Mexican Open R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Paolo Lorenzi in Acapulco?

In Wednesday’s second round match, Rafael Nadal will play against world No. 38 Paolo Lorenzi. Last year in July, the Rome native became the oldest first-time winner in ATP World Tour history by winning the Generali Open in Kitzbuhel at the age of 34 years, seven months (d. Basilashvili).

Tennis - Mexican Open - Men's Singles - First Round - Acapulco, Mexico - 28/2/17. Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates his victory against Germany's Mischa Zverev. REUTERS/Henry Romero
REUTERS/Henry Romero

Date: March 1, 2017

Match time: Around 7.30 PM local time / 8.30 PM EST –  New York, Montreal / Thursday 1.30 AM GMT – United Kingdom / Thursday 2.30 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Thursday 12.30 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa is 9-2 this season with a quarterfinal showing in Brisbane and a five-set loss to Roger Federer in the Australian Open title match.

Our champ has an unbeaten 3-0 record against the 35-year-old Italian. Here are the matches they have played against each other:



  1. Rafa you are doing your VERY best and going match by match.

    all the best for next match.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Is Del Potro about to upset the apple cart , he has just taken the first set . I’m not sure who is more dangerous in getting in between Rafa and the trophy.

  3. VAMOS SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Beautiful victory : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) That was a great solid win with many beautiful shots and your amazing solid serve !!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Great match….short & sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ENJOY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) have fun celebrating and keep smiling dear Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) Very happy for you!!!!! : ) Good night and sweet dreams !!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : )

  4. Done and dusted in just over an hour 6-1,6-1. Onwards and upwards Rafa ,take rest ready for your next match😀 .Good luck Del Potro I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this battle.

  5. I am at least a little encouraged to see the Rafa tweet of him riding a bike in the gym. He was not wearing a bandage. I too have mixed feelings about Rafa playing Novak. It would mean he was in the final too. Rafa will have to play him at some point. I just love to watch Rafa play without pain. Anything else is extra.

  6. Oh my god what happened to Roger , I switched channels at 6.30 as I thought Roger had it in the bag , he was 5- 2 up in the third set . That’s Roger and Stan out now . Maria ( Siberia,) I don’t think Novak is a threat to Rafa by what I saw of his match this morning , they have to meet sooner or later and I can’t wait to see Rafa wipe that smarmy look off his face but as you would say we’ll see hmm…

  7. Hello maria siberia – let us hope Delpo does the trick and it’s great that you’re so positive about rafa today.

  8. Goodness Roger Federer has just been beaten in 3 sets by the Russian qualifier Donskoy in Dubai. Excellent match. Cmon rafa – you can do it tonight

    • Relax your mind Susie. Rafa willl sure as hell do it tonite!

      He should very easily win in 2 straight sets 6-2, 6-1 or 6-1, 6-0.

      But the greatest danger is with the Djoker in the pack – we should all hope and pray that JMDP does the dirty work for Nadal tonite.

      But as always, we’ll see


      • No we need the Djoker in the pack, Rafa needs a win over the Djoker to be fully ready to take it all the way to La Decima at RG. The loss against Roger was an unfortunate combination of unfavourable circumstances. 2017 can be a (double) grand slam winning year for Rafa. In such a year, Djoker shall be beaten too.

  9. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍bonne chance à rafa 👌👌👌allé on y va vamos rafa ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Nice to see that the Rafa of SF Aussie Open returned to the court. Seeing some highlights of this, reconfirms that a fit Rafa would have absolutely not lost the final to Weak Era King Roger. Hoping he will put things straight at RG and US Open this year.

  11. Rafa has said about his bandaged knee, “I felt something,I bandages it to have no worries, I hope it’s not anything serious.God I hope it isn’t , with such a great start to the year and Rafa playing at such a high level, this is the last thing he needs .

    • Rafa did play well and Mischa played better than he did in Brisbane. I think we need to keep our fingers crossed on Rafa’s knee. We Rafa fans have seen this movie before.

    • Point of correction Maria!!!!!!!

      Between having a bad knee and playing the Djoker, I bet Rafa will prefer the former.

      So, Dear Maria, the last thing Nadal needs is the Djoker

      But we;ll see…..we’jj see…let’s just hope that JMDP pulls a rabbit from the hat as he did in the Olympics.


