Rafael Nadal Attends ATP Finals Gala in London

Rafael Nadal attended the tournament gala for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at the Tower of London on Thursday night.

Our champ was joined by Roger Federer, Alexander Zverev, Marin Cilic, Dominic Thiem, Grigor Dimitrov, David Goffin and Jack Sock in London.

Also attending were the world’s top eight doubles teams.


  1. Mia, Beverley and Anne Gill

    Totally agree with yr comments. Glad to see Fed’s arrogance doesn’t fool everyone. If you want to have a laugh, do read the PseudoFed blog which is a hilarious send up of the Great Man.

  2. The Edberg award is won by the player most voted for by fellow players, as we all know. I can only surmise how Roger INTERACTS with other players is the deciding factor.

  3. So agree with the comments made re RF….yes he’s a good player,…but he’s no sportsman in my opinion. He ALWAYS get’s the easy draws.. If he had played some of the players Rafa has had to play I wonder where, in the rankings he would actually be, Rafa has been in almost every final this year .and played so many more matches. I am biased,( I have followed Rafa since 2003 and think he is the absolute best!) but I can’t understand why everyone seems to swoon over Federer…I find him arrogant but like I said,..i am biased. Rafa, you are amazing! and I hope you do well at the wtf and more importantly, Aussie open. I would love for you to win that again, Us Rafa fans love you, always remember that. Win or lose you’re our no 1. XX

  4. Roger has had the sportsmanship award in the bag nearly every year ( after all, it is the Stefan Edberg award)! When Rafa won it in 2010, he had a stellar year and NO ONE could have argued with that. Even though I don’t think Roger has shown the greatest sportsmanship throughout all the years, let’s put these awards to one side and concentratrate on Rafa winning the prizes that count – the slams and WTFs. Bring in on Rafa!!!

  5. I don’t understand why you write so many negative messages to all the tennis players, if Rafa is not nominated. I know a lot about tennis, but please stop writing so many stories about everyone when you don’t know the true.
    No se porque escriben tantos mensajes negativos a todos los tenistas si Rafa no ha sido nominado. Yo se mucho de tennis y si no saben nada no escriban tantas tonterias. Ellos saben lo que hacen.

  6. Rafa is such a fabulous role model and ambassador for tennis . I listen and read most interviews available and I am quite sad that he seems to not get the recognition he deserves for this by journos and commentators and like. RF has said many things this year that were not sporting . Calculating the surface likely to meet Rafa on. Still talking about Wimbledon 08 and even a comment about the weird US Open field . Backhanded compliments. But voted by peers . I dont know what constitutes the criteria for comeback award. It seems to me that RF had minor surgery ,played and fell and took a rest and chose to have a holiday . Was 100 percent fit by December . Rafa chose to return injured to play the Olympics for his country and a bit more ,so less time away from the game. I am sure Rafa isnt concerned over these awards because he is such a great sport. I will never understand why RF is adored for being so sporting above Rafa and the rest.

  7. I congratulate Roger on the Comeback of the Year Award as although Rafa also had a great comeback Roger is 36 years old and well deserves the award. As for fans favourite he gets that every year . His fans are obsessed with him and evidently rally around so that practically everyone records their votes so I can’t argue with that.
    But why the Sportsman of the Year Award ? What makes Roger a better sportsman than Rafa?
    In fact I can recall a couple of incidents during the year that I felt were far from sporting. eg. The “MTO” at the Australian Open towards the end of the the fifth set just after Rafa had the momentum and broke Roger’s serve. Sporting? I think not. Also his skipping the entire clay court season because he said he could not beat Rafa on clay. He evidently did not want to play Rafa on his favourite surface although Rafa faced Roger on surfaces which were favourable to Roger. I know this award is voted on by the players but why do they see Roger as more sportsman like than Rafa? Are they blinded by the media and the tournament officials and their constant fawning over Roger ?Rafa has never really been given the recognition he deserves by those in power and he probably never will while Roger is around. Rafa is a shy and unnassuming person who never pushes himself in and that allows Roger to shine.
    I feel a little resentful of this Sportsmanship award going to Roger. Do any other fans feel the same ?. Or am I just becoming disgruntled in my old age. ?

    • I too am disappointed that Roger received the Edberg award again for sportsmanship, but it is voted on by his fellow players. What can I say to that? I hope Rafa plays well in London, but I just want him to stay healthy. I am not a big fan of indoor tennis either. I don’t see Roger losing this. 2018 will be a very different year. Rafa will have his own challenges during clay season, but Roger has three big titles to defend early next year.

    • Spot on Beverley. A sports reporter said he didn’t understand why Fed would be any more deserving than Delpo (he held a vote and Delpo came out on top). He got slammed by suggesting players on tour voted as ‘fans’ and not objectively. They have grown up with Fed’s legend and are just as vulnerable to hype as anyone else.

  8. Federer winning a sportsmanship award – best laugh I’ve had in years!!!

    I’ve watched him since he first appeared, and would not say sportsmanship is one of his qualities, tho’ he is very good at giving the appearance of it.

    Rafa has proved over and over again what a genuine and sincere sport he is.

  9. So good to see Rafa at the gala and looking so smart and happy.. All the guys look great. Roger won the awards in all three categories: sportsmanship, comeback and fans favourite. Good for him! All I can say is that Rafa is a winner in the hearts and minds of his fans and that’s what counts. The most important thing right now is for him to be fit at the O2. Go for it champ!

  10. Rafa you sure are looking great.

    All the best for your London ATP,

    and get lots of rest in between play.

    Love and prayers,


  11. Good to see Rafa in the ATP all the best Rafa vamossssssssssss champ.loohing good love 🎾🎾🎾❤️👍😘🇺🇸

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