Rafael Nadal comments on Cristiano Ronaldo incredible bicycle kick goal against Juventus

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo scored one of the greatest goals in Champions League history in Turin on Tuesday night.

People are still talking about his overhead kick goal so there is no surprise that reporters in Valencia asked Rafael Nadal to comment it.

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Here’s what our champ had to say:

It was spectacular, but we are talking a lot about football almost every day. This is a tennis event so let’s focus on this sport.

Good answer, Rafa! 🙂



    • I’m watching this online. He looks to be playing well. Lots of double faults though, but to be expected since he’s a bit rusty. Welcome back Rafa!

      Alexander Zverev on the sidelines looks like he would love have a chance at Rafa:)


  1. Rafa you are soooooooo true to your sport of tennis.

    ALl the best to the Davis Cup Team for Spain.

    Love and prayers,



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