Will Rafael Nadal still be world No. 1 at the end of the US Open?

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are set to battle for the No. 1 ranking at the U.S. Open. The simplest scenario for Rafa and Roger is that if one of them wins the title, they will be world No. 1 regardless, but why make things simple when one can make them complicated.

Photo: Corinne Dubreuil

Here’s how Rafa can be world No. 1 after US Open:

  • Champion
  • Finalist
  • Semi-finalist + Federer does not reach final
  • Quarter-finalist, 4th Round or 3rd Round + Federer does not reach SF
  • 2nd Round + Federer does not reach SF
  • 1st Round or Does Not Play + Federer does not reach QF

Here’s how Roger can be world No. 1 after US Open:

  • Champion
  • Finalist
  • Semi-finalist + Nadal does not reach SF
  • Quarter-finalist + Nadal does not reach 2R

Who will end the US Open as world No. 1? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. Rafa you deserve to be number 1 and have it for 2018,

    Go go go.

    Love and prayers,


  2. RNF asked, “Who will end the US Open as world No. 1?” Some have said Rafa, some were non-commital, and others have said Fed. So far, it’s a majority for Rafa. My point is, no need to beat up on those who didn’t vote for Rafa. Navdeep’s reponse is the best as far as I’m concerned. It reflects the sentiments I have often expressed here.


  3. Honest answer – I don’ t know. And that’s how it should be; sport shouldn’t be predictable. Although I’m getting tired of the ‘who will be #1’ hype, I’m so happy that Rafa is a contender that l keep reading it! Most of all I wish for Rafa to make the most of this chances and do well at USO, I think that’s more important than the ranking, but one leads to the other anyway. As Mac wrote, there’s no reason why Rafa can’t have this. It’s Uncle Toni’s last slam isn’t it? Give it your all Rafa, make Toni, and most of all yourself, proud (I’m sure Toni is anyway, but more is more 🙂 ). Go Rafa!!

  4. Paulina, are you for real? I don’t understand why you are on this website. Your attitude towards Rafa is very negative. Stop wasting your time and energy here and go and post your opinions on the Federer fan website.

    • It is very easy to misinterpret what someone means when the message is not clear. Paulina’s comment is an example of that. She could be a Rafa fan, she could be a Fed fan, or she could be a fan of both. Maybe she will take the time to clarify.

      She went on to explain that she saw Rafa at Cincy and he lost in the 2nd or 3rd round. She finished her comment by saying “may the best one win.” She could mean between Rafa and Fed, her favorite to win is Fed because of Rafa’s early loss at Cincy.


    • Whooaaa Lorna, I stand corrected. I just saw Paulina’s ROGER FEDERER MY DEAR…. seems she has made it clear… a Fed fan AND she has three 👍.

      Run for cover…Fed fans have invaded.


  5. Well with this being the last big one to play and he knows he can relax after this one. Rafa will play hard,fast, and powerful. Rafa will stay No.1 and it will be good. Rafa is just the best Sportsman . Roger eh ok but not up to Rafa. his back will hurt him some more that IS Roger and it will still take a toll on him. Rafa is up to the Challenge and is on top of things and is practicing every day to improve in his game .RAFA NO.1

  6. ‘Will Rafa Nadal be no.1 after the us open’ . Sorry don’t care. That’s not a goal , he got to the no.1 by playing some of his best tennis and that’s what matters. Now if we get into this permutations and combinations of how he remain their and all that then it’s unfair to Rafa.Rafa has given us so many unbelievably awesome moments that these rankings n seedings doesn’t matter anymore. Watching him play gives the greatest feelings that I can live with that forever.
    Vamos hero

  7. I go with my only favorite Roger Federer to win this tournament.
    Sorry Rafa, went to Ohio and you lost I believe in the second or third round. I saw you played there since I was one of the volunteers.
    Que gane el major y punto.


  9. There’s no reason why this cannot happen. Absolutely no reason at all. Rafa is pumped for this US Open, and he should roll through all takers until Federer, and we shall steal this candy from this baby.

    Get it done Rafa!

  10. Creo en Rafa y se k no dejara k su n.1 se lo arrebaten…mas el tiene ventaja jugando cinco set…CREEMOS EN TI RAFA

  11. Rafa is my guy! But after Rafa I adore Fed. They both bring their A game all the time, and honor the sport with class and sportsmanship.

  12. Rafa’s priority is to win slams, so this is all he should be thinking about. If he does, then he will continue to be no.1 naturally. He’s already said that he is glad to be no.1, but it was the most special when he was at the top of the rankings for the first time in 2008. I believe that in this stage of his career focusing only on winning slams should be his mindset.

    • I think (and hope) Rafa will hold on to it but I wouldn’t mind seeing Roger at #1 either, they’re 2 great ambassadors for the sport.

  13. I’m just really, really excited for Rafa, just thrilled and I hope with all my heart he wins.

    Estoy sumamente excitada y emocionada y espero con todo mi corazon que Rafa gane.

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