ATP Rankings: Rafa stays No. 1 after capturing 11th Barcelona title

Rafael Nadal maintained his number one spot in the men’s Association of Tennis Professionals world singles rankings released on Monday with 8,770 points after he claimed his record 11th Barcelona Open title.

At Barcelona Open final on Sunday, our champ won 6-2, 6-1 over Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas, who rocketed 19 places up to the 44th.

REUTERS/Albert Gea 

Roger Federer remained in the second place in this week’s unchanged top 10, while Alexander Zverev came in third.

The current ATP rankings and point scores are as follows:

1. Rafael Nadal (Spain) 8,770 Points

2. Roger Federer (Switzerland) 8,670

3. Alexander Zverev (Germany) 5,195

4. Marin Cilic (Croatia) 4,985

5. Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria) 4,950

6. Juan Martín del Potro (Argentina) 4,470

7. Dominic Thiem (Austria) 3,545

8. Kevin Anderson (South Africa) 3,390

9. John Isner (USA) 3,125

10. David Goffin (Belgium) 3,020.

Rafa moved up one spot past Croat Marin Cilic (2,435) to No. 3 in the ATP Race To London — with 1,860 points — for a spot at the season finale, to be held at The O2 in London from 11-18 November.

Sources: ATP World Tour, EFE


  1. I do understand how the ranking system works, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s fair. You only have to look at Rafa and Roger. Rafa has to win everything he won last year, while Roger’s doing nothing (like last year…) I haven’t got a better solution, but Rafa should be showing a lot more than 100 points over Roger.

    • I think you may be a little confused. This year Roger has played tournaments while Rafa was out on injury. Yes, Roger has skipped the clay season as is his right.

      Last year Rafa played both IW [lost in the Round of 16] and Miami [Runner-up]. This year he played neither but had points to defend which he was unable to do.

      Last year Roger won both IW and Miami.
      This year he was runner-up in IW and failed to defend his championship points. In Miami, he lost in the Round of 64 and failed to defend last year’s points.

      If you compare just these two tournaments you can see that both players lost points but Rafa lost the most points because he failed to defend any of them this year. That means Rafa lost ranking points as did Roger, only more.

      Same with Madrid. Rafa has to win Madrid to stay ahead. He won’t win points but he won’t lose any either.

      In Rome he can pick up new points if he surpasses last year’s results.


  2. Oh how much them Fed trolls are hoping for a Rafa loss, as it would give RF many ‘free’ weeks at no. 1. I for one find the weeks at no. 1 a weak measure of greatness in its current form. Free weeks when no tournaments are played, it does not make sense. Why should one get more weeks at no. 1 when winning Australia when there is nothing significant for a while? The system should be so that only during the active playing season weeks are counted and the maximum amount of weeks that a player spends as no. 1 should be the amount of weeks he played during a year whilst hiding that no. 1 ranking. The week where he loses the ranking should not count.

  3. Rafa is doing well to hold his number one position,

    the points system is more understandable when explained, but is quite confusing really.

    Love and prayers Rafa for next tournament..


  4. L’art de se compliquer la vie. Ils devraient à mon avis recommencer à zéro à chaque année. Tu gagnes ? Tu engranges des points. Tu perds, tu n’engranges rien. Si simple mais tout le monde peut s’y retrouver.

    • Plus simple? Oui. Mais à mon avis pas juste et surtout pas compétitif. De perdre tous les points qu’on avait travailler si dur pour les perdre c’est pas une formule. Non?

      Auriez-vous la gentillesse de pardonner des erreurs grammaticaux.


      • Tu as gagné ce tournoi l’an passé. Tu ne peux donc pas gagner de points cette année mais tu peux en perdre. Où est la logique ?

      • Peut-être car tous les joueurs ne sont pas au même niveau. Il falloir avoir des points pour en perdre ou de rester au même niveau ou de surpasser? Je ne sais pas comment en y est arrivé [les regles]. Je ne peux pas vs donner un meilleur réponse.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Sûrement qu’il y a une logique quelque part mais je ne la vois pas présentement.

