Rafael Nadal’s Sexy Underwear Shoot For Tommy Hilfiger

Check out these very HOT pics of Rafael Nadal in his latest Tommy Hilfiger ads!


  1. Amazing photo shoot. Congratulations, and look forward to seeing you on the tennis courts with your Super shots. Good luck in all your endeavors and endorsements. LOVE your courtesy in all you do.

  2. I love Rafa and enjoy his tennis and some of the ads he promotes. I see him as handsome and talented. He is sexy to me when he’s not trying to be. If you know what I mean. He has a natural charm about him.

  3. Wauv Rafa! – You gorgeous, sexy man 😍😜😃
    Looking forward seeing you on the court again 🎾💪🏼😊
    VAMOS amazing champ! 😘🍀❤️🤗

  4. hi rafa l am 69 years of age and at this moment l wish l was 35 again great add,look forward to seeing you on the tennis court with cloths on vamos rafa glennis in the lsle of man.

  5. Is this the same underwear he is wearing when he is adjusting his butt crack before serving? No way…………….

    • Sal… That is not nice,Rafa has OCD and has a HABIT of tugging at his shorts. If you are a true fan you would know his routine…butt,shoulder shoulder,nose ear ear. He feels that it keeps him focused. It seems to have gotten worse over the years, however it never bothered me. It Irritates me when people make fun of him because he is such a sweet, humble guy, who just happens to be drop dead gorgeous! Wonder if you look that good in your undies!

  6. I know we wanted to see more of you Rafa but we meant on the court ( hehe). I’m not complaining but I think my blood pressure might just have gone sky high 😵

    • Cute! Rafa makes our blood pressure go up when he plays and when he models undies! My heart rate goes up a natch as well, especially when he is playing!

    • My 83 year old heart must still be strong otherwise I would be in intensive care by now after looking at these photos. But he is truly a beautiful man, not just his physical appearance but more importantly, his character. As Sioux said he is a sweet humble guy.
      He is kind, honest, respectful and so patient with his fans who never seem to give him a moment’s peace.
      All of this rolled up into one human being – it seems almost too much !! How lucky we are to live in the era of Rafael Nadal.

      • Beverley… I have always said that beauty is skin deep and that one cannot be truly beautiful unless they possess inner beauty as well. Rafa is special…He is one of those rare ones who has all these attributes rolled into one! ( Exactly like you said) I can’t explain it but he has this aura about him… It’s almost like an angelic aura! I know that you, Margo, Maria ( England ) & many others feel the same way! Apparently Donald Trump loves Rafa as well… There is a video of Trump saying what a champion he is and that he loves Rafa …For once I agree with the guy! Glad to read that you are on the mend with your shoulder… I always look forward to reading your posts!

    • Hmmnn……He really does not need all of these distractions.

      Like Djokovic, he should be extremely busy training hard to win the remaining 3 GS of the year!

      But as always, we’ll see……..hmmmnn

      • Hmmmnn Novak can’t make any money modeling like Rafa… And who’s to say that Rafa isn’t practicing…look who got bump out early at the AO and look who was in the finals! Maybe Novak would do it if he was ask! Like always we’ll see…hmmmnn



    YOU ARE MY TRUE CHAMP.💛💚💓💗💟💔💝💘💖💜💙❤

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