PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal secures end of year world No 1 ranking with victory over Hyeon Chung

Rafael Nadal booked his place in the third round of the Rolex Paris Masters and secured the year-end number one ranking with a hard-fought victory over Hyeon Chung, 7-5, 6-3. Our champ will finish a year as world number one for the fourth time, after doing so in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

After the match, Rafa said:

It’s been an amazing year. One year ago, I never dreamed about being world No 1 again, never mind at the end of the season. It means a lot to me.

The season is not over. I’m here in Paris, the most important city of my career so I’m just looking forward to keeping going and trying my best.

He becomes the oldest male player to end the year as the ATP-ranked number one.


  1. Congratulations Rafa, and all the best for the end of the year and 2018.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Just too cute. TennisTV posted on Twitter a cartoon three-way race between Rafa, Andy, and Fed for #1. The soundtrack sounds like Mario Brothers. A must see for those with a Twitter account. ADORABLE.


  3. Congratulations Rafa, your family and team must be soooo very proud of you. Happy for you and what you have accomplished this year. I want you healthy and rested for 2018.


  4. Many congratulations to Rafa, his team and family and all the fans! Rafa has just broken some incredible records:

    – 3rd time reclaiming the ATP YE no1. Only Lendl, Federer and Djokovic have done it – ONCE.
    – Biggest stretch between 2 ATP YE no1’s: 9 years (2008 – 2017), breaking Sampras and Federer’s record of 6 years.
    – Is going to be the olderst player to finish the year as the world no1 at 31 years and 5 months.

    Talk about longevity and a career of proving people wrong despite all the injuries. That’s Rafa!

    So proud of him. 😊

    Vamos and keep going, Rafa.


  5. Rafa, you are the sunshine of my life!

    This has made 2017 for me, so happy and so proud.
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in, and your never say die attitude to all the knocks you have had in the past few years.
    Uncle Toni and Carlos have done a great job, but in the end it’s you who had to step out onto the court and face the opponent.
    Stay healthy and happy, and enjoy your well earned rest after the WTFinals.

  6. Congrats to our dear Rafa for securing the YE no. 1 for the fourth time in his career! So happy for Rafa and so proud to be his fan. I’m so glad too for Rafa, that he does it in Paris, the city that’s so important to him in his tennis career. Vamos Rafa!

    • Luckystar,

      I totally agree with being proud of being a Rafa fan because I feel the same way. Finally someone stopped being proud of Rafa but used correctly the term ‘proud of’ by being proud of being his fan and not being proud of Rafa’s achievements.

      Best wishes Rafa you are the best.


      • People who are proud of someone are usually a parent, a close friend, a relative, or a mentor. Being proud of someone usually comes from a level of superiority so I never got the “I am so proud of Rafa” exclamations.

        I can feel pride if a champion athlete is from my country but I am not proud of that athlete. As a fan, I can be happy for the athlete and his accomplishments.


      • Margo, no worries here. I guess one is a “glory hunter” or shows “condescension” when they say they are proud of Rafa. In my case it’s just a way of saying how I’m happy for him and admire for what he has done, how great an athlete and also a person he is. Just simple as that.

      • Rainier, I was just responding to PUMA’s comment. I was a little confused so I just gave my take on the usage of “proud.” It was not directed at anyone in particular. I was surprised when I first saw that stuff here but never commented about it. I was glad that PUMA brought it up. But anyone can express whatever he/she feels about Rafa in whatever manner choosen. To each his own.

        Re Sascha, I was responding to your comment about him.


  7. ENHORABUENA!!! Por ese partido ganado y xk tu ranking sea el primero en lcierre d temporada….pero para siempre lo seras….

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