Barcelona Open Final: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Stefanos Tsitsipas?

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal and 19-year-old  Stefanos Tsitsipas will be going head-to-head for the first time in their careers when they battle for the Barcelona Open title on Sunday.

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Date: April 29, 2018

Match time: 4 PM local time / 10 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 3 PM BST – United Kingdom / 4 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / midnight AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Stefanos on playing Rafa:

It is my childhood dream to play against Rafa, it is amazing to play Rafa on the other side of the court. All I need to do is go out the court, play my best tennis and enjoy.

I watched millions of Rafa’s matches on clay, so I think I know his game. I will try to play my best…

It would be my first time against Rafa, I think he will be more confident than me. But I don’t have anything to lose. I just have to play my game that I was playing the entire week.

Rafa on playing Stefanos:

Stefanos is a great player. Young and the young players always have something special and he’s playing with big confidence.

He’s playing so well so it’s gonna be a tough match tomorrow.

I need to play at the highest level possible and I think today has been positive. Let’s try to keep going tomorrow.

Stefanos is into his first ATP final and he has yet to drop a set at the tournament He is the youngest Barcelona finalist since Rafa in 2005.

Rafa is 57-3 in his career in Barcelona and he has never lost a final here (10-0 in finals). His only losses in 60 career matches here came in the second round of his tournament debut as a 16-year-old in 2003 (to Alex Corretja), the quarterfinals in 2014 (to Nicolas Almagro) and the third round in 2015 (to Fabio Fognini).

Rafa is 15-1 on the season (11-0 on clay) and on Saturday he extended his Open Era record to 44 consecutive sets won on clay. He has won 18 straight clay court matches since losing to Thiem in the QF at ATP Masters 1000 Rome last May.


Sources: ATP World Tour, Barcelona Open


  1. CONGRATZ Rafa on your second 11th. YES YES YES He’s done it again.

    I was right about Tsitsipas maybe winning a few games and that’s exactly what he did, 3 games in total.


  2. Hmm….. . Looks like business as usual. Things under control. #11 definitely on the way🏆💪💪

  3. OLA OLA OLA OLA OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ; ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ): ) IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY & A BEAUTIFUL TIME FOR PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) ; ) VAMOS SWEETHEART & ENJOY YOUR SOLID MAGIC & PASSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) : ) WE LOVE YOU & VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) : ) 🙂 🙂 : ) HAVE LOTS OF FUN PLAYING YOUR BEAUTIFUL TENNIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) ; ) SENDING LOTS OF LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) HAVE A GREAT DAY SWEETHEART & CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING THE FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) 🙂 IT WILL BE A GREAT MATCH FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) ; ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) 🙂 & HAVE A BEAUTIFUL AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. I’m nervous where today’s match is concerned! Rafa has been in good form on the whole but still …… there have been a few lapses. Don’t want to sound negative but can’t help trying to be a little realistic. Rafa has lots to lose Taitsipas nothing. T goes for the lines and runs very well. His serve is good! Rafa’s has to be very aggressive and his first serve must work. Hope he plays superb and lifts the trophy for the 11th time. Whatever it is the FO is the most important and also I hope he remains fit , in form and injury free for not only Fo but Wimbledon too!
    Anyway for the moment please rock one again dear Rafa and win the final!!!


    • I am not nervous yet, although I was nervous about Klizan before that match.

      Rafa has never faced Tsitsipas but neither has Tsitsipas faced Rafa. For both of them, there’s likely to be an adjustment period.

      Yes, Rafa has to be aggressive and dictate. Keep Tsitsipas guessing.

      About Rafa’s seeming “lapses,” Rafa has just come from making history again with his 11th MC title, an undoubtedly emotionally-exhausting experience. Without time to wind down physically and mentally, he is in the position to defend his Barcy title and simultaneously break another record.

      I hope he goes into this match from zero, mentally; looking to win this match and mentally blocking anything that may cause him to falter in another history-making match. HE CAN DO IT.

      Rafa for his 11th Barcy title.

  5. very best of luck to Rafa tomorrow! win win win and stay focus, you can do it …💪💪💪🍀🍀🍀 Vamos

  6. All the best Rafa for the final today,

    Love and prayers,


  7. It seems Tsitsipas has done his homework, ten years he says.

    “I have watched millions of his matches on clay. I know the way he is playing and, I think, the way he will play against me.

    I was preparing for this match already ten years [ago]. I’m going to go out there, enjoy it and play my best.”
    [ATP Staff, 4/28/2018]

    He will get a free personal lesson tomorrow from Rafa. If stage fright doesn’t immobilize him he may win a few games.


  8. in this form nadal doesnt have to fear anybody. Yes first time opponent but its on clay that is different then other surfaces.

