Rafael Nadal On What Makes Roger Federer So Special

Q. I guess you’re pleased to win this one in two sets against such an opponent?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, I think I played a solid match. I played a good match, no? Very aggressive with my serve, serving well, hitting good forehands, good backhands.

Very happy. I think I played much better today than the first day. Yeah, it was a good win. I played two horrible games, terrible. That’s it. For the rest of the match, I think I played very well.

Q. You obviously played Fernando a number of times. You know each other quite well. Is there something that he did today that was not what had happened in previous matches? Did you try something new?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, I know, since the season started, I was playing well. So I tried to play my game, tried to play aggressive.

My goal was don’t let him play with his forehand from easy positions. And that’s what I tried. I started well the match. Then taked a while to have the break, but finally I had in the right game, in the 4-3, and I closed well.

So in the second I started with the break, and then happened what happened with those two games. Then I was there again.

So very pleased with my performance. And I won already two matches here. Playing a little bit better today than two days ago. Tomorrow another chance to go on court, and I’m going to try to play better than I did today.

Q. You have known Roger for so long, you’re friends, and, of course, you’re great rivals, played so many times. If you had to say what is the one thing about Roger’s game that makes him so special, what would you say if you had to boil it down?
RAFAEL NADAL: Everything (smiling). Yeah, he has the talent to do very difficult things that looks easy, you know. He’s able to take the ball very early, serve and first shot. He create a lot of winners with that, two first shots, no?

And then he’s able to take the ball always from inside, and he’s very quick going to the net. If you play short ball, then you know that he gonna go inside and gonna hit a winner, gonna play a shot that hit forehand or backhand, go to the net, and you are going to be in big trouble. 

Q. Backhand in Melbourne was improved?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. His backhand in Melbourne was one of the best days that I played against him. Yeah.

Q. You said before the tournament that you didn’t want to talk about the draw because it hadn’t played out yet. Now that we have arrived at this point and we have Djokovic and Delpo and Kyrgios and Zverev, and maybe you against Roger, what are your comments on this bottom of the quarter?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I never said I didn’t want to talk about the draw. I said we can talk about the draw.

But the real thing, I have the first round against Pella and then, if I win, Verdasco, and now I have Roger or Steve Johnson and now we can talk about…

Q. Maybe the other matches that have come to fruition, the big match we have tonight, what are your thoughts on that?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah. I think is unlucky part of the draw for everybody. I think part of the tournament, even if they can have good matches, is probably not the best thing to have that matches that early in the tournament, for the players is not good, because good players, for sure, going to go out early.

And sometimes top players, sometimes if top players are playing well, then they have the chance to go to the final rounds, no?

In this case, doesn’t matter if everybody is playing well, because from our part of the draw, only one of us gonna be in that semifinals.

So that’s tough, but that’s not happening every week. Only thing we can do to avoid that is be in higher position of the ranking.

Q. If it does turn out to be Roger that you face, this will be the earliest you guys have met since the very first time you guys faced each other in 2004. What are your memories of going into that match? You were 17. He was established already. What were your thoughts?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t remember very well (smiling). It was a long time ago.

I went on court, nothing to lose. A lot of motivation to play against, I think, No. 1 already. The motivation to play against him.

This is not like now that I want to win, and I want to be in the final round, and I want to fight for the tournament. In that moment, I had 17. And for me to play with Roger, doesn’t matter if it was in that early round, I don’t felt it was unlucky for me. It was a beautiful match, and I tried to go out on court and enjoy it and fight for it.

Q. You’re such a great defender of break points. And tennis being a sport where not necessarily winning all the points but winning important points really matters, how do you train for that? With the academy and working with young kids now, how do you instill that in somebody when they’re young?
RAFAEL NADAL: You cannot work specifically about that, no? You need to, work every time, not only tennis part but in real life, because you need to accept the past situations. And the most important thing is have the right self-confidence, no?

I think I had that self-control not always. I had most of the part of my career, because I practiced since I was a kid with high intensity. I practiced with a lot of pressure every day. My uncle was pushing me a lot from the beginning, so that was a big help for us later to be ready to accept injuries, to accept the tough moments.

But that’s a work of every day, no? You need to create to yourself certain problems to overcome those situations.

Q. Do the conditions here favor you particularly because of the high bounce or you don’t really care? Because you like also fast hard courts.
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I played well here. I played well in very fast courts. Montreal, one of the fastest, I won a couple of times.

