Madrid Open SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Novak Djokovic?

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will face off in the Madrid Open semi-final on Saturday.

Date: May 13, 2017

Match time: 4 PM local time / 10 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  3 PM BST – United Kingdom / 4 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / midnight AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Nole:

It’s going to be a very tough match against one of the best players in tennis history. I know that to be able to have chances, I have to give 100 per cent. I have to play really well or I’m not going to have many chances. I think I’ve done my homework. Tomorrow is a day to try to give my best. Hopefully I’ll be ready for that.

According to ATP, this will be the 50th meeting between Rafa and Nole. The Serbian leads their rivalry 26-23 and has won their past seven matches, as well as their past three matches on clay.

Rafa leads Nole 14-7 in clay-court matches, but their rivalry on the surface has become much more even in recent years. The Spaniard won their first nine matches on clay before Nole picked up his maiden victory on the dirt in the 2011 Madrid final. Rafa won their only other meeting in Madrid, a 2009 semi-final battle that ended in a third-set tie-break. Their most recent meeting last year saw Nole prevail in the Rome quarter-finals.

  • Rafa passed Federer for No. 1 in Emirates ATP Race to London (4,095 to 4,045 points)
  • Owns 145-79 record against Top 10 opponents (5-6 since 2016 Madrid SF loss to No. 2 Murray)
  • Appearing in 10th Madrid SF and 63rd ATP Masters 1000 SF overall, with 15 runner-up finishes and 29 titles



  1. wow wow wow
    did not think it would be this lopsided.

    there can be no doubt now rafa is totally back, is the very best on clay.

    Novak today; Roger, later.

  2. OMG this is beautiful Rafa creaming Djok
    I am in 7th heaven!

    It should not change much …..Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese don’t let it change

  3. Today is one of those decisive matches: Nadal must win. Another loss (it would a full dozen losses since US Open 13, with only one albeit big win for Rafa) would really seize Rafa’s faith. It is now time to show what being back really means: it means beating the best. The three losses vs Fed have been painful enough. Today must be the turning point. This is the cross road, and there is only one right way towards RG decima. It is the road where confidence is to be gained, the wrong turn may very well mean that it is taken away for good. I am aware that theoretically a loss would leave the way to RG open, but it would make it much less likely for me.

  4. By level of tennis, Rafa should win this match. Hopefully his confidence is sky high and those 7 consecutive losses to Djoker will now just be a dull memory.

    Get it done Rafa, and let’s start a new streak. Mwah!

  5. Rafa just get in there in sock it to Novak and I am sure you will come out winning.

    Love and prayers,

  6. I am sure that there will be drama on Novak’s side – anything to distract Rafa and break his rhythm. But surely Rafa will not allow himself to be distracted.
    I think the addition of Moya has also brought a new confidence to Rafa – just a new pair of eyes from someone who has only retired from the game in recent years. Here’s hoping he can assist Rafa in controlling his nerves when he faces Djokovic.

  7. As always but even more so, before a Djokal, I can’t make the time pass fast enough.

    I’m feeling very positive about Rafa’s chances, and I just hope he beleives he can do it.

    Cannot stress enough how important this match is!

  8. I have been mentally preparing myself for this match since the draw came out. Rafa I believed would get through to the semis despite the tough draw and he didn’t disappoint :). Novak’s draw is undoubtedly the easiest plus now he has the lucky WO from Glasshikori (why am I not surprised 😌), meaning he will definitely be much fresher than Rafa coming into the match.

    If Rafa wins I think he might get tired for the final. Thiem will be very likely waiting for him, setting up their second consecutive meeting in the final, which is pretty cool but could also be very dangerous.

    All in all I’m very happy for Rafa for his run at Madrid so far but the things I hope for the most: Rafa staying healthy, not losing to Novak/Fed (and Fognini :D) again and of course the third La Decima.

    Rafa despite playing very well today did indeed show quite some nerves in the first set. You can tell easily when his opponent is playing too well/he’s making a lot of UEs and his sweat is fauceting non-stop from his face. Hence he couldn’t covert one single BP out of so many.

    But one thing though. He said “I’ve done my homework” in the post-match presser so I take his word for it and believe he won’t disappoint tomorrow.

    Wish you all the best, Rafa. Let’s do this, beating Djokovic again after all those times and showing how truly amazing you are!



  9. Rafael is able to raise his level-Goffin shook his head in amazement-Novak seems to be struggling, so it will be a test of heart and will. Warriors both👑❣️

  10. I am so happy for you. Just as proud as your mom. I have been following you since you 17 18 years old. Still my favorite. So one game at a time. Play mental smart. Rest will fall in place.. King of Clay.

  11. Well played Rafa!

    Tomorrow is another day. Hope you get the right attitude to play djokovic – attack. He will try not to let u get into your rhythm. Please gather all your mental strength and you will beat him.

    You have always had and have the talent and ability to beat him. Believe it and it will happen.


    • From what we have seen so far, I would say Rafa’s mental strength is higher than Djokovic’s. Go out there and show him!

  12. Go out tomorrow Rafa with your confidence sky high and the match will be yours , don’t let Novak’s arrogance fool you into thinking anything different. Just seen the greatest heading ever – Nadal owns the dirt and anyone standing on it – yours fans all know this and tomorrow so will Novak. I will be expecting to see some tantrums and broken rackets on Novaks side of the court when Rafa wipes the court with him
    Rafa you are undoubtedly the greatest player ever but I have found one record where you are seriously lacking Lol
    Marat Safin as a great champion with two Grand slam titles . In 1999, he broke a record 48 racquets during match play.

    “In my career I have broken 1,055 rackets. I know the exact number, because Head gave me a snowboard with the number imprinted. I am a person, who has been frank both on and off court. If you like me, like me, if you don’t – it’s all good.”

    Wow! I would love to know Uncle Toni thoughts on that , I think I would actually hear his blood boiling Lol.

  13. Rafa has had such a tough draw. Fabio who is tricky, nick who is dangerous and david who is an excellent player – but he has cut through them all with relative ease. There is no reason whatsoever why rafa cannot take novak down. The only concern I have is that novak is always so keen to beat rafa, he will put his A game on and make an extra special effort but I’m sure rafa is well aware of this. Wishing rafa the best of luck for the match tomorrow and hoping and praying that he will get this one as it’s long overdue and the time is right.

    • Susie, I so agree with you. The experts are saying that this match will be more important to Novak if they both play well. I am trying to convince myself that Rafa will still have Rome and the FO. I so want Rafa to win, but am trying to prepare myself too.

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