Rafa Roundup: Uncle Toni will not travel with Rafa on the tour next season

Spain's Rafael Nadal reacts with his coaches Toni Nadal (L) and former player Carlos Moya during a training session ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, January 15, 2017. REUTERS/Issei Kato
Spain’s Rafael Nadal reacts with his coaches Toni Nadal (L) and former player Carlos Moya during a training session ahead of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia, January 15, 2017. REUTERS/Issei Kato


“Rafael recovered his game,” Toni Nadal told L’Equipe in an interview in French. “His tournament was good, his attitude was good and his matches were not bad against [Grigor] Dimitrov, [Gael] Monfils and [Milos] Raonic.

… “It must not be forgotten that arriving at Roland Garros [in 2016], Rafa had excellent sensations,” said Toni Nadal, who is usually sparing in his positive assessments of his nephew’s play. “There was just this physical issue … For the first time in a long while, Rafael has no physical problems to manage … Since he has been playing with no pain, he has regained a high level.”

On the evidence we saw in Australia, Nadal could reclaim his “King of Clay” title this spring. But he will have to remain healthy, and he will have to deal successfully with the same kind of pressure that caused him to implode in 2015. Remember, Nadal reached the quarterfinals before losing to Milos Raonic in the quarterfinals at Brisbane before the first major of the year. He’s off to a great start, but it’s just start.

Federer and Nadal are largely exempt from the commitment demands of the ATP World Tour. But they must play if they want to continue making headway in the rankings. Right now, both are entered in one warm-up event followed by the two upcoming U.S. hard court Masters 1000s.

Rafael Nadal to win Roland Garros — Predictions the Spaniard would fail to win the one major he has virtually owned for more than a decade rang true in 2015 and 2016. But a surprise run to the Australian Open final to start this season has reinvigorated belief the 30-year-old is well and truly back in the mix and in pole position to recapture the Coupe de Mousquetaires. The Raging Bull’s biggest threats on the terre battue at Roland Garros will not come in the form of defending champion Novak Djokovic or world No.1 Andy Murray, but instead from his own rickety body.

“Esta es mi última temporada con Rafa. Desde el próximo año ya no seguiré a Rafa y me dedicaré exclusivamente a nuestra academia de Manacor. Quiero ocuparme de la formación de jóvenes talentos, que es el momento más delicado”, afirmó Toni Nadal en declaraciones publicadas hoy por la página web “Il Tennis Italiano”.



  1. The ATP has announced some of the other 32-field players for the Abierto Mexicano Telcel 500 (27 Feb-4 Mar) in Acapulco; defending champion Thiem, Djokovic, Raonic, Cilic, Goffin, del Potro, and Kyrgios.

    Best of luck Rafa.


  2. My dear fellow Rafans you are making a mountain out of a molehill. The Nadals are a close knit family n avoid publicity. The Press naturally have to make a living, so read into things n put to print which sell papers! Everyone in the Rafa Camp is probably quite happy with the new set-up. I also shall miss seeing Uncle Tony very much, n also hope he accompanies the Team from time to time to support his nephew. I am an Australian n more concerned about Rafa playing Doubles with Tomic!!! Would like your views? Vamos Rafa. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🤔😴😔

    • Thank you. That’s exactly what I said about the press.
      I was surprised to find out this morning that Rafa will pair with Tomic to play doubles at Indian Wells. I’m not a doubles fan but Rafa had only good things to say about Bernard. Whether or not this pairing will help Rafa win a doubles trophy at Indian Wells has yet to be seen. Perhaps Rafa just wants more practice. We can only speculate until/if we hear from Rafa or his team.


      • Here you are Margo!!! Been looking for your posts… I have never been a
        fan of doubles but I have been watching lately and I think the players really have a lot of fun… I loved seeing Lopez and Rafa win the gold medal in Rio!!! I wish he would’ve picked someone different for Indian Wells then Tomic, but it is what it is! Does anyone know if Tomic is a good doubles player or not… I want Rafa to win Everything! Sweep it all up Rafa! Especially in Indian Wells because I will be in the stands watching & rooting for you in person!

