US Open QFs: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Andrey Rublev?

On Wednesday, Rafael Nadal will face 19-year-old Andrey Rublev for a spot in the US Open semifinals. Our champ has never played world No. 53 Rublev, who has upset Grigor Dimitrov and David Goffin to reach the quarterfinals.

Photo: USTA

Date: 6 September 2017

Match time: Rafa is second on Ashe. Around 1 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 6 PM BST – United Kingdom / 7 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Thursday 3 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website

Rafa on playing Rublev:

Now I have a tough opponent, Rublev, next round, and I need to continue to play well. Of course he’s young, and when you are young you feel that everything is new. But he already won a lot of matches on the tour. He’s not a kid that he came now in this event. Of course not. He’s on the tour for a while. He’s playing well. He’s a solid player on the tour.

Rublev on facing Rafa:

Rafa is the real champion and I’m just going to try to enjoy it – this is the quarter-final and I have nothing to lose.

Rublev, who idolised our champ when growing up, will be bidding to become the youngest semifinalist since Rafa in 2005 and Lleyton Hewitt in 2000. The Russian teen came into the US Open ranked No. 53, as of now he’ll move up into the 40s.



  1. Well done – great result in 1st set. But I can only think that it will get a tad tougher for Rafa in the next couple of sets.

      • On the other hand, rafa needs a work out rather than a walk over at this stage of the proceedings so bring it on!

  2. 1set set to Rafa. Hoping for another bakery product. :p

    Kidding. I hope the kid will play better and give Rafa some tough test.

    But so far everything has been going on according to my 😈scheme.

    2nd set now.

  3. Great 1st set Rafa , keep this up and the match will be over in no time , keeping you fresh for your next opponent👍

  4. The prince throwing the kitchen sink at the King and broke himself in these 2 games more than Rafa broke him. Rafa needs to run away before he settles down. He will. The kid has grit. And he has some special relationship with his shirt. :p

    4-1 1st set Rafa leads

    • Oh man!!! 2 glorious extreme angles back to back off both wings from Rafa. Where did he find that?

      He’s firing up! Ruthless!

      A double break up and serving for the 1st now.

  5. Rafa fails to consolidate again. 🙁

    1 all 1st set

    The match is being played in Rublev’s rhythm. Don’t know why Rafa was hitting to his FH on BPs.

  6. Rafa, don’t let this 19-year-old get the better of you. I want you joining Carreño-Busta in the semifinals. Have a great match.


  7. VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) 🙂 😉 Enjoy lots of fun!!!! : ) This will be a GREAT MATCH FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 😉 Lots of love & happiness & VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) XOXOXOX

  8. Rafa, you now have a female world No. 1 as compatriot Mugu has just been handed the world No. 1 spot vacated by Plishkova. Coco just pushed her out. CONGRATZ to Spain.


  9. What a great day for Spain 🇪🇸 Rafa No.1 for the men , and now Garbiñe Muguruza has just taken the No. 1 spot for the women. Make sure that doesn’t change tonight Rafa.

  10. Only noticed just now. RNF got the time wrong. Matches start at noon since QF so Rafa will play ~2pm local time.

    • Raffy is watching Rainier but I suspect he’s sleeping on and off and trying to trick us. But looks like rafa doesn’t need the luck today!! Thank goodness

  11. Good luck in your match today Rafa , go out there and show Rublev exactly why your his idol. Idolise you he can, beat you he can’t, that said I hope he has a great match and I’m sure he will feel privileged having you on the other side of the net.
    Andrey Rublev on Rafa -” He was my idol. I was buying the same clothes as him, all the new collections. I was trying to copy”
    Rublev you might not win today but you have impeccable taste Lol.

  12. i am sorry but i am nervous about this match. I am very nervous. Nadal is vulnerable on hardcourt so i take no match for granted. Rublev is a good player who beat dimitrov and goffin for a reason. This means he can play. I hope rublev will not be another shapovalov and nadal will be there strongly from the start and prevent from thinking that there will be a upset today.

    Since Querrey is out if nadal beats rublev then the only thing that is standing between him and the trophy are his nerves and roger federer. So please dont spoil this opportunity rafa you are going to regret it play point by point and stay calm on big points and convert your chances

    • Mjus – you never know. Delpo might take Roger down. Now there’s a thought. But if rafa gets through today and if he has to lose to anyone, I’d much rather he lose to Delpo than Roger. I couldnt bear another loss to Roger. Im hoping though rafa will get himself to the final and show them all why he is no1.

      • I’m with you, Susie. But I can only see that if Rafa improves his court position and returns better in a matter of couple of days *and* DP somehow can channel his 2009 self against Fed this time. That’s a BIG BIG if.

        But yeah, you never know. If things can go Rafa’s way just once like Fed with his Wimby draw… 😳

      • I totally agree with anyone who does not wish to see RF get to GS 20, especially after his habitual arrogance, this time commenting about sweet Thiem who is more like power player Nadal. I hope Delpo kicks him out, although I think it is highly unlikely, given that DP profited from Thiem being disturbed by his sickness act coupled wih a histerical crowd which will not be repeated towards RF.

        Pls pls pls RAFA


      • Hi Rainier. I have to say I’m looking forward to rafa’s match and Rogers although doubt I will stay up for the latter. I hope we get the results that we want!!

