PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Monday practice in Melbourne – 2018 Australian Open

There is exactly one week left for players to polish their tennis game before Australian Open starts next Monday.

We still don’t have any update on Rafael Nadal’s state of a knee injury, but from today’s photos we can see that his main problem these days are blisters all over the hands. With physio Rafael Maymo in Rafa’s team, we are sure they’ll find a way to fix it so that our champ can play as usual.

Here are some photos from today’s practice.



  1. VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Just as handsome and gorgeous in your plain white t shirt….: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  2. Rafa all the best for today at Koorong,

    and I am praying for healing of the blisters and strength with the knee.

    Love and prayers,


  3. I think it’s time to win 7 matches in a row in Melbourne again. It’s been 9 years, Vamos Rafa!

  4. Tenemos muchas ganas d verte d nuevo en las pistas…t deseo k este 2018 sea como minimo como el 2017…cuidate y preparate bien!!!!


    • Tight, I found it in the Spanish press. I hope it’s not “fake” news. LOL If true, he will alternate between sleeves and sleeveless. He purportedly told Tuts he wanted sleeveless. Love him sleeveless. Nothing yet in English. Soon RNF will be giving us the info on his outfits.


  6. So hot down there. Don’t know how you all manage to play. Best of luck. God be with you.

  7. I Hope Rafa you will be healthy to play in this tournament take care vamossssssssssssssssssssss Champ all the way love your fans 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️🏆

  8. Rafa, hope those painful blisters are short lived we don’t want anything getting in the way of you and the AO trophy this year. Sending best wishes also to Andy who has just undergone hip surgery in Melbourne , all went well and hopefully Rafa your dear friend hopes to be back for the grass season.

    • Hi Maria. 🙂 Just replied to you a short while back on the other thread (sorry again for getting back to you this late). It wasn’t a direct reply under the reply button so I thought maybe I should let you know since there might be no notification.

      It’s really sad with Murray’s unfortunate injury and I’m actually relieved that he finally did it, the surgery. Should have done it since Wimby last year. Best wishes and great recovery for him. I truly miss him.

    • Maria, I’ve just read this article on bbc that Murray and his surgeon both feel optimistic about his recovery, that his hip will be better than it was in 2016. Great news for him and everyone, especially the UK and his fans. 🙂

      “My plan is to be back playing around the grass-court season – potentially before then – but I’m certainly not going to rush anything,” said Murray, speaking from his hospital bed in a telephone conference call to a group of British journalists.

      He was operated on by Dr John O’Donnell at the St Vincent Hospital in Melbourne on Monday.

      Murray posted a photo from hospital on Instagram and said: “Feeling really positive and looking forward to starting rehab.”

      Get well soon, Andy. 🙂

      • Hi Rainer, firstly I hope you get a minute to yourself so you can finish your summary of Rafa’s 2017 season , as I ( and many others) can’t wait to read it .
        It sounds like very positive news for Andy especially after reading some articles in the past few days that have suggested that Andy’s career is over or that he has pain in both hips and might need a double op. The UK are very proud of what Andy has achieved and hopefully he will be back playing at a high level in the near future. Tennis isn’t quite the same without Andy, Stan or EVEN Novak (must be going soft in my old age LOL) but at least the main man is ready for action .
        Read an article in December where Rafa said that when he can he does aquatic exercises that are good for injuries, he also said that he would love eventually to take up water sports again in the future but not now as it is not good for his knee. He was talking about going out on his yaucht MCY 76 and mentioned that Andy and his team had came out and used the yaucht for a few days , Rafa said he also had on board Feliciano Lopez, Marc Lopez, David Ferrer, and many of the Spanish players who go to train there, and of course Juan Monaco as well.
        I have read some player say that you can’t be real friends with your competition , well I think Rafa has proved otherwise.

      • Morning, Maria 🌻.

        Very nice and touching words from you regarding Murray and the comingback players. 🙂

        After all, they all make the sport and I’m grateful for them as well. Imo we can only truly appreciate our favourites when we can appreciate their rivals as well.

        It’s such a contrast now compared to last weeks amid all the gloom and doom talk about Murray’s health and career.

        “Suddenly” many are now hopeful and optimistic, starting with the man himself :). With the all advances in medicine and science and above all, Andy’s heart and will, I truly hope he’ll recover amazingly well and be able to return to his high level and reach the top once again.

