Rafael Nadal Practices Ahead of Australia Open (January 11, 2017)

Rafael Nadal and his team are working hard for the Australian Open! Here are some photos.


  1. Looking good as always sweet Rafa 😍
    All the best of luck in the world Champ😘🍀
    VAMOS!! 🎾💪🏼👑💖🤗

  2. ladies and gentlement please remember that rafa can make history. If by suprise he wins the australian open he will be the first player to win all grandslam titles more then one time.That is why i am cheering for him especially this tournament

  3. please carlos, tell rafa not to play claycourt tennis on a hardcourt surface. