PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Beats Robin Haase in Straight Sets at 2017 French Open

Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal advanced to the third round of the French Open by beating Dutchman Robin Haase 6-1, 6-4, 6-3 in one hour and 49 minutes. He was too strong on his favourite surface, making only 13 unforced errors over the course of the match.

After the match, Rafa said:

I tried to be strong always, but it is not possible. I work hard during all of my career, sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t. Since the beginning of the season this year… I should be very happy with how things are going.

When you are here in Paris, one of the best cities in the world and you have a day off, it is always good. I will practice and enjoy the city a little bit.

Rafa’s reward for his latest victory is a third-round meeting opposite Nikoloz Basilashvili.


  1. 21-year-old H. Chung really socked it to Istomin: 6-1, 7-5, 6-1. He will play Nishikori next.
    Kyrgios is out.

    Today, Nishikori, Stan, DelPo, and Fognini all won their match in SS.
    Andy won in four.
    Berdych is out.


  2. Jelena, who died of breast cancer at the age of 77, was Nole’s first coach. He has done much to help bring awareness of breast cancer to the fore and also helps raise funds for cancer research. This is only one of his charitable endeavors.


    • Margo, Novak has a great foundation that is helping a lot of people. I do not think his breast cupping, as I call it, is tied to his former coach. I was told that he is sending a hug to the world encouraged by his guru Pepe. i would never demean any support for breast cancer research. I have too many friends with this disease. I do not know if you were even suggesting that but I wanted to clarify my position.

      • My comment was a general comment meant for those who INCESSANTLY demean, belittle or complain about Nole, of whom I was never a fan. I just find it soooo tedious. Childish. My thoughts on that.

        The ONLY time I watch one of his matches is if Rafa is in it. I am a Rafa fan through and through.

        I don’t know why he does the things he does and really don’t care unless, of course, he bothers Rafa.👎

        Your comments to me are most welcome. As far as you clarifying yourself, not a negative at all. I enjoy intelligent discussion.

        RAFA ROCKS

  3. Rafa, I am looking forward to seeing you early Friday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. Your third match should be even quicker than your first two were. Gr8 tennis to you Rafa. So glad that the rollercoaster is still on its ascent.


  4. I have never been a Novak fan, but have always respected his huge talent. His latest breast cupping where he includes the ball kids is driving me crazy. It was already irritating when it was just him, but now I feel the ball kids are forced to participate whether they want to or not. It was okay when he won the FO last year, but now he is doing it after every match win. I believe the FO organizers have to stop this. It is totally inappropriate!

    • It’s a ridiculous gesture, that has kind of become his trademark.
      Djok is trying so hard to be liked!
      I’m not a Djok fan either–but I like him better than Fed–and this is not helping his cause.

      • Hehe… Poor fellow, must be hard to live in the shadows of two global icons. Have your remote handy like Susie & Maria and click him off! When Fed is making his long boring speeches I quickly click him off as well! Lots of love and best wishes for our boy tomorrow… He is knocking them off with ease so far!

    • Yeahhh I agree. Nole is so needy for crowd support, this is his latest technique. But to drag in the ball kids is just over the top.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Va4favre, it’s stomach churning but I always have the remote at hand and the channel is switched now before it gets that far.👎

      • Yes I wasn’t fast enough to switch off recently and I caught the ridiculous Novak ‘love ceremony’. Definitely forced and really cringeworthy. If he keeps losing though we wont get to see it – now that is something to wish for.



      • Cross our fingers that djoko and co (including the once appeciated Agassi before his drug confession) disappear from the competition ASAP.

        Unfortunately Rafa fans are too polite to boo djoko’s odious behaviour.

        Wamos Rafa you are the best.

  5. A joy to watch on court and to observe off court. Compared to most top ranked platers, RAFA is impressive with his modest humble attitudes. Good winner and good loser. Admirers of djok and fed observe…

  6. Fun Facts:

    Today’s men’s singles best score goes to another Spaniard; A. Ramos 6-2, 6-1, 6-1.

    Next are Rafa and Nole with identical scores: 6-1, 6-4, 6-3. I wonder what the odds are of that happening.


