PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats David Goffin to reach Monte Carlo final

Rafael Nadal moved a step closer to clinching his 10th Monte Carlo Masters title with a routine victory over David Goffin in the semi-final in Monaco. He won 6-3, 6-1 in one hour and 30 minutes.

Rafa will face next compatriot Albert Ramos-Vinolas, who reached his first Masters final by beating Lucas Pouille.

According to ATP World Tour, Rafa is now one match win away from becoming the first man in the Open Era (since April 1968) to earn 10 tournament titles. With victory over Ramos-Vinolas he will clinch a record 50th clay-court crown. On Sunday, the superstar will also be pursuing his first ATP World Tour title since 24 April 2016 in Barcelona (d. Nishikori) and the 70th crown of his career.


  1. It’s been the same old scenario in this tournament – players are coming out super aggressive against Rafa and blowing themselves out which is pretty much what Goffin was doing before the incident. Koenig had just commented on his unforced error count increasing just before the bad call. Goffin started to look distressed before the incident – struggling to hold serve and the game going on and on. Goffin said himself – he needed 100% all of the time so the bad call ended it. I’m sorry for Goffin but also sorry for Rafa – this has not helped him one bit. If he loses today it’ll be because of this crap.

    As for mental strength – Rafa at 18 was booed for no good reason at a tournament he went on to win. At 24 and an experienced top level player beating some of the best – if Goffin could have come back he would have.

    Well I’m off to Barcelona today – hopefully I’ll see Rafa and, more hopefully, a lot of love for him there.

  2. Hdvantage points during ddow many times have we seen Rafa win a set from 4-2 down, Quite often I assure you ,he would have fought back as he always does and win the set. I think actually it was 3-2 down and he levelled it in a very long match and it became 3-3Goffin had many Adv. points in that match but failed to capitalise as Rafa was ferocious during that exchange and would have won the 1st set was nothing to do with the bad call.

  3. Only I can do is to Congratulations Rafa you play so good no one can play like you.the KING OF CLAY.your fans love you.for ever.🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  4. It’s not like they didn’t replay the point – they did. Rafa wasn’t just given it – they replayed it. The umpire was wrong yes but each player got another chance.

  5. Can’t we just be happy for Rafa and give him the credit he deserve and put that call aside already?


    • Ahem, that’s what I kinda said in my last post. Don’t know if it’s on this thread or a different one. Sooo many posts. LOL


  6. It showed inexperience in the young player..yes it’s tough getting a bad call but you need to take it on the chin and fight on!! He let his anger take over losing focus..the booing of Rafa was tasteless..I would think he has had more than his fair share of bad calls !!

    • A bad call is one thing. A mistake that is proven by the camera is another. If the umpire is not able to reverse a call, the ruling needs to be looked at. In baseball, a reversal is now possible because of the camera which clearly showed the umpire looked at the wrong ball mark. It was not on the baseline as he decided. It was a good 6 inching past the baseline and obviously out.

  7. That call will go down in history.
    I have never seen one call by an ump have such an effect on a match.
    Not to say Rafa didn’t deserve the win–he did.
    But simply to say there is no way an ump’s bad judgement should have such an effect on a match’s outcome. Had the point been 30/15 at 2/1 or a set that wasn’t close it wouldn’t have mattered. And also the huge impact comes from the fact that Goff had to be playing above and beyond himself to acheive what he did thus far, and knew he couldn’t for another two sets had he lost the first set.
    Once it got into his head his ability to find that outrageous level ended, and he could not find it again, and those here that say he should have, probably have never played tennis and don’t understand how it is impossible to do anything when your mood blackens like that.
    Those that think most players get over it are wrong. I see it all the time, not only with calls, but one missed putaway and the player’s attitude crumbles. Only the very very best get over it, and usually not at 24 years of age. Murray and Djok used to implode all the time at that age.

    The match was extraordinary up until that point. Either man could have won, but at that point Goff was outplaying Rafa. Not saying he would continue to do so for three sets, but that’s where it changed. It almost looked like Goff tanked the rest. I felt for him.

    If there’s anything to be learned from this, it’s Hawkeye on clay, and reprimand for Cedric. And I also heard from the commie that in cases like that the linesman should have spoken up about looking at the wrong ball mark. But I also notice from watching tennis for over 3 decades that no player or anyone has ever argued successfully with an ump. That’s also a problem.