  12. I love when the players tell their stories , what with Rafa revealing he lost the trophy he won in Acapulco in 2005 by leaving it in a taxi ,now Murray revealed that he has been ill with shingles earlier this month , he had a rash on his bottom round to his stomach and over dinner it was irritating him so his mother- in- law told him to pull down his pants so he she could take a look . She said I think you have shingles, which was later confirmed by a doctor.Andy also said he was very surprised at Rafa and Toni parting ways as he thought they would be together to the end but he has been on many flights with them and he know Uncle Toni absolutely hates flying, gosh that’s a surprise.

  13. Good to see Del Potro back on the circuit again , his next match is against Novak so I’m hoping he can win through so Rafa won’t have to face Djokovic yet , although Del Potro is no pushover. Should be a good match to watch . I still think this tournament is Rafas’s for the taking as long as the knee is nothing serious.

  14. All the best of luck Rafa sweetie ❤️🍀
    Keep up the good track 🤗😘

  15. Contrary to what was reported, Tomic pulled out of singles. About two hours after that, he played a doubles match alongside Paolo L.


  16. Beverley, please let us know you are ok. I hope you are still with us, our voice of reason.


    • Yes, Margo. I am okay. I was just waiting until Rafa got through his match against Zverev successfully before posting a comment. Fortunately he did well and in straight sets too. He should have no trouble with Lorenzi so long as his knee is not bothering him.
      I am endeavouring to stay positive regarding the knee. No use getting in a panic unless things indicate that all is not well in that regard.
      I see that Tomic pulled out of the singles after being defeated in a first set tie break. He has a bad attitude when he is losing. I still hate the thought of Rafa partnering him in Indian Wells. They are miles apart in professionalism and I think he is too full of himself to want to learn from Rafa.

      • Tomic was apparently suffering from a heat related illness which is why he could recover. That makes no sense since it was not that hot. I wish Rafa will reconsider playing with him.

      • Beverley, a “Boo,” would have sufficed. So glad all is well. Was worried about possible shoulder-injury complications. And I did forget about the time differences.

        The appearance of a bandaged knee is a little worrisome. Hopefully it is a sign of Rafa just taking extra precautions at the very slightest indication of a “possible” problem, as Moyà mandated. A healthy Rafa will be a successful Rafa.

        I guess you worked out the Uncle Toni question about head coach, etc.

        It is well known that Toni does not like flying so that many times he was not with Rafa during any particular tournament. Francis would fill in. I guess he did a good job and that’s why Toni feels confident he is leaving his much loved nephew in “good hands (Moyà and Roig.) ”

        I could not agree with you more regarding Tomic’s professionalism, or lack thereof. If anything, his questionable behavior will appear even worse when he is placed side-by-side Rafa. And yes, Tomic appears to be full of himself. I just wish he and Nick would elevate their on-court behavior to match the high level of their rankings.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • I would love to see a Nadal-del Potro match; if delPo can dispatch Nole, perhaps there is the possibility of such a match. I know that Juan Matin is very much liked by fellow players, both he and Rafa have had so many injuries, and Juan Martin cautioned Rafa about getting enough rest and rehab before returning to the tour. delPo is also being very selective on about tournaments he will play and amount of inactive time he needs to stay healthy.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Rafa and his team, upon hearing about Nole’s wild card entry to the MO, asked each other, “What’s this guy up to?” If Rafa stays healthy and has to face Nole, I have full faith that his team has prepared him to beat the World #2. I can’t imagine Rafa worrying about a potential match vs Nole. Rafa need only get the job done.


      • If Rafa’s knee is okay I think he can beat Djokovic this time. I was most impressed with his play against Zverev when I saw the video of the game especially since he returned close to the base line and played a lot of his shots inside the court. I feel Moya has had an influence here.
        Uncle Toni has been a great coach but Moya can now bring some new thoughts to Rafa’s game .The media has tried to insinuate that Rafa and Toni “split” but as usual anything for a story. !!
        Toni will be busy at the academy, also he has two boys who are mad keen tennis players and they deserve some of the attention from their father that he gave to Rafa. Toni has also said that if ever Rafa needs him to accompany him on a particular tournament because neither of the other two coaches are unavailable he would be happy to do so.

  17. Interestingly, Paolo L. and Mischa S. we’re served breadsticks the last time each lost to Rafa, prior to this Mexico Open.

    Good luck Rafa in round two.


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