Depends if I am playing well. Then I can play well in all of the surfaces and all the conditions. If I am not, I cannot play well in no one.

But the history says that this tournament works well for me, you know. I played a lot of semifinals here, winning three times, and played a final a lot of times in the semifinals.

When that happens, that means that the tournament adjust well to your conditions.

Q. You are involved in your academy, and then raising next generation young kids. As a top player currently playing now, how does it benefit you as a player playing in the field competing very hard with other competitors and, at the same time, raising, you know, next generation in your academy? How does the two get together?
RAFAEL NADAL: I am not teaching them. You know, I am just try to give them some advice when I am there. You know, I practice with kids in the academy a lot of times, almost every day when I am there, and I just try to give them some advices and tips when I am practicing with them, no?

But I think we have a fantastic team of coaches, coaches with a lot of experience in this world.

For me, is a big privilege and happy to have the chance to have an academy and have the chance to create the plays that the kids can feel very comfortable there. They can study, they can practice at the highest level possible, I believe, with the best coaches possible and with the right people around, no?

And we try to do things the best way that we can. For us, it’s so important to educate well them, to give them the right values for the future, and at the same time, try to practice at the highest level possible to try to have the kids become professional tennis players.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports


  1. Even the site admin here is gutted it seems. No update whatsoever after this horror blow of last night…

    • Putting things in perspective Jason, Roger’s entire career has been a horror blowout to Rafa. Theoretically, Roger the ‘goat’ should have done this to Rafa on many occasions when both were in their primes.

  2. I was devastated by the loss, especially the way it went down. But we have to give Roger the credit he deserves. He played a perfect match! Rafa was not allowed to get in any kind of rhythm, to play his game. He did try to change his return positions, without much success. Roger had the perfect “1-2” punch. Apparently, the big racket has helped Roger tremendously, especially his backhand. Rafa now has a new challenge, if he wants to turn the tide against Roger. To me, the most important thing for Rafa is try to get some easy points on his serves. It doesn’t have to be all aces, but well-placed serves. I’m also puzzled by his choice of always “serve first”. Maybe he should make the choice depending on whom the opponent is? Rafa, don’t lose heart and fighting spirit. Try to find solutions. We’re behind you, always!

    • It’s Rafa’s serve that’s giving himself the problems, not so much Fed’s. Fed as always serves well but Rafa always has his way with handling Fed’s serves though not this time.

      Rafa served very poorly by any standard; Fed knew exactly where Rafa served and returned them with interest. Had Rafa served better, at least Fed won’t have his way that easily; Fed might still win it in the end but not with such ease.

      Rafa looked lost out there, as if he really didn’t know what to do! No doubt Fed was playing well, but Rafa was simply ‘no show’ in the match making it so easy for Fed to win it. Compare this match to the Doha 2016 final against Djoko – in that match, Djoko was simply exceptionally outstanding, and destroying a Rafa who was playing well, at least not a no show Rafa of this IW match, and giving Rafa only three games!!

      This IW loss was more of Rafa’s own undoing imo, even though Fed did play well with his brand of aggressive tennis.

  3. I am not concerned about Rafa’s loss to Roger! They share a long history and although Rafa has the upper hand in their rivalry, now and then Roger will pulll out all the stops to defeat him. So it happened. Roger kept using his bh against Rafa and it worked.

    3 in a row, Congrats to Roger! Didn’t expect Roger to lose to Rafa in his hometown of Basel.
    He had an extra day to recover at the AO which was a glorious tight competetive match. Roger was on fire from the start at IW. You can even tell from his body language. Roger showed more hunger than Rafa yesterday. I don’t believe for one second that Andy, Novak and now Rafa all out of IW are going to take their feet off the gas pedal. They are all great champions and sometimes you lose to the opponent who played better on that particular day. Everyone wants to win. Always with Rafa! I look forward to watching him compete in Miami!

  4. Well, that was disappointing! I’m not in the mood to analyse it too much, or look for excuses. I think it was just a bad day to have a bad day (which we all get). Don’t dwell on it, Rafa. Sh*t happens, as they say.

  5. I really don’t know what to say? Feel gutted for all true fans on here. Roger hasn’t been in a Miami final since winning it in 2006. Credit Roger for his great longevity (or should I say great year?) which has coincided with others’ downturn. Novak seems to be suffering the burnout that Rafa suffered after his brilliant 2013 season.

    Nick was recently quoted ‘I would like to play every point as Rafael Nadal does’ so he’s found some respect in the right place.

    We can only look forward to Miami which has been Novak territory. Of course, one of the few tournaments Rafa has never won.

  6. I feel Rafa has had his day and it started way back with the shock win for Rosel at Wimbledon,I keep waiting for Rafa to win something,but he doesn’t.
    Lets face it, the glory days are gone,I think hes burnt out mentally and physically,still very good but not good enough to beat the top guys, especially the tall Ace players

    .I feel the rules need changing as regards Aces,its not Tennis to see some very tall player constantly delivering Aces and winning games its an unfair advantage over a smaller player.
    I think Aces should be limited per game no matter the players height ,its Rallies we want to see, not boring aces.

    Rather sad to see Rafa the greatest most exciting player ever,going downhill..Toni has left, I wonder why?

    • Let’s not forget Rafa won Monte Carlo and Barcelona last year before injury. He was also playing well at RG. No way is Rafa what he used to be (he hasn’t been for a long time) but we might squeeze something out of him yet:)

      The odd thing in tennis is that all the greatest players of all time have pivoted around 6ft. The taller one’s seem to be one match wonders or only get so far. Could change though…

  7. I was watching the scores (at 1.20am , video sadly) and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, after the Verdasco match, I really thought he’d conquer Roger.
    So upset and sad for Rafa. He does need to alter his game plan and try to change some of the things that aren’t working at the moment? Vamos, soy triste

    • Triste soy yo tambien. Y como usted, siento que Rafa tiene que cambiar lo que está haciendo porque el no está ganando.


  8. What happened, or didn’t happen, Rafa? Please rekindle your fighting spirit. Don’t brood, just find a solution to your lackluster performance.


  9. Rafael did not react as he usually does to solve a problem. There was no opportunity to get into a rhythm. We hope he has fully recovered from the ailment he had earlier in the tournament. The heat has been punishing. Rest up for the next challenge👍💪👊❣️

  10. Woow! Roger dismantled Rafa’s game last night. Whatever Rafa threw at Federer, Fed absorbed and sent it back with some interest. Meanwhile, Rafa had no weapons that did any damage to Federer.

    Rafa showed no signs of coming to life in the first set, so there was really nothing to base any hope on for the second set, which proved true. The match was a disappointment, because it was not competitive at all…

    …Compared to…

    Djoker vs Kyrgios! Kyrgios came to play with such high intensity, which he kept up throughout his match. Did Djoker fade into the dust? No, he did his best to make a good contest out of it, which he did in the second set, but Kyrios was not to be denied as he refused to take his foot off the gas.

    Rafa should take a lesson from this one Match of Kyrgios regarding the intensity. Yea right oh what am I saying… Rafa seems set in his ways: he will play and wait to draw errors most of the time, and against someone like Federer who’s on the offense, that type of plan will not work.

    A very bitter loss. Keep going and improving Rafa! Good luck in Miami.

    • Tough words but true. While everyone else seems to be doing it I don’t want to even analyze the game as the truth is so disheartening and out wide open for anyone to see.

      At least for now.

      Rafa’s approach’s still so casual. It DIDN’T work last time and inevitably doesn’t work this time.

      Hope Moya will be more assertive and the team will make some radical changes this time. Not just some small adjustments which tend to just slide back to right where they were like they’re doing now.

      Better luck at Miami, Rafa. But you know what you could have done differently.


  11. 😳😢❤️😘

    Now go get it in Miami champ 🎾💪🏼 The best of luck 🍀💖

    VAMOS RAFA!! 🤗

    • Who keeps disliking positive comments on this site?
      It’s really anoying and doesn’t make sence to me… 😳😠

      RAFA ROCKS!! 🎾💪🏼❤️

  12. What a heart-breaking loss.

    What can I say? I don’t care if it’s a 4th round or not a Slam/MC match. Just what I have been worried since 2015, Fed has been constantly revolutionizing his game while he’s getting older while Rafa kind of wasted some of his years on the mental problems depite being 5 years younger.

    I know, injuries are unavoidable (or aren’t they to some degree?) but a better mental strength always help reducing the risk. For all the claims that Rafa has the strongest mentality in tennis which, mind you, is not always meant to be a praise, I’ve never thought so. Even before reading his autobiography, I sensed that while Rafa has incredible mental strength which mostly roots from his heart, it’s also his mentality that limits him from new possibilities.

    “Rafa is a creature of habits”, said Pat Cash, who has always been openly in favour of Rafa over Fed or anyone else. And contrary to what the most people thought, he predicted that Fed would win AO. Apparently he was right. For various reasons Rafa now no longer has the mental edge over Fed. For quite sometime, especially after AO17, he simple just breaks free!

    That doesn’t mean that Rafa’s wins over him were due to the mentality. He surely has the immense talent and determination to do so.

    But that combined with Rafa’s decline in both mental and physical strength, as well as an “unupdated” game, makes he so vulnerable these days even when he seems to have come back this year.

    Fed is smart. And Ljubicic is smart. They surely know how to exploit all that beside Fed’s ability to adapt any changes and execute them. So the result is sadly unavoidable.

    We now can only hope that Rafa doesn’t lose his heart and finally steps out of his comfort zone, committedly does everything in his power to adapt and evolutionize even if something seems to be uncharacteristic to him, to even have a CHANCE.

    Make no mistake. Rafa wants to win multiple slams and be no1 again. He’s ambitious and motived. But his game and mentality still haven’t catched up to that.

    So even though it’s such a heart breaking and even more disheartening loss than the AO17, I hope he can learn deeply from this. There’s not much time left and the younger talented players are on the inevitable rise to the top of the game. It can only be tougher from now on.

    I’m gonna be realistic so I don’t have much hope for Miami unless Rafa has a very favourable draw and is lucky. Clay season will be brighter but the root of the problem is still there and if the team still insists on doing the same thing, it’s gonna be harder than they might expect.

    Very sad for Rafa and his fans. But I choose not to give up yet (or ever).

    VAMOS Rafa!

    (Sorry for another rambling from a very emotional and sleepless fan.)

  13. Well said Sioux. My thoughts exactly. Rafa can no longer depend on breaking down Roger’s backhand to get the better of him. He’s obviously done a lot of work to strengthen his backhand and it’s now become a leathal weapon. Roger is liberated from the mental shackles that Rafa had put him under for all those years and sadly, Rafa had no answers to Roger’s quick, relaxed and aggressive play here and at the AO. In fact, the weaknesses in his game were greatly exposed tonight. Definitely a blow to Rafa’s confidence. He’s no longer winning the majority of extended rallies and wearing opponents down, which was at the heart of his game in the past. A serious rethink of strategy is needed by Rafa and his team.

    I can only wish him all the very best for the clay court season and hope that he is the victor at RG. Don’t lose heart Rafa. It will be hard bu you can do it!

    • Yes Lorna… I was hoping that the AO loss was just from exhaustion from playing the next day, however it showed tonight that was not the case. Roger is going to be more than ready to lift the “La Coupe des Mousquetaires trophy that has eluded him for years…via Rafa! I’m hoping that Rafa will go home to Majorca & skip Miami and Cincinnati. He needs to prepare for RG so he can lift the trophy for the 10th historical time… That would be the cherry on top of the cake for me! Perhaps I’m being a little too optimistic but I’m just praying for one more Roland Garros title… I will be satisfied then and Rafa can go relax and enjoy his beautiful Academy… Who knows maybe a little Rafa will pop out of it some day! However I doubt it because there will never,ever be another Rafa… He is definitely one of a kind!

  14. I think rafa will peak at roland garros as his game is much better than it was this time last year. 2 finals so far and one a grand slam. But he is older now and injury torn so we should expect more losses and learn not to be too disappointed but I have to admit it’s hard. Just wish if he had to lose that it wasnt against Roger. Yes in nicks match in the 1st set, novak had two virtually consecutive balls called in when they were both out and nick said nothing. So I wasnt surprised when he kicked off later. He played good tennis today

  15. Yeah Susie I feel the same but the past couples days the linesmen for his matches were awful which is why he got upset so it was kind of justified. I feel like Rafa has been really unlucky recently and I hope the odds aren’t against him in the place it really matter this year, Roland Garros

    • With a broken heart and tears in my eyes, I have to admit that Roger Simply outplayed Rafa… I’m not ready to give up on Rafa yet but he needs to go back to the Drawing board, with his team and come up with a new game plan. His game is antiquated and needs to be freshened up. Maybe he should get a new racket like Roger… He has to do something otherwise he isn’t going to be happy being bumped out early on! Beverley It does look like Nick is going to be the next young one to break through… I hope he continues to improve on his sportsmanship and behavior and I hope he beats Roger. I have to admit this one really hurt and I am going to give it a break for a long while…Love you Rafa win or lose!

      • Yes, Sioux, This defeat was a hard one to take for all Rafa fans and it would have been very hard for Rafa to take, I imagine. But he will never admit it ( not publicly anyway. )
        He will just say he had a good tournament and that Roger played better than he did – which he did unfortunately.
        I wish he would forget all about Miami , go home early and re-group , and re-think , his game. I just hope Moya can convince him to stand closer to the baseline when receiving serve. Roger was standing practically on the baseline for Rafa’s serve to-day. It is a far more aggressive tactic and enables him to get to the balls quickly.
        I remember when Rafa played Raonic last he was standing quite close to the baseline and won in straight sets. Afterwards he mentioned in interview that he stood close to the baseline and said he felt comfortable there. So why, why did he revert to the old position in following matches?
        I think sometimes he is his own worst enemy. He has always been a creature of habit but I pray he will find a few new approaches now.
        Yes, it looks as though Nick is heading for great things, I hope his behaviour will improve to match his talent !!
        Like you, I will always love Rafa win or lose but for his sake I want to see him lift some trophies.

  16. Rafa fan on – I’ve got it on in the background. Stans broken in 2nd set so all is not lost. I was impressed with nicks play and behaviour today – he only swore once and went on for a few minutes but that really isn’t bad for him. I am able to watch nick nowadays whereas I couldn’t before as he was really bad.

  17. Oh i forgot stan was still in it. Behind him all the way but if not I’ll go with nick. Yes the mto was annoying at the ao and out of order as it stopped rafa’s rhythm. Maybe rafa shlda done something similar today but he’s not that kinda guy

    • Stans down a break against Nishioka atm so yeah I’m behind Nick, I’m strangely starting to like Nick tbh lol. And yeah Rafa would never do something like that he’s a classy guy

  18. Ola & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just another match….no more no less. Enjoy your beautiful evening sweetheart and take pride that you had a few 40 0 serv games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Have a great time and celebrate with THE TEAM your fantastic Tennis. princess r IS NOT as great player as you are…..his tennis much like a dry, technical machine, uninspiring and his face always so tense…win or loose he is nerves so it is no fun watching him suffer his time on the court. Unlike you and Sascha Zeverv and Dogopolov, Monfils princess lacks a lot of creativity and tennis finesse….Regardless the score, your Tennis is far superior and much much more rewarding to watch . Your opportunity to take him to the cleaners is just around the corner. and it will undoubtedly happen soon. UNLESS the ATP protects him and keeps him away from tours you are on…which has been the case for years!!!!!.
    We love you dear Rafa and you will have many many more open doors and opportunities moving forward. God bless you sweetheart and please enjoy the rest of your week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  19. As great a player as Roger is I’m still slightly upset at the MTO he took at AO final lol. Was hoping Rafa could get his revenge here but wasn’t to be. I hope Kyrgios will beat him. If Kyrgios maintains his good attitude he can go on to win the title

    • Rafa FAn, I too was upset at the MTO taken by Roger at the AO so I wont’ be at all sorry if Kyrgios beats him . I never thought I would say that as my opinion of him ( Kyrgios ) has always been extremely disapproving.
      However I read an interview given by him recently and he sounded a different person to how he usually comes across. He spoke very admiringly about Rafa and the other top guys too . None of his usual bravado and ” I don’t care what other people think ” attitude.
      Perhaps there is hope for him yet but time will tell.

      • Yeah I too think Kyrgios is trying to change. I think he said he admires how Rafa fights for every point and wishes he could do the same so that put him in a good light for me. Maybe he should hire a coach to elevate his game further