      • Souix is back!
        I read other articles that mentioned other unlikely doubles pairings for Indian Wells. I am surprised that Marc isn’t playing with Rafa, but Rafa has already surprised us multiple times in a young 2017. For the better, I must say.

        Rafa has high praise for Tomic, from what I have read, and seems to like him a lot. Whether or not Tomic is a good doubles player, he is Rafa’s choice. So stop worrying Moma Bear, LOL. Also, I am thinking that perhaps Rafa is looking for a steady doubles partner for his post-singles career. Perhaps Rafa is now more forward thinking. Let’s see what happens.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Souix, my invoice is on its way to you.

        Superstars confirmed for the Abierto Mexicano Tercel 500 (Mexico Open)
        I only just found out that the draw will not take place until tomorrow, Feb. 27, according to the tournament website. Below are listed the eight singles seeds:

        1 Nole
        2 Raonic
        3 Rafa (2013 champ)
        4 Cilic
        5 Thiem (defending champ)
        6 Goffin
        7 Kyrgios
        8 Karlovic.

        Rafa, you’ve got some stiff competition ahead of you. Play the shots, not the player. I like the sound of that.

        RAFA ROCKS

  3. Barring any problems, it looks as if Roger will be playing through to 2019. He has just signed a new three-year contract to play the Swiss Indoors Basel. It’s time for Rafa to claim that trophy.


    • Yes Margo… I need to chill a bit over the paring of Tomic and Rafa! I Really don’t know much about him , I only read bad things from fans & Commentators… I read an article from Pat Cash and he had nothing good to say about Barnard or Nick… He said they will never make it to number one because they are not committed or dedicated enough to tennis. If any of you would like to read the article…I was looking under Andy Murray to see what’s going on with him and there was the article from Pat cash. Wonder why Novak appeared suddenly in Acapulco? Is he spying on our Rafa? Even without Novak it’s a stiff bunch of competition that he has to get through! I’m watching it now and I thought that Acapulco was on Clay… Guess I’m getting forgetful these days, anyway I’m excited about tomorrow! VAMOS RAFA!

      • Rafa seems to think highly of Tomic, “He’s a charismatic player for the tour. He’s a great guy.”

        I will go out on a limb and say that Rafa’s statement also adds a little flavor to a reason he may have chosen Tomic as his doubles partner for Indian Wells. Ever an ambassador for his beloved sport, Rafa sees value in pairing with Tomic. Both Tomic and Kyrgios have sponsorships that will keep them in the public eye. A plus for the sport. Rafa could also be acting as a mentor for a younger, and controversial player — setting him straight — or he could be sharing his experiences with Tomic. Both he and Pat Cash think Tomic could be a top ten.

        In the past, I did not give enough credit to Rafa for making his own decisions. It was not until his last wrist injury and retirement from the FO that I realized RAFA was making the decisions, not his doctor nor Toni. Rafa would have kept playing if he could sustain the pain with the help of the numbing injections. When he was faced with the possibility of breaking his wrist or tearing the tendon, he retired. He then went on to play the Olympics knowing he was not healed. He even entered all three categories (singles, doubles, mixed-doubles) to help ensure he would medal. And he did medal, which was his objective.

        If Rafa chose Tomic, all I can do is wish him luck and hope he made the right decision. I hope Tomic doesn’t let him down.

        As an aside, Cash also said, “They [Federer, Nadal] are good ambassadors. But you tend to wonder if they are putting on a bit of facade. It smells a bit of that. They are nice guys though, all good guys.” I guess Cash missed the video of a very young (12?) Rafa who lost a tournament and instead of shaking the empire’s hand sat in his chair, and sulked. Or, after another loss, passed in front of the empire with his arm extended, his hand barely touching the empire’s for a shake. No Pat, it is not a facade. Rafa’s Uncle Toni taught him how to be gracious after a loss. How dare you!!!!!

        RAFA ROCKS

      • LOL Spying? You’ve gotta write for SNL.
        I, too, wondered about Nole’s sudden wild card entry into the Mexico Open. Maybe he will attempt to deprive Rafa of the trophy. Today is Rafa’s first match at Alcapulco; let us see how he does deeper into the tournament. Too soon to tell.


        RAFA ROCKS

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