Rafael Nadal cheers on Real Madrid in Champions League

Rafael Nadal was spotted this evening in Madrid where he watched his beloved football team, Real Madrid, in the UEFA Champions League against Napoli. Our champ, accompanied by his father Sebastian and sister Maria Isabel, enjoyed a quite phenomenal atmosphere at the home of the club he supports. He had plenty of reasons to smile as Real Madrid won 3-1.


  1. Lovely to see Rafa enjoying watching his team , they all look very happy ,it would have been nice to see uncle Toni there as well but maybe he’s not into football . It makes a nice change to see Rafa on the receiving end rather than giving us joy all the time

  2. largos años de tenis Maestre que vienen senguindo todos sus juegos Soy tu Fan admiro a veces también sufrir por s la mejor en el mundo Tengo tanto como si me aceptan Miha fondo de la amistad é’do coracaõ que dezeije mucha salud y muchos años de vida y la felicidad en el amor y en su carrera con muchas victorias y trofeos un abrazo jose costa!

  3. Looks as if Rafa and Toni are having a great time. So happy to see them in a non-tennis setting just enjoying the moment.
    Recently, Rafa said he would love to be president, in the future, of Real Madrid.

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