Rafa: “The only bad thing is that I get old”

One week after winning an 11th title in Monte-Carlo, Rafael Nadal claimed a remarkable 11th title in Barcelona.

During the trophy ceremony in Bacelona, our champ joked that the worst thing about winning his 11th Barcelona Open title is that it means he is getting old.

I already have 11 titles here. The only bad thing is that I get old.

It’s exciting for me. Not in my best dreams I would have imagined such a record.

Vamos Rafa!


  1. You may be getting old in tennis years Rafa. But you are still young in your enthusiasm for the game and your constant desire to improve even after all these years. So your attitude and your thinking is still as a young man.
    By the way, you are getting even more handsome with age. !!! In my opinion anyway.

  2. The King in his rightful place with such Humility. You are definitely a gem for this sport called tennis. Vamos Rafael!

  3. if and when you do give up tennis your life will change and maybe you will get married and have a family which will make you happy,and to get older is the way or road we are all on,l am sure you be great at being a husband and dad,hope you do well in madrid vamos rafa.

  4. Who here thought that Rafa won’t win any of the clay tournaments? Well, not me. Never had a doubt in my mind. Rafa, you are still young and full of energy. Rest up, couple of days in the Madrid Open where you can get your 78th title and 32nd ATP 1000 Masters. Rafa, retire from tennis only when you are ready, but not yet.
    VAMOS RAFA. You rock.

  5. Rafa you are a very young amazing athlete in every sense of the word,

    and we are sooooooo blessed to be able to see you play and and to see you enjoy the game so much, and then to set up the Academy and foundation for so many young folk to experience your methods, values,humbleness and ethics, so that they too have the opportunity to become tennis players following Rafa.

    Love and prayers,for next tournament


  6. No never Rafa you are definitely not old you are as old as you feel you’re a beautiful young man and I was so pleased to read that you will be playing on clay again I am thrilled thanks for everything we are so lucky To you have the privilege watching you play thank you Sent from my iPhone👍🔥👑💕 Gold Coast Australia 🇦🇺 >

  7. You aren´t old at all, don´t stop playing your favorite Sport, if you and M. Perelo like Kids, even I know you already have many at your Academy, why not your own at home, only in case you want to be parents. C. Javier

  8. I’m just so happy that, in his trophy acceptance speech, Rafa said that he hopes to play in Barcelona for many more years to come. It’s been a privilege to watch the growth of one of the greatest competitors in sport and what’s astounding is that, despite all his achievements, Rafa’s passion and determination is undeminished.

    Mark Petchey, from Sky Sports, paid an emotional tribute to Rafa after the match. He said “We always wait till the end of something to say what we should have before the end, so i’m going to say it now. Thank you Rafael Nadal for everything you have done and continue to do for tennis. As fans we are very fortunate to have lived and watched greatness in real life.”

    I second that emotion and i’m sure that, health permitting, there are many more great things to come from Rafa before he hangs up his racquet and moves on to the next phase of his life.

  9. You are an incredible young man – not only a credit to yourself but to your family & your country. A wonderful role model to so many 🎾🥇🏆

  10. But what a run this is-enjoy while we all marvel. Gracias, Rafael.💪👏👊👍😍

  11. Yes, it is a bad thing that you’re getting old, only because when you stop playing, and I’m sure some day you will, I and I”m sure thousands of people all over the world will miss you terribly! I hope it doesn’t happen soon.

    Much love from a Catalana,
    Maria Fernanda Esteban

  12. It is not a joke as Rafa himself said since he was very young he did not like the fact of aging. I just hope his incredible record will push that thought out of him mind so he can continue playing in the years to come with the knowledge that age has afforded him the chance to keep learning and experiencing beautiful moments like this. He is an incredible champion who made liars of all those who predicted an early tennis demise for him.


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