Barcelona Open R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Rogerio Dutra Silva?

Rafael Nadal will launch his quest for a 10th Barcelona title against 69th-ranked Brazilian Rogerio Dutra Silva on Wednesday.

Photo via Barcelona Open

Date: April 26, 2017

Match time: Around 2:30 PM local time / 8:30 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  1:30 PM BST – United Kingdom / 2:30 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 10:30 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa and Rogelio will meet for the second time on the tour. Their only previous encounter came four years ago at the US Open, where Rafa easily won 6-2, 6-1, 6-0.

Rafa is 48-3 lifetime in Barcelona and 47-2 in his last 49 matches there.



  1. Congrats Rafa on your first win on “Pista Rafa Nadal” and good luck in next round 🤗❤️🍀

    • You’re gonna love this. Rafa has started a hashtag, #RafaFan, on Twitter. He has invited all to send pictures taken at a tournament, on the street, in a city, wherever, and be part of his web. I’ve seen some of them already and they’re fun to see.


  2. Rafa has served Silva a breadstick in the first set. I think I know where this match is going.


  3. Rafa how great for you to play to your home crowd, Only cheering crowds this week no boo’s. Alexander Zverev has said the main reason he has chose this tournament is because of ( his words) ” A certain Mr Rafa Nadal ” . Your massive win over him in MC is on his mind and he has said he want to get another shot on court with you.He also went on to say that you are the greatest player of all time on clay … everybody knows it ( we sure do) .”, He’s the only active player with a court named after him, and there is a reason for all that”. He ended by saying ” I want to play him , especially on the clay court . playing him on clay is always special”

  4. It is not looking good for Kohlschreiber vs H. Chung who the ATP has grouped with the next-gen singles players. Chung, who is 20-years old, has a current 94 ATP ranking and a highest at 51. As of this writing the score is … Uh oh… Chung just won the match.

  5. So it’s on, Rafa’s first match on the court that bears his name. 😄🎾🎾🇪🇸🇪🇸

  6. A song for Rafa, based on the children’s nursery rhyme.

    Rain, rain, go away. Come back some other day. Rafa wants to go outside and play. It’s his big day on clay. Rain, come again some other day.


  7. Tomic has pulled out (again) due to some lumbar injury so Murray has a WO.

    Rafa’s match moves up to the second on pista Rafa Nadal ☺️.

    First matches starts at 1pm local time due to the rain delay. Weather forecast says the rain will come back tomorrow, hopefully not for too long so players don’t have to play late night matches.

  8. Counting the hours to seeRafa on his home turf, and HIS court. He has to be so proud. He may never have imagined such an honor.


  9. Rafa, I am not worried about Silva and neither should you. I want to see you stress- and worry-free. Relaxed and ready to do battle for the things you want. Just go out there on Pista Rafa Nadal and do what you do best—-WIN!

    • Rain delays​, your probably be able to watch Rafa live as it doesn’t look like he will be out on court anytime soon😞

      • I’m on my way now maria as it’s been so delayed you’re right I can watch it. Yippee

      • After the long rain delay Rafa dispersed of his opponent 6-1 6-2 in a swift 1hr and 14 mins. Rafa a great match , they will only get harder from here, but nothing our 10 time MC champion can’t handle. Enjoy your next win in Barcelona , I will be eagerly watching😀

  10. Okay. So this is a little bit a of my “scouting” job today. :p
    Something light weight first.
    Rafa is NOT the only active player who has a court named after him. Turns out Sir Murray has one too:
    Congrats, Andy! 😁
    Now back to business. The heavy weight stuff.
    Thiem dispatched Edmund with little difficulty. The boy said clay was his favourite surface so watch out, Rafa, for his heavy FH, which is being praised like crazy (like possibly the best on tour ATM?!) after his taking one set off Rafa at MC.
    Also a coming back from surgery Gasquet was upset a young, on-fire lucky loser from Japan who replaces Nishikori on the draw. Tbh I miss him quite a bit.
    No 3R Rafa vs Ferrer as he was seen out in straight sets by Anderson who’s just come back from injury as well.
    And finally, the “future of tennis”, Sascha Zverev.
    The boy survived the Almagro test, which I think is just what he needs ATM. In hindsight, his two easy wins in early rounds at MC over sunsetting 30+ yrs old players might have been the opposite of a blessing in disguise; though tbh Almagro broke himself when serving to stay in the decider more than Zverev raised his game to conclude the unknown, as both players had been pretty even in the match until that point.
    Amalgro is a better clay courter on paper with a good touch and tons of experience on the red dirt, plus he was playing at home no less. But his meltdown at the very end of the match plus the mistake of getting broken right off the bat in the first set, which then lead to the TB where the chance of Zverev’s prevailing is about 90% as he’s such an excellent TB player, proved too costly for him.
    Zverev’s movement on clay was exposed in long rallies, but his groundstrokes were still as good as ever, sans the net play. At one point his wanting to pay back a wonderful drop shot from Almagro by an immediately sloppy one of his own almost cost him a loss of serve late in the decider. But then of course he quickly redeemed himself and brushed off the 2PBs IIRC to give himself another chance to face Rafa in QF.
    The reason I’m focusing on Zverev is because he said the reason he took a WC to play Barcelona to be able to play Rafa again asap, plus the draw was almost as strong as a Masters.
    A+ for the boy’s spirit. He’s in the win-win position already. No shame in losing to the King of Clay but if he’s able to take a set off Rafa, or at the very least improve the MC score which only a 60 61 or double bagel is worse than :D, he’s good to go. Not to mention if somehow he can pull off an upset… (Hope not!)
    His matchup with Rafa has already been interesting enough. And now after the, err, surprising(?) beatdown at MC, who knows if his QF against Rafa will be the match of the tournament (should they meet), if not the potential Rafa vs Goffin/Murray :D.
    So I think a lot of people are paying attention. Both players might have some statement to make, and it might affect their “rivalry” in the future, who knows? 🙂
    So that’s it. Crazy fan rambling again. But since it’s been a bit quiet here since Sunday and there’s actually not much to say about Rafa’s R2 and R3, I take myself the liberty to build up his potential QF. 😁
    Rafa in practice today:
    Good luck, Rafa, with your first match on Pista Rafa Nadal. 😊🎾🍀💪🏆🇪🇸.

    • This is really weird. For some reason all the space between the paragraphs just disappear *after* I post my lengthy comment so now it looks SO messy.

      Really sorry for that but I definitely didn’t type it like that. 🙁

      • Could it be that the program configuration decided it was too lengthy and attempted to condense it? Just a thought as I am not a programmer.

        I remember scrolling through it much earlier today (if this is the same comment) but don’t recall any paragraph spacing. Do wish there was an edit option but that may just lead to abuse.

  11. It will be so exciting to see Rafa play on Pista Rafa Nadal for the first time! I just want Rafa to stay happy and healthy. When he does, good things happen. I am still smiling over MC. Did you see how Prince Albert hugged Rafa twice? Everyone loves him.

  12. Rafa, I am betting on you to make this a short one. Sweet and fast. You are on the road to your 10th Barcelona title. GOOD LUCK🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀


  13. Have a great match Rafa , and no doubt you will be playing on Pista Rafa Nadal . When you win this match you be playing next your friend the gentle giant 6ft 8 South African Kevin Anderson on your quest to your next goal🏆

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