Wimbledon R1: What time does Rafael Nadal play against John Millman?

Rafael Nadal will face Australian world number 137  John Millman in the first round of Wimbledon on Monday. Our champ has never played 28-year-old Millman, who has played just one match on the main tour this season (hip injury).

Rafael Nadal (ESP) walking back from the practice courts at Aorangi. The Championships 2017 at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. Credit: AELTC/Joel Marklund.

Date: July 3, 2017

Match time: Rafa is second on Court 1. Around  2:30 PM local time / 9:30 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 3:30 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 11:30 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Millman on playing Rafa:

I’ve been brought up the wrong way if I went into a match thinking I couldn’t win.

It sounds stupid maybe when you’re up against someone of the calibre of a Rafael Nadal and all he’s done, but I’ve always been brought up not to play anyone’s reputation. Be respectful to your opponent but turn it into a fight out there.

I have so much respect for someone like Rafa, especially his journey with all his injuries he’s faced and how he’s returned every time almost better than before. When people doubted him, he seemed to bounce back and prove a lot of critics wrong.

All the top guys, if you’re going to get them, you want to get them early on when it’s a little bit fresh. Rafa’s a little bit of a daunting prospect due to the fact that he seems at times relentless in his approach in early rounds. He wants to get on and get off the court. He’s not going out there to make any friends.

Rafa has either been wide smile or quick exit at SW19. From 2006-2011, our champ reached the final five consecutive times, hoisting the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy twice – 2008 and 2010. But Rafa has also failed to reach the quarter-finals six times at Wimbledon. He missed the tournament last year because of a left wrist injury.


Sources: ATP World Tour, Yahoo Sport


  1. Can anybody enlighten me as to why Carlos Moyà did not also go toWimbledon with Rafa? Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑😀😊😇

    • Shirley, Moya gave Rafa to understand that he would not be able to go to every tournament with him because he has a young family at home and Rafa agreed to that. Moya was with him at Roland Garros and coached him in Mallorca before Rafa left for the UK.
      I am sure he and Rafa will be in contact every day during the tournament at Wimbledon so hopefully his influence will still be with Rafa.
      Here’s hoping Rafa remains injury free and has a very successful two weeks.

      • You are really blessed Beverley, you’ve got the patience of Job.

        Our champ in 3.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

    • I very much share the question about Moya’s absence. An absentee ‘cloud’ coaching is not the same as an engaged coachng . In Rafa’s place I would question Moya’s role, win or lose.

      i do hope Wimb shows Rafa can do without Moya.

      WAMOS RAFA 3 setters like vs Millman today.

  2. Rafa all the best for today in England, and all this week,

    Love and prayers,


  3. R AFA my boy, all the best for your game today. Will be disappointed if Fox dont show us your game. God bless you. Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑😀😊😇

  4. Rafa will play on court 1 but doesn’t matter because when he’ll play the final it will be on centre court and no official no scheduling can change that

  5. Rafa rocks every day!! He’s the best ever. I try not to miss a match ever. You can do Wimbledon and win, your
    Humility is what impresses me most!!

  6. Rafa, I have NO DOUBT that you will be le plus beau of the lot. As Beverley said, “Rafa will stand out from all the rest.” He always has and continues to do so. He “sparkles” as Rafantastic put it. Rafa is a plus beau sparkling stand out. 🤗🎾👌

    Get the job done champion.

    RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • My 150% is my way of paying homage to Rafa, a great champion. His standards are just so high and I feel he gives so much more than others.

        Others use 100% and that’s fine too. But you will not try to revise my comment to 100%.

        Yes, I understand you can’t count past 100. I will make an allowance for you only because you’re as smart as a rock.

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

        RAFA ROCKS 150%

      • 😳😧
        Hey you two ☺️
        Don’t wanna interfere, but could calling the truce here be the answer?? 🙏🏻😌

  7. I hope that beautiful smile is the consequence of a very good practice session Rafa. The weather is looking promising this week and we are in for some great matches, although the only one I’m interested in is yours . Uncle Toni is there by your side and I’m in know doubt Carlos Moya will be on the phone to you each evening going through the days events. Good luck in your first match and have a great couple of weeks in London💂

  8. All the very Best in your opoening match Rafa he,sa very tricky customer so watch out for that All our love and best wishes go with you Dear laddie Vamos Rafa

  9. Curious as to why Rafa is on Court 1, while Stan is on the Center Court. Seems to me like a slight to Rafa. Rafa, best of luck tomorrow!

    • At every tournament – including RG until recent years – there has ben a slight to Rafa.

      Remember that Rafa was the first one to seriously challenge the supremacy of best-selling Fedex. Wimbledon and also other tournaments sell better by promoting every one else except RF’s biggest rival, i.e. Rafa. Also remember how the notorious Sue Barker commiserated with RF after Rafas’ 2008 victory.

      Who cares? Not Rafa surely. His tennis and loveable personality has produced a public that adores him.

      Millman’s comments on competing against Rafa are so endearing.



      • Puma, Sadly it is true that a lot of tournaments seem to slight Rafa. The organisers are always wanting Roger to win. Why??? A variety of reasons I suppose but in the case of Wimbledon I have a feeling there is a certain amount of snobbery there – Roger appears more anglo-saxon than Rafa and their preferred choice for champion.
        It’s a bit like Andy being called British when he wins and Scottish when he loses..!!
        Of course there are other reasons for their preference of Roger. He is a fantastic grass court player and has won there seven times so there is a kind of tradition to be upheld whenever he plays at Wimbledon. The officials, would love to see him win no. 8. and I can understand that..
        But as you have said, Rafa has a public that adores him. He has a natural charm that is free of all affectation. Success has never gone to his head.
        Regarding your query re. Moya’s absence, Rafa has said that Moya has a young family (three children) and needs to spend some time at home. This was discussed before Moya took the coaching position with Rafa. He was in Mallorca practicing with Rafa before Rafa left for the UK. and no doubt will be in daily contact with Rafa during the next two weeks.
        I an sure Moya’s influence will be in evidence during the tournament.

      • Thanks Beverley for first confirming what I have sensed has been a slight to Rafa by tournament organizers.However what approaches an Anglo-Saxon personality – I say approaches because an Anglo-Saxon personality is more presented by the poem “If” and not by the sore loser that RF has often shown himself to be the worst case being the 2009 AO final where RF lost against Rafa and beginning wth tournament organizers all did their best to poison Rafa’s joy at winning.

        Therefore all the hype around RF is unjustifiable. My argument is that it is indecent and should be protested against – I do not know how but promoting Rafa by public supporters would be a place to start. Please watch the RF promotion of Wimbledon 2017. Counter promotions of Rafa and other players might would be nice.
        Re Moya I just wish he made the effort to be present at crucial events like GS tournaments. Seems to me -again I might be totally wrong- ike the actress career of Moya’ wife precedes the coaching role of Moya; I am afraid that if his presence has been felt, so might be his absence.

        Anyway my unconditional support for RAFA,


  10. Charming photograph of Rafa after training. All good wishes to morrow on Court 1. Millions support you. Vamos Rafa.

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