      • Hi Susie. I’ll be watching Roger’s match as well. I watch all of their matches. Pls tell me Raffy is watching Rafa with you. He’s his lucky charm. :p

  13. Good luck Rafa – I’ll be praying for you to win, as usual. This old lady will be up ’till 1am AWST to watch you play! Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑⛵️😀😇😊

    • That’s ok, day better for Rafa anyway. Except it looks like rain all day, so no hot sunshine and high bounces, under the roof.

    • Darren Cahill just commented that because the roof in Arthur Ashe is so high up, it doesn’t make much difference in playing conditions whether the roof is open or closed. The roof will be closed tomorrow, as rain is expected, but this should not be a factor.

      Vamos, Rafa!

  14. Rublev, another blonde, Russian prince (haha, pls don’t ask me. I’ve heard quite a lot people call Zverev and recently Shapovalov “prince”), plays very quick. This Rafa must be careful not to let him get into his rhythm. I’ve watched him for some time. He has a promising FH, still suspect BH with good movement, serve and aggressiveness. Still looks a bit lanky now at the age of ~20 but easy power he actually possesses.

    I think it might be a good approach that Rafa tries to overwhelm the “prince” on the get go, then plays solidly, consistently “with calm”. Avoid unnecessary drama and doesn’t pay too much attention to the score. The kid can redline/play with a nothing-to-lose mindset all he wants. But Rafa must show his champion’s mind and the superiority in his game this time. No more “He’s very young. He played well with nothing to lose” “excuse” this time. (Don’t get offended, some Rafa fans.) 🙂

  15. Hi to every Rafanatic out there!

    My good, old Aunt Maria has some piece of good news for all of us. Madame Maria (Siberia), an elder mystic and senior sibling to the great Deep Thinker, says Rafa win win tomorrow, but it won’t come easy – he must be prepared to win in 5 sets!

    On the Roger Federer vs JMDP, Roger will win in 4 sets.

    On the Sam Querrey bs Kevin Anderson match up, good, old Aunt Maria says Sam Querrey will win.

    On the much anticipated ‘WORLD WAR III’ between Rafa and Rog, Madame Maria (Siberia) closed her eyes and went into a prolonged trance after which she said – Its a five setter war, but Rafa will successfully avenge the AO loss to Roger this time around.

    On the final between Rafa and Sam Ouerrey, she said Raf will triumph in 4 sets.

    Despite the good fortune that awaits Rafa, she nevertheless advised all Rafmaniacs out there to fast and pray hard to make these predictions come true.

    But as always, we’d see……………………….hmmn

    • Haha. It’s been quite a while, Maria (Siberia). Like your analogy, “WW III” and new crystal ball this time. 🗿

      “On the much anticipated ‘WORLD WAR III’ between Rafa and Rog, Madame Maria (Siberia) closed her eyes and went into a prolonged trance after which she said – Its a five setter war, but Rafa will successfully avenge the AO loss to Roger this time around.”

      • Kevin in the zone was unplayable. He’s the same age as Rafa but only peaked 2 years ago, beating Murray at the USO and almost seeing Djokovic out at Wimby, entering topn10. Now there’s a chance he can top that.

        His biggest opponent is his nerve, as opposed to Busta (one lost almost every final he played and the other won almost all of them). I find him inspiring and I hope he can make some real dent this time and only loses because his opponent play better than him in the match.

        Rafa v Kevin final would make a nice story. They played each other when they were 14 in South America, the junior “world cup” sponsored by Nike and 17 years later they meet again on the biggest stage of the sport. One can hope. 😇

    • Your crystal ball was malfunctioning badly again, Maria (Siberia). Still don’t shy away but just dust it, shine it, shake it then give us another prophecy of yours for the semis and final, as long as the eventual victor remains a constant. 😁

    • Was she was comatose when she devined those predictions? 10% Correct. [Rafa won but in SS]

      YOU’RE FIRED. It’s you making those awful predictions. The “poor Russians” get blamed for everything. LOL

      Fortunately the doper Russian was booted after the USTA had the temerity to issue her a wild card.

  16. So far, so good. The Big Apple is there for you. Enjoy! Imagine how young Mr. Rubev feels meeting the great Rafa Nadal. Do you remember that feeling, Rafa? He’s not coming to the court to shake hands. He wants a win on his resume. Vamos!

  17. Rafa needs to come out in this match with guns blazing. We don’t need no replay of Shapovalov, ie these youths who come onto the court and blast our champion away with some lethal striking:)

    Get it done Rafa!

    • Rafa would have beat the kid if it was a 5 setter. Wld have been pissed at himself for blowing the tiebreak. This kid Rafa has played with at the Academy. He’s on it!! Crowd will be for Rafa, but unfortunately it will be under the roof. Thanks, weather.

  18. Rafa te deseo mucha suerte y q Dios te cuide hoy, mañana y siempre. Te deseo mucha salud.

  19. Suerte para mñn…nunca bajes l guardia…estos jugadores son iprtebisibles sin nada k perder y mucho por ganar…te seguimos Rafa…siempre contigo…VAMOS VAMOS Y VAMOS

  20. Rafa good luck in your next Mach vamosssssssssssss you are playing very well .good luck Rafa 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍😇😇😇🇺🇸❤️

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