PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal defeats Grigor Dimitrov to reach semi-finals of Shanghai Masters

(AP) – Rafael Nadal tied Andre Agassi for seventh place on the list of all-time Open Era wins when he reached the Shanghai Masters semifinals on Friday.

Topping Grigor Dimitrov 6-4, 6-7 (6), 6-3 was his 870th match win. Rafa also improved his win streak to 15 having won the China Open last week. In Beijing, he defeated Dimitrov in a three-set semifinal.

Dimitrov extended the quarterfinal to a third set when he rebounded from a 4-2 deficit to win the second-set tiebreaker. In the third set, Rafa saved the one break point he faced in the match in the fifth game, and broke serve in the sixth to set up victory.

After the match, Rafa said:

Winning a lot of matches in a row, so I’m very happy for everything. Of course, being able to win the U.S. Open, Beijing, and being in the semifinals here … I have to try to keep focus and hold that momentum. We’ll see tomorrow if I can have another good day.

Fourth-seeded Marin Cilic stands between Rafa and a second ATP final in two weeks.


  1. Great match Rafa with Gegor,so now rest up,

    and have plenty of relaxation ready for Semi with Celic,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Como siempre Rafa….estas como nunca…a pesar k no son tus pistas favoritas pero t has superado en ellas k es como si juguaras en clay….m alegro mucho Rafa….ENHORABUENA!!!!!

  3. Well don againg vamosssssssssssssssssss Champ and good luck you can do it🎾🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍👍🇺🇸😘❤️❤️❤️

  4. Some great tennis from both Rafa and Grigor and lovely respect and acknowledgement of amazing shots by both> Rafa ramped up his game after losing the tie breaker. What an athlete, his footwork is superb and probably good to go to three sets. Watching is as good as two hours of exercise, that is my excuse anyhow!!
    To morrow another day for our champion , Vamos Rafa

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      • Sorry for this since I thought I was reaching the site. I have suddenly started receiving notices every time there is a new post. I have not requested this. I love the site and read the comments, but do not wish to receive individual updates.

      • LOL I saw your comment and thought “uh oh.” But then I realized you do respond to comments but probably when you come to review the comments. It is a drag if you don’t post a lot as I do at times. Long live democracy 👏

        Sometimes the program does not work as it should is my guess.


  5. Another incredible win ! Amazing Rafa, rest and the best of luck in the SF…

  6. DelPo bested Troicki to make it to the SF.

    Roger just won the first set vs Gasquet, a possible DelPo/Fed SF. DelPo may be fatigued as all but one match went to three sets.


    • Roger just won and Delpo went to the hospital for tests. It may well be that he will not play and Roger coasts to the final.

      • Geez, what bad luck Juan has.
        What’s wrong? Wrist or other body part?


      • Hi Margo. He fell on his left wrist in the 3rd set which looked painful and needed to call for trainer. He didn’t hit any 2HBH from then on. Still won the set by breaking Trocki right in that game. So unlucky. 🙁

        Now even if he *can* still play, I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to risk aggravating his already fragile wrist. He looked so worried and maybe even devastated when the match’s over. Even if the doctor says he can play and he decides to play, doubt will creep into his mind during the match for sure. This is nothing like the virus or flu he had at the USO.

      • Thanks Rainier, I just empathize with him so much. He is so well liked by his colleagues and seems to be just a genuinely nice guy. I remember him advising Rafa after his wrist injury to not overdue it and to give his wrist time to heal. I doubt that DelPo would risk further injury to his wrist if indeed it is an injury. I just hope he is ok.

        Re if the docs give him a green light to play, great point. Waiting to learn if he pulls out.

        I have to wonder if Mirka is putting a hex on Fed’s opponents.


      • Hope it will turns out to be nothing serious but atm I think it’s not worth risking anything. Wish him a speedy recovery and a good run to make the WTF.

        Now back to the draw. Fed’s had had a comfortable draw so far with 2 our of 3 opponents are his life time piegons in Dolgopolov and Gasquet, and the other one was Schwartzman, who despite having a lot of heart and grit on top of that athleticism and return game, is and will never be a contender. He’s just too small and without a serve. Fed had a good practice with him and was troubled a bit but that’s it.

        He looked sharp in the first two rounds. Not so sharp today but with probably an extra rest before the final, assuming Rafa wins against Cilic and Delpo withdraws/retires, Rafa will be in an unfavourable position again in the final considering today’s gruelling battle, how much he has been playing already and the SF against a well playing and fresh Cilic which may or may not another gruelling match.

        If Rafa gets back his Beijing mentality it will be straightforward. But he showed signs of nerves and conservatives again today, so it’s pretty tough to say.

        Anyway, it is what it is. If Rafa can overcome all the adversity and win the title against a Fresherer ;p on his favourite court, I’ll pick him to win the WTF even this early, provided he doesn’t tire himself out by playing too much (pls pull out of Basel, Rafa).

  7. Wow, I am running out of superlatives for Rafa`s play this year! I so hope that he can finish the year at number one. He deserves to be Player of the Year!!!!

  8. The AP is so sloppy. Rafa is now tied with Agassi for 6th place on the list of matches won. He was 7th. McEnroe is 5th at 877. Hopefully, Rafa can exceed that this year.

  9. Congratulations on winning a challenging match💪👏👍😜fans are of two minds after such a win-exhilarating but exhausting. Rest up for Cilic-all the best👊❣️

  10. Good tough win. Congratulations and onto the next match. Still getting up to watch. How do you switch times zones. Able to live and play. On to championship. Good luck

  11. Great match by both players. So happy for Rafa. Take rest and good luck for tomorrow. Vamos Rafa <3

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