    If he wins tomorrow depends on a couple things. Nadal needs to be very agressive from the start today against goffin he was sloppy the first two games. He can not give the greek the idea that he has a chance. Also serve is going to be the key and off course the conversion of breakpoints.

    What i hope is that rafa take this form with him to grass season. I absoluty hope this year he will do better on grass

  9. As much as we all love Rafa, I really do not think he’d win tomorrow. Why?

    1. Rafa also has great difficulty when playing anybody for the first time. Rafa’s game is almost entirely based on prior play-experience with an opponent for him to win

    2. Rafa’s record when meeting teenagersfor the first time has been woeful to say the least. Let us remember his first meeting with Nick Kyrgios at Wimby, Dennis Shapovalov, Borna Coric and the rest of them.

    3. Stefanos like Rafa has heroic tendencies and features. On his website, he wrote: ”Dont let the future create you; instead you create your own future”

    4. Stefanous has the style, speed, aggression, shot-making, court coverage (in the mode of Novak Djokovic at his best) to beat Rafa.

    5. The pressure is more on Nadal.

    6. History always like ”sweet irony” – Rafa broke through as a 19 year old teenager and now, he’s to be dethroned by a 19-yr old teenager. Sounds poetic, sounds sweet

    There is always a time when a hero begins to surrender. The baton will change tomorrow.

    I say Tsitsitas Stefanos for the win tomorrow – 6-4, 6-3.

    Ooops, lest I forget……”But as always, we’d see…..hmmmn”

    • Snake island,

      With a fan like snake island who needs enemies? Or is that wishful thinking because I might think likewise but would never express it for fear of turning it into aself-fulfilling prophecy. Therefore I prefer to say

      Wamos Rafa you are the best.

    • Nice to see a proper analysis from you instead of the usual crystal ball prediction:)

      I’m on the side of a lesson being taught today. Some players look great until they meet Rafa who then absorbs their greatness for himself. Remember Thiem at RG 2017 who we thought would give Rafa a run for his money but instead Rafa simply gave him an outlet for his steam to run out and that was that.

      Have a great Sunday everyone, and enjoy the match!

      • I disagree Mac. The snake’s highly flawed statement lacks facts; hardly an “analysis.”

        For example, Coric beat Rafa in the R16 at the 2016 Cincy Masters, and Kyrgios did it in the QF in 2017. Out of 12 times playing at Cincy, Rafa has won only 1 title, in 2013; his comeback year. Historically, Rafa has reached the final only once, in 2013. Neither of these two players has beaten Rafa on clay.

        Maybe she should stick to her crust ball.


  10. Rafa played excellent tennis today when pushed by Goffin . He really broke Goffin’s will after taking a 3-0 lead in the 2nd set .
    Tsitsipas is a great talent whose bright future is now . He presents a big challenge to Rafa and is capable of winning this match against all odds if Rafa doesnt bring his ” A ” game , which I believe he will .
    I’m really looking forward to this match and hopefully another Rafa title , Vamos Rafa Barcelona 2018 .

  11. Rafa was just too strong for Goffin this time. Rafa’s court awareness never ceases to amaze me. From what i’ve seen of Tsitsipas so far, he has a lovely, fluid style and is one to watch for the future. However, knowing Rafa, he’ll have done his homework on him and will be ready for what’s to come in the final tomorrow. Rafa all the way!

  12. Rafa well played match against Goffin, good luck for tomorrow stay aggressive and make great angle tournaments it yours

  13. Rafa needs to be ready for tomorrow’s final; rest and get to know his opponent.

    If Tsitsipas is anything like Rafa was at 19, Rafa may have his work cut out for him.

    Wishing for a big win for Rafa, his 11th Barcelona title.


    • Rafa is always a bit nervous when he has not played an opponent before. He looked nervous at the start even today. Luckily, Rafa never underestimates any opponent. I have been watching Tsitsipas for the last year, but even I was surprised at how well he has played this week. A possible clay star has been born, but it takes more to overcome Rafa when he is playing like this. I hope Rafa wins tomorrow and stays at number one for another week.

      • I’ve been watching Tsitsipas only this week and am also surprised he is in the final. He played well and won all of his matches in two sets. I was surprised how easily he beat Thiem and Schwartzman.

        Do you think he will make it hard for Rafa?

        Klizan had me holding my breath in the second set until Rafa won the match. I don’t think my body could withstand another stomach-churning, breath holding match again so soon. I had to go to sleep after Rafa’s match yesterday as my stomach was so upset. I don’t think I could have withstood a decider.

        Rafa raising and then biting the trophy tomorrow will make him and me very happy campers.


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