VIDEO: Rafael Nadal makes hilarious press conference joke | US Open

When asked what he admired most about Roger Federer both on and off court, Rafael Nadal got everyone laughing.


  1. Funny Funny Funny Rafa good on You let it all out.

    i think as Maria Sharapova says( you deserve more respect) and ,must get sick and tired of being asked about Federer all the time, as you have far more personality than Federer,it is just that you are also far more humble and polite than Federer, and have no arrogance.

    Love your interview,

    All the best for game with Juan,

    love and prayers,


  2. Rafa actually has a very underrated dry sense of humour.

    ‘I have a pain here, in my famous ass.’

    ‘My body is perfect, no?’

    ‘Physically speaking….’

    ‘Do you think I’m very fast? No, I’m very slow.’

    (RG 2006) ‘Rafael, Djokovic told us he felt he had the match under control ’til his back problems. Do you agree with that?’ – ‘Oh yes.’

    (Wimbledon 2007) ‘Wind. Lightning. Thunder. Can anything stop you this year?’ – ‘Maybe Djokovic or Baghdatis tomorrow.’

    ‘How did you celebrate the football result?’ – ‘Jumping.’

    ‘I’m a striker in lefty. Unbelievable. Unbelievable lefty leg. Unbelievable. Very nice. Always. Like Beckham. Yeah.’

    (USO 09) ‘The guy was really nice. He was a great fan. He said ‘I love you’, and he kissed me.’

    (AO 09) ‘Rafa, you’re dressed different. Why?’ – ‘ I don’t know. I’m comfortable like this. You like it?’

    (Fan A&Qs) ‘Can you give me the name of your hotel and your room number?’ – ‘Hotel… Scribe. Room *bip*. But come quickly because my fiance arrives tomorrow.’

    ‘Is it possible that this year, Roger Federer would win Roland Garros, but Rafa would win Wimbledon?’ – ‘You have any paper and I can sign.’

    ‘Rafa, you won 21 points out of 24 at the net today. How does that feel?’ – ‘Unbelievolley’

    ‘English is like my first language.’

    and more. :p

  3. Rafa’s quite funny and diplomatic way of saying he is tired of the “Federer” questions. That was a good one Rafa. I can just see you on Saturday Night Live.


  4. How proud must the people of Spain be with both Rafa and Garbine being ranked world number one’s . So happy for them , couldn’t have happened to two nicer people.1⃣🇪🇸1⃣🇪🇸1⃣🇪🇸1⃣🇪🇸

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