  7. THANKS SO MUCH, RAFAELITE!!! Your comments are VERY well taken!!! Rafa should know, by now, that his MILLIONS of loyal fans far outweigh the unkind remarks made by occasional malcontents!!!!! We KNOW how wonderful Rafa is ON and OFF the tennis courts. He is, first and foremost, the consummate Gentleman Tennis Player we have all enjoyed since his ascent in the world of tennis. What is more, he will CONTINUE to be the GTP for as long as he plays!!!!! We’re CERTAIN OF THAT!!! His upbringing and his personal code of conduct will NEVER vary; he is Rafael Nadal, son, brother, and tennis player~~in THAT order~~FOREVER!!! AND, we LOVE him for it!!!

  8. Love watching you play, Rafa!!! You never disappoint!!! Wish you every happiness on and off the tennis courts for the balance of 2017!!!! VAMOS RAFA!!! ~~ NUESTRO CAMPEON!!!!!

  9. – And ahead you go Rafa 👏🏻💖 Great job 😃👍🏻 Congrats amazing Champ 🤗 Good luck at the next round 😘🍀

    VAMOOS! 🎾💪🏼😍

  10. Rafa is looking fannnnnnnnnntastic. He went through Paire and Hasse like they weren’t even there.
    I wonder if Vesely comes through, could be the first tough opponent. Next is Gab, who will not be tough.

    I had this english commie, Mark petchy calling the match, who i thought was insanely disrespectful of Rafa. He kept ragging on about Rafa’s rituals–we all know them by now, the line clearing the bottles, etc He wasn’t even commenting on Rafa’s very high level of play, just bitching nonstop about Rafa taking too much time.
    I thought Rafa was faster than usual, and anyway, he should have been complaing–if it were the case–about the ump not calling time violation.
    Really interfered with my enjoyment of the match for awhile.
    Never in a million years would anyone talk about Fed that way–and you can find faults in Fed’s behavior too–the dubious MTOs for eg.
    Petchy left the commie box end of 2nd set and I wonder if this is why–they realized he was out of line.

    • Well said rafalite – I heard all that nonsense. Mark Petchy is the one who goes and on about Roger too – even when he’s commentating on another match which doesn’t involve Roger. Pathetic really.

      • Thanks Susie, it really drove me nuts.
        It was really insulting to Rafa and any fan watching.
        I had a suspician he was a Federista–his dislike of Rafa was so blatant and that’s usually the explanation. It was so unprofessional–that’s not what commies are supposed to be doing.

        I also noticed he got replaced 3rd set. So maybe some higher power at Sky Sports (I think that was the broadcaster) heard it and pulled him out of the box. I hope so!

        Funny, I posted this same opinion on another tennis site that is not a Rafa fan site–and got alot of flak for saying it. That site is crawling with Fed fans. I also added that not in a million years would any commie talk about Fed like that. And you could find reason to if you dared …

    • Rafalite, Mark Petchy was actually all right in Rafa’s early years. He praised Rafa quite a lot, was animated each time Rafa beat Fed IIRC lol and generally was much more pleasant than Peter Fleming, his usual commie partner.

      I guess since he’s a massive Murray fan (used to be his coach for a while), maybe all those beatings Rafa gave Murray has gotten to him? Put it into context, back they had high hope for Murray as a teenager. He was considered to be more talented than Djokovic :p. He could beat Fed more often than not while Djokovic couldn’t, “like” Rafa did. And they probably thought he should rival Rafa and be as successful?

      You’re still lucky that you didn’t watch the Fognini match in Madrid on Sky Sport lol, unless you like him 💀. And in the matches of the players like Stan or Kyrgios, he and co mostly just fawn over them and more or less ignore their opponent, unless of course he’s a high profile player as well, which is so annoying even if I like that player.

      But really, he’s not that bad. I just prefer to watch tennis on TennisTV or Eurosport. Save myself the trouble beforehand.

    • I know how you feel – we here in Australia have the misfortune to have Fred Stolle who drones on and on about Rafa’s time between points – he never comments on Rafa’s great play unless he absolutely has to, and when he gets joined by Mark Woodforde, also from Australia, they are the Terrible Twins, just whinging about Rafa’s time between points – the least important thing for most spectators. I spend most of the match with the “Mute” button on – Fred Stolle has the most BORING voice in sport, and has nothing of interest to say. Hopefully we won’t get Mark Petchy here as well as the Terrible Twins!

  11. Good job today, straight sets is always good. Take rest and good luck for the next round. Vamos Rafa <3

  12. Congrats to rafa on a match well played. Looking forward to Friday’s match and hopefully another straight sets win!

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