WATCH: Rafael Nadal arrives in Montreal

Rafael Nadal has arrived in Canada on Thursday night. He is the top seed player at Rogers Cup in Montreal since Andy Murray pulled out of the tournament and opened the door for our champ to snatch the World No.1 ranking.

Andy will lose his place at the top of the world rankings should Rafa reach the semi-final of the tournament.

We all know that Rafa’s main goal next week is to play well and come to New York in the best shape, but victories will gain his confidence and it will be great if he becomes world No. 1 again. He was last world No.1 in July 2014.

Good luck, Rafa!


  1. Rafa would win anyway who ever is there he is a much better player than Murray,novajak or federa ror that matter .rafa doesn’t need to fear any one he’s the best .good luck for your tournament

  2. hello everyone,

    its been awhile i had to recover from the dissapointment of wimbeldon where nadal lost against muller. And that creep federer won easily his wimbeldon. I am praying for a good hardcourt summer for rafa the same he had in 2013. I think he can do it if he has improved his return and courtposition.

    Lucky for him this summer no wawrinka and djokovic. Also Murray will not play a role. He only has to deal with federer. I hope desperatly he wins us open that is very important but he still needs to deal with big servers on hardcourt like: cilic, querry, fognini, karlovic and muller and isner.

    • Hi mjus. I’m with you in that I have been recovered from the Muller loss but the “scar” will still be there for quite a while and I think it’s the same with Rafa. This hard court swing will be a very important test to him. More so on the mental part than his game I guess.

      I have been rewatching some matches and highlights from his NA HC swing in his best years, especially 2013. I agree he totally needs to be committedly aggressive on return as it’s the only way for him to have any chances, especiall now that he’s not that “golden retriever” anymore. His service game is improving bar the mental part, which I have to admit is disappointing, as I think it’s the most important thing beside of couse his health.

      In 2013 when he’s incredibly undefeated on hard court, it’s not that he was near perfect or played at an incredible level on the surface. Mostly he played smarter, more aggressive on both serve and return and of course much more clutch than this year. That’s the key, I think. Clutchness.

      Strangely he was the most clutch at the AO bar the most important match which still hurts. On clay he didn’t need to be clutch as his level was just far above anyone else’s though of course it would have been “healthier” for his nerve which is crucial for him had he been more clutch. On grass, well, we all know what happened. Sometimes I wanted to rewatch some of his breathtaking play in the first 3 matches but it’s gonna take a while before I can watch and enjoy them with a free mind.

      I have to admit without both Moya and Toni, especially Moya, I’m a bit in doubt in terms of his tactics should he meet Fed in the final once again this time. It would be crucial for his hard court season on the whole. What frustrates me the most is he still tends to get tight too often even when he’s playing very well. It’s the opposite with Fed. Despites the incredible results his level this year is not that high but his nerve and mindset are extremely strong. Many time times that where what we call “luck” comes from.

  3. Oh my, Wawrinka just announced his knee surgery which will keep him out of play for the rest of the year. I want Rafa to become number one, but not by injuries.

    • That’s a surprise to me re Stan – I read an interview a couple of days ago where he said he was missing Montreal and Cinci just as a precaution. Hope he recovers well.

    • I think it might not be a surgery as his exact words are “medical intervantion”, maybe a sterm cell therapy like Rafa? If it’s a surgery I think he would have just said it flat out. Of course I could be wrong. But since he previously said he pulled out of Montreal and Cinci for precautious reasons I think it’s more likely he doesn’t have to undergo surgery. Hope he will recover well and come back strong next year.

  4. Sorry that Andy has pulled out but oh! so happy for Rafa. Please Rafa do not be intimidated by Federer you can beat him. Can’t believe how you folded in Australia and praying hard you have put that behind you and are now ready for the hard court tournaments in the USA. Wishing you all the best always. No. 1.

  5. Hi fellow Rafa fans
    Off topic, I know, but does anyone know what has become of Rafa’s lawsuit against the ghastly French ex-minister, Roselyne Bachelot? It was scheduled for 7 July 2017 in Paris (when we know Rafa was happily engaged elsewhere) but I can find nothing on line about it.

    • I also wondered about this and eventually found a post saying that due to the backlog of cases, his suit has been postponed until October. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Leigh found this on net about Rafas’s lawsuit:
      A build-up of other cases has forced it to be postponed and Nadal’s lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve told Efe that he is demanding an exact date be set, with October 6 and October 13 looking like possibilities.
      According to Maisonneuve, the matter could be resolved in half a day once it is finally addressed in court.

  6. Bienvenue à Montréal. I live 1 Hour drive from Montréal. I have my pass to the Rogers Cup. Can’t wait to see you . Bonne chance.

    LOVE N A BIG GOD BLESS. 💜💕💞💓💟💚💛❤💖💔💘💗🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😚😚😚😚😚😚😙😙😙😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🌹🌹🌸🌷🌺🌻🌼🌽🌾

  8. 3 wins away from world no. 1! You have fought so hard to get back to your best again and now you are even better than your best! Good luck for. Montreal and vamos Rafa!

  9. That is totally awesome news for Rafa. Sorry about Andy not being able to play, but it is fantastic that Rafa is now the top seeded player at Montreal. Vamos all the way to #1 and to another Canadian Open win!


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