      • Ravis d’avoir communiqué avec vs. Pas des gens ici qu’écrivent français.

        RAFA ROCKS

  5. Why just 100 points over Federer! Don’t understand!!! He wins two tournaments and remains just 100 points ahead of Federer! Doesn’t make good sense!!!

      • I used to wonder the same thing.

        Last year Rafa won Monte-Carlo which is a Masters tournament worth 1,000 points which he had to defend. 1,000 las year and 1,000 this year he gets to keep his 1,000. He doesn’t lose points but he doesn’t gain any points either.

        Had Rafa lost this year or had he not played, he would have lost the 1,000 points.

        Depending in which round he lost this year, the remaining points [from last year,’s 1,000] would have been deducted from this year’s 1,000 winner’s points.

        If this is not clear I will try to explain it better.

      • Thx. for explaining, Margo. I do understand better now 👍🏻 I’d wish though that he had got at gazillion points extra – LOL!! 🤣😂 – He sure deserves that 🤗😘

      • Haha…me too. LOL

        If you are still not clear on the rankings I could try to show you by mathematical examples. Don’t be afraid to ask. As you can see, there are fans here who are always willing to help.

        Remember when Rafa’s ranking went down…he lost points because he couldn’t defend the points he made the previous year.


      • Rafantastic, you can tell me when to keep quiet😂😂😁😁

        If you Google a tournament that Rafa is in [e.g., Barcelona Overview ATP World Tour] you can find the points for that tournament at the bottom of the page.

        Had Rafa not played Barcelona last year but won this year he would have gained 500 points, or, he would have gained the points for the round he reached.


      • Rafantastic, I see that Bobodoll has done a good job of explaining the Ranking System. I will add the following:

        Each level [Grand Slam, Masters, etc.] of the tournaments dictates how many points can be won in each stage of that tournament.

        Grand Slam winners win 2,000 but runner-ups, get 600, and the other round losers get less points.

        Masters winners get are 1,000 points.

        Then you have the 500 point tournaments like Barcelona, and there are 250-point tournaments.

        The above is for singles. I don’t know if the same for doubles.😂😂😂😂😂

        At the end of the year we have the ATP Year championship. Still trying to figure that one out.


      • Thank you very much for the adequate explanation 😃👍🏻 – Appreciate it 🤗🌸

        It’s RAFAMAZING! 🎾💪🏼😄😘

    • It’s the way the ranking system works. They have to defend points. So any points they earned last year are dropped as soon as they enter a tournament e.g. Rafa won Barcelona last year (500 points) so he lost these on entry. He has gained them back by winning but no more. He will drop 1000 points as soon as he enters Madrid. So he has to win. Same with Roland Garros. The only place he can pick up points is in Rome where he lost in the quarterfinals (he will drop 180 points but hopefully go further into the tournament). It’s going to be very tough hanging onto his No.1 ranking because of the brilliant clay court season he had last year. Roger will not lose points until Wimbledon because he did not play clay last year.

    • Because he won this 2 tournaments last year and defending the same points.Now he must win Madrid,pass quarterfinal in Roma and win FO to stay on top.

    • That’s what am wondering about too. He won Monte Carlo and Barcelona then Rafa should gained some points from those tournaments and yet the score still remains the same with just 100 points over than Federer. I thought the score he gained in Monte Carlo and Barcelona would be at least added to his previous score. I hope someone would shed a light re this matter. And what’s gonna happen if in case (hope not) Rafa unable to defend his title in Rome then his score would automatically go down and Federer will take over as #1. I don’t understand 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Melly, please read Bobodoll’s explanation below. It is straight to the point and easy to understand.


      • In Rome, Nadal only needs to make it to the QF because the previous year he lost to Thiem, but if Nadal wins Rome, Thiem loses his defending points and it goes to Nadal. Who can increase his points from Federer. ATP ranking are based on defending your points from the previous year not how many GS and titles you accumulate. Hope this helps you.
        VAMOS RAFA
        P.S he needs to win Madrid and RG and the QF of Rome to stay at no.1.

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