VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal – 2017 French Open (3R)

Rafael Nadal’s on court interview following his third round win at the French Open 2017.

Quotes from Rafa’s presser:

On his win against Haase:

I think I played a good match. I played a solid match. I’m hitting the ball very well. Better than the day before. I was more or less under control during the whole match. Robin is a valiant opponent always. It’s obvious that I’m a player that if I lose the intensity or concentration then my game becomes a normal game. To be a little bit different I need to play with higher intensity than the rest and use my forehand.

On Maxime Hamou being expelled:

I can’t talk much about. They took that decision, they’re free to do what they want. The only thing I can say is I watched the video and it was a little uncomfortable for the girl.

(Note: French player was banished from the Roland Garros for the duration of the tournament on Tuesday after he attempted to forcibly kiss a female reporter during a live TV interview.)

On Uncle Toni leaving at the end of the year:

Every year is different. I am not thinking about that at all. He is the most important person in my tennis career without a doubt. Lots of things I achieved are because of him since I was three.

Lots of people have helped me too. He’s free to do what’s good for him. It’s good for him and the kids to be more involved with the academy. It’s probably not the last time he’ll be here at Roland Garros. He’s my uncle more than my coach so he’s always free to come wherever he was.

On wrist:

It’s better we don’t talk about these kinds of things. I don’t feel anything on the wrists since a long time ago. It’s good news.

On weather conditions:

It was humid. We had two days when the heat went down a bit. I prefer to play with sunshine. Today was great conditions for me. I really don’t think much about if it’s dry or humid. If it’s somewhere between 18 and 25 degrees it’s normally good for me with good bounces on my forehand. If it’s raining or a little bit cooler, it’s normally worse for my game.

Source:, Video: stroppa


  1. Great job!!!! It’s always a nice feeling seeing Rafa with a great smile signing autographs.

    Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best on your next matches. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. When is Rafa’s next French Open match & whom is he playing. 🇬🇧

    • Rafa is playing Nikoloz Basilashvili from Georgia tomorrow( Friday 2nd) no time given yet , but it looks like he maybe the first match on court.

    • miriama

      why are you so affraid of vesely. In a best of three i will agree with you but a best of five?

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