        As for my 2017 Rafa “summary”, I was a bit ambitious during the off-season :p but now since his new season has already kicked off, I guess I should tone it down and focus on the new season more as everybody is doing.

        Will share it with you soon. Thank you for the nice words once again, Maria. 🌼

    • I also wish Andy all the best for a speedy recovery. I know surgery was a very last resort for him He said he’s been in pain since before Wimbledon and Rafa more than anyone can empathise as he’s played with knee pain for much of his career. Hoping Rafa has a good warm up at Kooyong.

  9. Rafa’s facial expressions are priceless.

    His hand blisters must be very painful. I wish I had a magic wand to make all his ailments disappear.


    • HI Margo.

      There’s a very funny photo from yesterday’s session where Rafa looks very sassy. And sure enough they picked it up for some tennis new/articles, which made me laugh. 😀

      Anyway, I think the reason he has those blisters on his right hand this early is because he increased his level of training maybe a bit too fast the past two days.

      Yesterday was his first hard training session after nearly 3 months, with his first high level practice partner in Stan. I guess now he must be under a lot of pressure and find it not easy to relax and just go with the flow of how the training sessions and exhibition matches go.

      With both events are pushing very near – the Kooyong Classic starting tomorrow and the Tie Break Ten on Wednesday, I think he’s kind of being nervous today and really wants to perform well at those, since they will give him a good indication of where’s he at ATM game wise and physique wise. Especially with Novak in the mix. In fact, they’re his only chances before the ever elusive AO.

      He’s a momentum and very much confidence dependant player so as much as he has been throughout this career, it always seems the current is what matters the most to him. I certainly don’t want him to stress himself out like he did before and during Wimby last year.

      Hopefully Moya will keep an hawk eye on everything. The blisters are not exactly good signs, and so are some fan reports from his training sessions.

      Now I hope Rafa will just play loose and relaxed tomorrow. Gasquet would definitely want to make it competitive and beat him even in an exo (this exo), while Pouille isn’t exactly an easy TB10 opponent for him even when he’s 100% either. He won’t beat them if he’s tense. But mostly I’m concerned that he won’t aggravate anything again.

      So many uncertainties ATM. All fingers crossed. Off we go for another ride on Nadal’s high train. 🙂


      • Happy New Year Rainier and looking forward to your analyses about Rafa. No link to respond to you directly.

        Please don’t take offense but for you to single out one fan to thank for “updates” and ignore the many fans who posted breaking news here during Rafa’s hiatus is perplexing. I can only surmise that you haven’t had a chance to read them. E.g., who was the first to bring us news of Rafa out of Abu Dhabi and Brisbane; Rafa to play TB Tens, and Kooyong; Rafa in the Bahamas; cancellation of Sousa’s practice with Rafa; Rafa’s landing in Melbourne; Wilander’s support and suggestions for Rafa; L’Eqippe’s Champion of Champoins; Nishikori dropping out of the AO; Andy’s pre- and post-surgery messages to his fans. I could go on and on. I am happy that so many fans here took time out to post here while Rafa was away from the tour and during the off season.


      • Oh Margo, why so serious? 😲

        I was in a conversation with Maria so I thanked her personally and naturally I didn’t expect anyone to read it and assume I was addressing everyone *and* that was all I meant.

        This is not to clarify anything as I don’t think it matters and should take anyone’s time. But I did come here and read the comments during the off-season. Can’t say I read everything even though. 🙂

        Anyway, I don’t like explaining myself over this kind of stuff but I’m actually intending to post my personal 2017 Rafa summary and thankyou to everyone “officially”, not in an elusive personal exchange between Maria and me even though I know it’s public for anyone to read.

        We’ve “known” each other on here for a while so I think you know I appreciate everyone coming support Rafa and sharing with other fans on here regardless of the difference in opinions at times.

        Thank you for your nice wish and all the best for you and your family as well. ☘️


      • Hi Rainier, you had me laughing at “I didn’t expect anyone to read it.” I do have a sense of humor.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • “…to read it and assume I was addressing everyone *and* that was all I meant.”, Margo.

        I think I’m done with this subject. We should focus on Rafa only.

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