  8. Adrian, why on earth should Rafa have conceded the point? He was at the other end of the court, couldn’t see where the ball landed, why shd he concede the point. He didn’t ask umpire to check the mark, that was something Mourier decided to do off his own bat.

    Rafa accepted the game was over, and was as surprised as everyone else at Mourier’s intervention, but there was no reason for him to give up a point, in a dispute that was nothing to do with him.

    • I have to disagree with you. If anything, Adrian’a statement indicates that Rafa doesn’t need points handed to him in order to win. He can win on his own. I don’t perceive any suggestion that Rafa should have “conceded the point.”


    • I replied re Adrian’s statement @6:40PM. Did not realize she did say “concede” in a different statement. So I must agree with you on that count.

    • Michelle , your quite right . Rafa has taken the brunt of the situation from the crowd which had nothing to do with him . As you said he didn’t see where the ball landed ,so why would he concede the point as A drain suggested.How many other players would do that? Would Goffin ? I doubt it. Sometimes Rafa just can’t win , if he praises another player or puts himself down in a press conference people get on his back because he’s to nice and should be more aggressive . When he says nothing he still in the wrong . Sometimes you just can’t win

      • maria

        i complety agree with you why should rafa conceded that point. Nobody would have done that not djokovic, federer, murray, wawrinka or krygios. Why does nadal always have to be the nice guy driving on sportmanship. I am glad he did not and those people who were booing him can go straight to hell

        and that peter bodo guy who accuses nadal of sportmanship is a dispicable asshole and a federer supporter. He has been trashing nadal for years and has no credibility. He should study how many times federer was a true gentleman instead of trashing nadal the scumbag

  9. I didn’t understand all that booing from the crowd towards Rafa , they clearly saw what happened and know the fault lay solely at the umpires door. Not fair to Goffin , and yes it was an important point , but a match is not won or lost on one point alone. As many have commented on here , moving on from these situations and not allowing it to affect your game is what sets the top seeds above the rest. Many others would have come out fighting , Goffin didn’t ,that was his choice, I have watched many top players fight back from two sets down , if one point no matter how major gets into your head that much you will never be a top player . Spain you are top dog. Good luck on Spanish Sunday Rafa

    • I was so sad over the incident since it spoiled the match for everyone. Even at 4-2 up, however, Goffin was not a lock to win the set. How does it explain his play in the second set? It did not look like Goffin blamed Rafa for the mistake. He understandably did not shake the chair umpire’s hand. They are both in the same half in Barcelona. Kei has WD there.

      • Goff could not get over it, emotionally. He was devastated.
        Many people here say he should have gotten over it–and sometimes players do–but it’s not easy and that was a match changing point.
        No he was not a lock up for the 1rst set, be sure looked like it at that point–not based on the score but the way he was playing.
        Rafa was getting better, but Goff was still controlling the points.
        Rfa may have won anyway, were it not for the bad call. But the point is, an umpire should never have that kind of impact on a match. That’s why hawkeye should be used on clay.

        The match was a sour affair from to end. Even for Rafa, you could see it.

  10. Congratulations Rafa. The better man won. Susana, Referees n Umpires are not infallible, they are human n errors are made in every sport. Champions keep on fighting until the end. Obviously you don’t watch Tennis Tournaments regularly, or else you would know errors are made, but champions don’t let it affect their game.
    As for the Commentator Robbie C…..he should know better than to carry on like a broken record! Commentators should not be biased. I do hope he is not in the Box tomorrow. Vamos Rafa my boy. Keep smiling. I will be praying for you. I noticed the Royal Box clapped for you when you put on a great exhibition. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑😀😊😇

  11. Congratulations Rafa! What a vile crowd – disgusting! Good luck for the final tomorrow, how wonderful it would be to bite that trophy and do a Berdych and shoosh that crowd like he did years ago in a match against you!!! You won that match also. Just kidding Rafa is too much of a gentleman for that sort of behaviour. Vamos Rafa!

  12. Big congrats and all the best of luck tommorow Rafa ❤️🍀 Go win that final 🤞🏻🏆 You deserve it 🤗



  14. As I suspected, tomorrow you will be the other half of an all-Spanish MC final.


    And if the crowd is rude, shut them out. Win your decima and don’t return next year.


