Rafa Roundup: “I’m still the same person I’ve always been”


And so Federer and Nadal, two men who last year slipped down the ranks via shredded schedules and serious injuries, and were ranked 17 and nine respectively when they contested the Australian title, are now favourites to top the rankings from next week until the end of the season.

And that is, in the context of their history, an extraordinary prospect. For they held the No1 ranking between them from February 2004 until July 2011, and together they also filled the top two places unbroken for 211 weeks from 2005 to 2009. They went on to be the top two ranked men at year-end for six straight seasons: 2017 could make it seven.

After dominating the clay-court portion of the ATP Tour and winning a record 10thFrench Open title, Nadal is poised to take the No. 1 ranking for the first time since June 23, 2014 if he reaches the semifinals at Jarry Park.

The top spot is available because the current No. 1, Andy Murray, failed to defend his Wimbledon title — he lost to American Sam Querrey in the quarterfinals — and he’s not in a position to add any points because he’s hobbled by a hip injury.

Nadal has a 46-7 record this year, with four titles, and is currently 294 points behind Murray.

“Soy el mismo de siempre, una persona normal. Vivo en el mismo sitio de siempre, hago las mismas cosas que he hecho toda la vida y lo que más me gusta es perderme unos días en el mar. Soy conocido porque juego al tenis y salgo en los medios, pero soy el mismo Rafa de siempre”, razona. Pues eso: Rafael Nadal Parera.

(I’m the same person I have always been, just a normal person. I live in the same place, do the same things all my life and what I really enjoy is to spend time near the sea. I’m famous because I play tennis and I’m in the media quite a lot now, but I’m the same Rafa as always.)

While vacationing with friends in Ibiza, Nadal relaxed in a pair of white swim trunks with black side stripes. And that right there is a detail as important as having a button on your best blazer. It’s those centimeter-wide double stripes running up his outer thighs that make this a winning style move. Without them, his white suit would take on the silhouette of a puffy pair of boxers. But with their help, this suit lengthens and slims Nadal’s already trim physique.



  1. Rafa, you would still be the same person with or without your passion of tennis. Like you, Roger is the same on or off court. Love your video with Roger. For his foundation. Soooo funny. I love you both, but whenever you play each other, I have to root for you (You’re still my #1!! I just hope I can see you play one day. And being in your family’s box would be a cross off my bucket list. Anyway, good luck in Montreal, keep healthy most of all If it’s okay I’ll pray for you. You deserve it. All the way from Destin, Florida, I send only the best to you & your family

  2. Does anyone know when Rafa’s first match is going to be? Rogers Cup website says it’s on Tuesday, but I don’t see Coric vs Youzhny match on Monday’s schedule.

      • Originally scheduled for 2nd on court Tuesday afternoon, wasn’t it? I’d been looking forward to that… oh well :/ Really heavy week at work, but hope I can get to see one of Rafa’s matches live – it’s been far too long. Vamos Rafa!!

  3. Fans around the world love Rafa for his humility, honesty and genuine personality. He doesn’t have to try hard to gain affection from te public. He’s just a natural, modest guy who is passionate about tennis, the sport he loves.

    Don’t EVER change, Rafa. Have a great run in Montreal. I’m counting down the hours until you’re no.1 again!

  4. Rafa it has been all said in all the comments above which I certainly endorse one hundred fold.

    You are a refined humane gentleman through and through and the greatest tennis player whom we have the privilege of seeing, so we are very blessed.

    You keep it all in perspective.

    All the best for Montreal Rafa,

    Love and prayers,


  5. Dear Rafa. You are the same person you have always been. Your values; integrity; your sensitivity; your sense of fair-mindedness; discipliine; passion and motivation have always been outstanding. It’s who you are. Because of these attributes you are my favorite person who happens to be a tennis player. Please remain healthy; confident and stay calm enough to win good and often. God bless you Rafa. I love you. Marylynn

  6. Rafa siempre se ha caracterizado por ser un hombre humilde y eso lo hace mejor persona en todos los sentidos, por esa razon gane o pierda siempre sera mi idolo y el mejor champion de todos los tiempos. Vamos Rafa

  7. Who cares how many GS’s or world raking, to me you are the best ever, both with your mesmerising game and your off-court life. How many players would have your attitude of humbleness in win or loss?


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