      • I agree with many sentiments written here, let me simply add: There are many conniving ways roger fed conducts himself… last match just before match began, princess suddenly with out verbal heads up to Rafa, princess through a tactic of jumping over the NET to the other side of the net, and Rafa was rather surprised by it. YES……roger often is taking MTO but taking MTO when loosing in a major final at the AO is just one….!!!!! : ) We all saw him being defeated the entire AO FINAL. All this bs that princess roger is admired etc….is simply an air puff , and what appears to be rather obvious is that he is getting a free ride on the “rivalry” with Rafa – catching a free ride on Rafa’s world wide global fan popularity!!!. roger was a non factor ever since our beloved RAFA NADAL came along and pushed him aside mercilessly. If you all recall, suddenly, a year or two ago, atp decided tor revive roger because they witness Rafa merging back full force and drive on his racket to TOP FORM, and on his momentum to obtain more Majors. So regardless of tour politics, ill poor discrepancies and right out horrendous poor bias draws, whatever bs is happening, does not change the fact the RAFA NADAL IS THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) roger always seem to be so goodies too shoes and licking all the right corners….and in reality, got a huge free ride on Rafa;s come back last year.
        Reviewing this past match, the over clapping seems questionable. The over loud clapping when roger made a point seemed totally artificial to me….the IW crowd was always with Rafa and I would not venture to say for 100% certainty, but it seemed to me in reviewing the match, that the loud clapping appeared to be prerecorded and added onto the actual live crowd. Many IW fans love Rafa and rooted for him all the way. So the loud clapping for roger appears to be out of place.

        I totally believe in RAF’s TENNIS and determination!!!!!!!! I KNOW TENNIS and I KNOW RAFA IS FAR BETTER, STRONGER PLAYER than old princess roger. I must admit, I regret ever saying too much about the atp favoring princess in the AO final because it may have hurt Rafa…seeing all the old farts from tennis past rooting for princess could not have helped either.
        Naturally, I meant to bring this up because I am frankly tired of seeing the vast discrepancy and in that AO specifically, how princess roger got an extra day rest over Rafa. That is outrageous on a MAJOR FINAL. !!!!!!: ) THEREFORE FOLKS, when I say out loud that Rafa won the AO I mean it !! I do not care about the score or the trophy. I looked at the AO replay and saw how much better Rafa played, his court command during the entire match, and what devious sneaky tactics princess roger applied with the MTO and no reason challenging other thn to catch his breath. roger was cooked and fried inside out. That is why I was deeply moved to write that lengthy anti princess tactics. Furthermore, as others have mentioned, roger must know dame well he is not earning his wins square and fair as other TOP PLAYERS on the tours as long as he is continuously being pampered over other top players. It is NOT OCCASIONALLY TRUE…..it is with more often than not the case. So whilst I am not regrading having brought up all the bias practical observations , the timing of expressing and writing just a night before the AO match was poor. I am sorry. In reflection, the best thing any of us fans can do is ONLY EMPHASIS POSITIVE BLESSED ASPECTS OF RAFA’s GAME, character and sheer blessed will and passion.
        We love you dear Rafa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Your Tennis brings massive amount of joy to Tennis fans world wide!!!!! We are well aware of the of behind the scenes mountains you always had, and continue to have to clime just to remain a champ. But so it goes. Nothing new. You are so naturally gifted sweetheart, and your beautiful character and sportsmanship stands out high and might. Have a great fun preparing, practicing and enjoying everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness to you & THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!: )

        VAMOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: )

  20. Gosh maria I was going to write that but didn’t dare – I’m not a fan of nicks at all but I want him to thrash Roger in next round and take the title. Have we gone a bit mad?

  21. One match I can safely say I wish I hadn’t stayed up for. Roger won, not because he played night matches or any other excuse but as Rafa would say he played better on the night. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I would like now after tonight’s performance to see Nick Kyrgios take the title.It might just be the making of him .

    • Roger will defeat Nick in SS..
      Mark my words!!!! Roger will go on to win the Indian Wells 2017.

      The truth is that Nadal is too laid back while Roger had been constantly analysing Rafa’s game and even changing coaches to ensure that Rafa never beats him again. Roger soon discovered that the singular most important weapon of Nadal is the forehand and the only to neutralise it (which was also what Djokovic had discovered earlier on) was to have a complete total game – Serve, Aces, Net Play, Catch ball on the rise, Volleying etc and generally do whatever it takes to keep the points short!

      The result of Roger’s hardwork and determination is what we are now seeing. But what did Nadal do instead> Absolutely nothing. Rafa can be compared to King Nero who sang away while Rome was burning to ashes. Rafa’s essentially defensive game is completely irrelevant in today’s tennis.

      But as always, we’d see…..hmmnn

      Vamooooooooooooooss Rafa!!!!!!!!!

  22. That was awful to watch and I can’t really believe what happened. Roger was too good but Rafa will get him soon where it counts. FO perhaps?

  23. Goodnight everyone. Sad for rafa. Until next time. Well done maria siberia. Straight sets as you predicted.

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