Madrid Open QF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against David Goffin?

This afternoon Rafael Nadal will face No. 9 seed David Goffin for just the second time, having beaten the Belgian 6-3, 6-1 in the Monte-Carlo semi-finals on April 22.

Date: May 12, 2017

Match time: 4 PM local time / 10 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  3 PM BST – United Kingdom / 4 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / midnight AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Goffin:

I’m expecting a tough match. It’s going to be against one of the best players. He’s very fit. I know that I have to play at my highest level, perhaps similar to today or even better. I think my backhand was good today and my forehand was there. I think I have some margin to do it even better tomorrow and step forward. Hopefully I will make it to the next round. Tomorrow is a day I have to be ready and give my best.

Rafa and Goffin lead all players in tour-level victories this season. Our champ is 12-0 on clay in 2017 and could become the first player to sweep the Barcelona, Roland Garros and three clay-court ATP Masters 1000 titles.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Congratulations on your great win Rafa – this is soo awesome 🤗
    All the best of luck at the semis tomorrow. – You can do it champ ❤️🤴🏻🍀🤞🏻

    VAMOOOS!! 🎾💪🏼😘

  2. 👏👏👏Congratulations on another SS win Rafa. You’re just killin’ ’em.👍🎾👏

    Tomorrow YOU WILL beat Nole. You are fit, you are confident, and you are playing on your favorite surface. You also have Pista Rafa Nadal. Perfect reasons for you to triumph.



  3. I have just finished following Rafa’s match against Goffin on live scoring Then read some comments from various members of the media who were at the match. It was evidently an exciting, high quality match from both players. I hope to see some video highlights of it to-morrow.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Rafa when he plays Djokovic in the semi’s . Djokovic has a slight advantage in freshness for the match due to his day off when Nikishori pulled out. I hope Rafa has sufficient gas in the tank to continue playing as he did to-day.
    A win against Novak would really give him confidence. Although I have always said I don’t see why Djokovic has to be set as the yardstick by which we measure Rafa’s success, and I still feel that way, a win for Rafa against him may remove any ” mental blocks ” he may have about playing him in future games.
    In any case, win or lose, Rafa has had a great start to 2017. He goes to No 1 in the Race next Monday but what I want is to see him restored to number 4 in the normal ATP rankings before Roland Garros , although Rafa himself has said he does not need to be number 4 to win Roland Garros.
    That is the closest to boasting I have ever heard from Rafa but I don’t think he means it quite that way. More that the chance to win is not entirely dependant upon rankings.

  4. If any of you missed the match make sure to watch the 7th game in the 2nd set on YouTube or something. Absolutely incredible from both players. VAMOS Rafa, good luck for tomorrow!!

  5. Ole ole y olè…..el partido con David Goffan maravilloso….k nivel…perono hay nadie como tu…eres y seras EL MEJOR D TODOS LOS TIEMPOS!!!!!!

  6. Fantastic news. Rafa’s win today has taken him to no 1 in the race. What a brilliant day full of good news and happiness. Well done rafa

  7. Rafa has that fire in his eyes now. Hello darkness my old friend! Keep grinding them down Rafa. Can’t wait to see the awesome shots again on highlights.

  8. Rafa’s 13th straight win on clay in 2017 and second to none. Unlucky for some but not rafa. Novak be very afraid. Just heard the 1st semi final tomorrow is about 2.30pm tomorrow uk time and sky have just said they believe that will be novak v rafa. Can’t wait. 2nd semi final is 8.30pm tomorrow UK time. I’m really enjoying madrid this year and hope it continues after tomorrow! I really hope rafa can take novak down

  9. That was wonderful, Rafa handled Goffin quite easily after the 1rst set, and it always looked like Rafa would take the 1rst set, despite the score being even till the TB.

    The match tomorrow with Djok will he historic, for Rafa–seven lesses in a row to Djok, and he has lost 11 of the last 12 matches against Djok.
    No overstating how hue this is for Rafa, and what it means.

    If ever there was a time for Rafa to resume his rivalry with Djok, it’s now. Djok is nowhere near best level, Rafa is getting there.
    I can’t wait till tomorrow.

    The only concern is this: Becker once said Rafa gets Djok’s competitive juices flowing. I think it’s true. Rafa may bring out the best in Djok.

    • I think Novak has always wanted to beat Rafa the most, given their age and history. He also said that his rivalry with Rafa was special. Haven’t heard he said the same thing about his rivalry with Fed.

      Murray also wanted to beat Rafa the most, at least used to. Now maybe it’s Novak, since he has lost to him so many times in the finals.

  10. Well done! Rafa , you were spectacular today, especially in the 2nd set. Let’s hope this lays the ghost of Monte Carlo to rest once and for all , the game was yours to win. Another hard match coming your way , but you are ready to show The Mr Bean of the tennis world that the the position for the king of clay has already been filled but the musketeers are up for grabs. Good luck tomorrow Rafa I have faith in you , take that love he dishes out to the crowd and shove it right back at him Lol

    • There was no Monte-Carlo ghost. Rafa won that match. The second set said it all.

      David and Rafa buried whatever controversy some people wanted to make of it. Just as Stan and Fed squashed their wrinkle, so did David and Rafa. They are all professionals and well done on their part. However, there are always some who feel it incumbent upon themselves to dredge up some sludge.

  11. Rafa sos lo maximo mirarte jugar es mas emocionante que estar en una montaña rusa es colirio para mis ojos que Dios y la virgen te cuiden siempre TQM

  12. Wow the 7th game in that 2nd set was absolutely amazing from both players. Happily rafa got it for his 2nd break. Really good tennis

  13. What a great opening set and well done to rafa who won the tie break. I just hope David doesn’t let his form drop as we do want a good contest as it will also do rafa good to be tested!

  14. Great first set Rafa, Come out fighting in the second, your victory is right around the corner

  15. Good luck today Rafa , you beat David in Monte Carlo and you can do it again today , you are the King of Clay after all. And here is why according to Todd Woodbridge-
    One is movement and athleticism. Another is technique; his ability to shape a shot, his defensive skills, and his knowledge about when to attack and when to defend.

    ”But mentality is probably the most crucial thing for a clay courter like Rafa – having patience and refusing to miss”

    • Nice tribute from Todd to Rafa Maria. I think rafa will come through today but David will give him a good challenge. Winner of this plays novak I think – now that will be interesting if it’s rafa and a match we can’t miss. Enjoy.

  16. Good win yesterday. And now Djoker gets a free pass into the Semis. Rafa has to grind out another win against Goffin, who will be out to prove something.

    Get it done champ, and this David vs Goliath story should go according to the script.

    • Hi Mac – it’s novak’s problem really as I’m sure he needs the practice at the moment. Should rafa win today, novak should be nervous!!

  17. Kei withdrew from Madrid. His wrist is still injured.

    Rafa will now face Nole after his win over Goffin today.


  18. I am rooting for you Rafa, 150%. The same percent you give in earning your points to a win. I expect Goffin to be tough, as do you, so come out swinging. Just remember your words, “the will to win,” and your “positive attitude.” Let your confidence radiate throughout the match. Gr8 tennis to you Rafa.


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