    • The crowd wasn’t rude, just shocked at the umpire’s complete lack of sense. Nadal doesn’t need to be handed points that don’t actually belong to him!

      • Adrain, I’m replying here to your post below.
        Agree. Goff is not in any way weak, that was a huge thing to get over, and when people here say he should have gotten over it I suspect they have never played tennis. When your mood goes that black you cannot play, and that was clear for Goff.
        Many many years Murray and Djok could not get over things like that. Goff is just 24. Maybe someday he will be able to get over things like. I think Goff knew that was the match. He had to take the 1rst set to have a chance, and he knew it.

      • I am not sure though that Nadal should have conceded the point.
        Could he see the line from he was?
        And even if he could, I am certain almost no player would have conceded that particular point against him.

  15. HE WON BECAUSE THE JUDGE DID NOT CALL A BALL OUT. What a difference of his opponent when he won over Novak yesterday. I don’t blame him. Rafa won, but to me, it was a big mistake of the empire. I will not watch the game tomorrow, because you did not win at all. He gave you the match and I don’t blame him. All of you fans, don’t care about your comments. I am a person with a mind.

    • What rubbish!! Goffin is such a weak minded fella if he let that point or that game affected him.

      Rafa won not because of that game but simply because he’s the better player and played with a focused mind!

      You didn’t sound like you are a person with a mind tbh!

      • Can’t agree with that. Goffin is NOT weak. He took Djoko apart only yesterday and is a fine player. Maybe he should have been able to put this behind him, but it was such a huge thing, not just one point – but THE POINT which would have surely won him that set if it justice had been done. It’s easy to say he should not have let it get to him, but imagine if it had been the other way round??

      • lucky star,
        She may have a mind but it always appears to be a rather jumbled one. I have never read a post she has written yet that is anything other than negative and on the attack.
        I agree with you re. Goffin’s handling of the bad line call Of course it would have been so frustrating for him and it seemed to affect his momentum. I do feel for him.
        But as a professional tennis player he should have never allowed it to affect him throughout the duration of the entire match. In doing so he prevented himself from any chance of success. However once Rafa found his rhythm as he did to-day to win against him would have been a mammoth undertaking.

      • @Beverley @7:40PM
        Again you hit the ball out of the park re Goffin’s handling of the bad line call… A home run. Each point succinctly stated. I hope your wisdom is contagious. In you, Rafa has a devoted and thoughtful fan. I wish he could read some of your comments.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • When you let only 1 point decide a match to then just flat out quit, you don’t deserve to win in the first place. Rafa won, end of story

    • David had every opportunity to win that game after the incident, he needed to keep his head but did not and gave in to a resurgent Rafa. You are no fan of .Rafa’s with your nasty comments.

    • I wholeheartedly agree susana! I like Rafa but this was a mistake by the umpire. Not Rafa’s fault but he could have CONCEDED the point that was clearly OUT. If it had happened to Rafa, he would have challenged it!

    • What rubbish, Susana! If you think Rafa would allow his whole match to be disrupted by one bad call, you don’t know much about him. If Goff ‘gave him the match’, then more fool him. It won’t be the last bad call he gets. If he wants to play with the big boys – and I accept he’s talented – then he’ll have to develop some backbone.

      • Quite so, Sarah.
        I do not agree with Adrian who said in an earlier post, what if it had been the other way round.? If it had been, Rafa he would have played on more determined than ever to win. He would never have just given up. Goffin is a very fine player, he has great talent but he needs to learn to cope with upsets in a more mature and professional manner.

    • That’s a lot of bunk. He won because he played good and smart. Goffin on the other hand should not let that bother him so that he can loose the match. It could of happened the other way and I bet you Rafa would of fought on because that is what a man playing that caliber does. Go Rafa!!! Win this tomorrow!!!

    • This is not Rafa’s fault and ajctually, it is the best of three sets. So if Goffin is better player than Rafa he should have won the other two sets.

    • Susana, I’ve just read your post and CAN”T believe you are of that opinion. So impetuous! Come on! How can you say Rafa did not win? Perhaps, like Rafa, Goffin should have taken a bathroom break at the end of the first set to regroup, instead of stewing in his seat. I really admire Goffin’s brand of tennis but one bad decision on the umpire’s part early on in the match, should not have caused him to lose the match.

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