudiste hacer y estoy segura hubieras ganado. Aún así, y lo mejor, es que eres una gran persona y se te quiere mucho. Eres grande, grande aún perdiendo!!!
    No nos dejes Rafa, no nos prives de ti mientras mínimamente aguantes.
    Disfrutamos, vivimos viéndote!

  5. Wamos Rafa come back stronger than ever. You are the King of clay and a few losses does not change that. I wish you would drop Rome another high altitude and rested go straight to Paris.

  6. Rafa we are all so blessed to be ablel to follow such a gracious, humble sportsman, as you are.

    Win or lose you are gracious in defeat, always giving credit to the other player, and being grateful for what you have achieved.

    All the best for Rome, after a rest,

    Love and prayers,


  7. Rafa is a great champion as a player and as a person. Very few, if any, are at his level in both fields of life.

  8. Nothing diminishes what Rafael has achieved. These pressers are more excruciating than the match😡Stay healthy-there is no doubt that fans are spoiled-know that we are staying the course as long as you choose to play.

  9. Rafa has so spoiled us that we thought he could never lose on clay. Today we came back to earth, but Rafa was never fooled. He knew all good things must end. He was never that excited about the straight set record anyway. I was relieved to hear that Rafa was not injured and was feeling fit. Thiem had to play almost a perfect match to win. Last year, Rafa’s loss in Rome allowed Rafa to get some much needed rest. I don’t know if that will be true of this defeat or not. Rafa will have another challenging draw in Rome. I know that he will try his best.

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