VIDEO: Rafael Nadal enjoys playing football with kids

Rafael Nadal is a tennis superstar but he is also a master at football. Watch him showing amazing football skills here.


  1. Rafa it is so lovely to see your down to earth approach playing football with the lads in the street, and not at all being uppitty about it.

    All the best for next week,

    Love and prayers,


  2. Multi-faceted Rafa is a child at heart and I hope he never loses that endearing quality. Any child would be very lucky indeed to have a dad such as he.


  3. Whoever came up with the saying jack of all trades ,master of none obviously hadn’t met you Rafa , talented to the core. , I would love to see the reaction of the neighbours who can’t believe their eyes that the actual Rafa Nadal is playing footie in their street, mind you if I remember rightly his family and team rent the same house each year when he play Wimbledon so it’s probably a case of Déjà vu

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