Wimbledon: 3rd round videos

Watch the best moments as Rafael Nadal beats Karen Khachanov in straight sets to reach round four at Wimbledon.

Rafa reflects on his third-round win over Khachanov…

Golfer Sergio Garcia supported Rafa from The Royal Box…


  1. Rafa and Gïlles already have met six times, and played on all surfaces. Rafa’s only loss to Gïlles was in 2005 at Wimbledon, after Rafa had just won the French Open at the age of 19. Compare their accomplishments from then to now.🤔

    Both of these players are playing their best tennis but that does not mean they are on the same level professionally. Muller may cause a hiccup for Rafa but that’s about it. This is Muller’s first time to have reached the fourth round at Wimbledon. Rafa can surely stop him.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

  2. Very impressive performance and great to see how confident Rafa was when the pressure came on . He is into the second week and playing so well, as good as I have ever seen him play. Vamos Rafa.

  3. j’adore te voir jouer Rafa , tu es magnifique dans tes déplacements , tous ces petits pas , tel un danseur sur scène , ton énergie , tes tics qui font toc
    Please , mais arrête de couper tes cheveux , vive tes bouclettes
    Ah , aussi , quand tu rentres sur le court , arrête de faire la gueule , un petit sourire pour ceux qui t’acclament .
    Je me doute que c’est toujours aussi impressionnant .
    Allez .VAMOS RAFA
    Te quiéro mucho
    Une abuelita Nelly

  4. Yes Rafa, your shots are back to their lazer-sharp accuracy. I saw that at Roland Garros and saw more of it today. You did great in changing direction of the ball. Keep MIXING IT UP champ. I feel as if I’m back in time watching you Rafa; you keep me young. Being a Rafa fan has its benefits. LOL🤗💪👈

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

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