VIDEO: Crazy rallies between Rafael Nadal and Lucas Pouille in Beijing

There were a lot of great rallies in today’s China Open battle between Rafael Nadal and Lucas Poille.


  1. Nerve wrecking, great contest between Rafa and Lucas Pouille, 2 match points, my heart thumping and waiting for the end but our champion showed his composure and confidence to take it into a third set. At that stage I felt that he would win. Some amazing tennis and could not take my eyes off the TV.
    Great victory. Later he said that he ” hadn’t control of the match” and that was true for a long time. Relief, happiness and delight for our special champion. No wonder we both admire and love him.
    I feel that he has to be sensible with his schedule, he needs time to rest and recover. We want him fit and healthy to compete in 2018. Vamos Rafa

  2. That was too close for comfort. !!
    Congratulations to both players for an exciting match of high quality tennis.
    Thank goodness Rafa has a day off on Thursday. He should use it to REST. He must be tired after all those rallies and all that running in his match against Poulle.
    Please, Francis, don’t let him practice too much today, !!

  3. I am so embarrassed. I gave up during the second set tiebreak and just said Pouille was too good. Our hero, however, did not give up and he fought until the last point! It was a thrilling match and I recommend it to everyone who has not seen it. Rafa showed yet again why he is such a champion.

  4. What a fighter! Win or lose, Rafa’s matches are always thrilling and once again, he showed his never say die attitude to get the win!

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