PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Outfit for the French Open 2017

In the world’s fashion capital, Paris, all eyes will be on Rafael Nadal when he steps out on court at Roland Garros next week.

As you can see, Rafa will be kitted out mostly in blue for the 2017 French Open.

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  1. My favorite, and the one dubbed “Darth Nadal” by some in the media, is the all-black outfit and lime-green sneakers he wore for the 2010 US OPEN. Darth Nadal won.


  2. Looks great!!!!. Nice color. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good luck and all the best Rafa. Really been praying for you. We’d love to see you taking home your 3rd Decima. Just stay cool and calm and focus. VAMOS RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rafa looks handsome in any color… I really love him in black but I think he likes bright colors. Like Lorna said Who cares What color he wears as long as he lifts that Trophy for the historical 10th time!

  4. It is a very beautifull look! BLUE os for him! But any way he looks good in any color! All the luck for him on Roland Garros! Go Rafa, Go! With faith and all your experience!

  5. Miss you already Rafa.

    Rafa has landed in Paris. And he has a new updated Mille watch; a very limited edition of only fifty. It features the yellow and red of the Spanish flag.


  6. I would like a roll back with the pants to the knees. But I love the colors for this year’s French Open.

  7. Like it – nice colours 💙💚 – Rafa’s looking good no matter what he wears 😊👍🏻 The best of luck at RG Camp 🌟🍀❤️
    VAMOS! 🎾💪🏼😘

    • You’re in for a treat [I hope…LOL]. Google: “Nadal+Evolution of Tennis Fashion”
      The first one should be a SI article. That’s the one to see first. Then PWEEZE let me know which kit is your fave. Hope you enjoy.


    • @Rafantastic, that “treat” comment was directed at you. It may not have registered properly. Missing reply links and then ages before comments are posted.



  9. Absolutely Sick !!!!!!! Rafa will Look Spectacular in that outfit as he wins his 10 French

  10. I like the color & color combinations . I’m hoping that they’re lucky colors for him. I don’t like him wearing pink or shades of pink as they proved to be unlucky for him. He lost matches wearing pink or shades of it in the past. Wishing & hoping for his “La Decima “.

  11. Like it, but wish Nike would design a sleeveless shirt for him. And no, don’t wear longer shorts!

  12. I love the blue. You win in blue and red a lot so I am super excited for Roland Garros. I will be watching every match as always. My prayers are with you. I know you can do this. You are playing at such a high level. You are consistent and you are changing things up so these youngsters that are studying every move you make on tv can’t know for sure what to expect. I also agreed with you last year about the young German Alexander Zverev being a future number one. I would like to see him and Dominic Thiem play.
    But, this is your time and your tournament to win! I believe it more than I believe anything right now. I have seen such amazing playing by you so Vamos!
    Deborah Vantol

  13. “Nadal…. has given no indication that he is planning to take a mid-season break like his rival [Federer]. Moya has confirmed that Nadal has no intention of missing Wimbledon, even though grass is not his favorite surface.”
    [Pradhan Muthanna, 5/20/17 ibtimes]


  14. I think they look nice, and they don’t clash with sneakers as his last outfit did. But I also think that Rafa needs better and longer( a little ) fitting shorts. His legs are very muscular and the shorts look very skimpy not a good advertisement for Nike.

  15. To be honest, I don’t care what Rafa’s outfit looks like as long as he wins RG. Let his tennis do the talking. Look at what Stan was wearing in 2015. Not a very attractive outfit, but he went on to win the tournament!

  16. He looks handsome no matter what he wears. But I particularly like him in white shorts which he is wearing a lot lately. My only criticism is when he wears black socks with his shoes – I hate the look of the black socks unless he is wearing black tennis shoes.
    However whatever he is wearing will take on a special look if/when he is standing on the podium raising his tenth trophy in the air..!!

    • Do agree…..handsome whatever he wears! I can’t stand black Socks, better White and White shorts. But What really matters is to raise the RG cup to the sky! Vamoooooooossssss!!!!!!

    • I totally agree on the black socks. I sometimes wonder how Nike comes up with these combinations. Does anyone know how much discretion Rafa really has?

      • Do any of you remember( Can’t remember what tournament it was) But his whole outfit was in lime green shirt, shorts, shoes …all lime green!

  17. Rafa, i am Loving the colour of your outfit and no doubt you will look gorgeous in it. Hoping you have managed to get some rest and are now ready to reclaim the FO trophy.
    Love and prayers to the people of Manchester and all the families who have lost loved ones today, in yet another devestating terrorist attack.

    • Hi Maria – although I now live in London for work, I am from Manchester and my family are still here. I am home for the week and it has been bloody awful I can tell you. First Westminster and now the MEN arena. It seriously has been a horrible day. Just hoping that rafa can cheer us all up next week. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

      • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Susie , keep safe ,just so scary at the moment nowhere is safe . I live near the new forest but Southampton is near by and armed police are there.Im hoping Rafa gives Wimbledon a miss just not safe.

      • Thanks Maria. Let’s get ready for Roland garros – it’ll give us something to enjoy!

  18. Very nice. Did not care for the magenta in Rome. This blue will really suit Rafa. Good luck Rafa. Very much enjoy watching your matches.

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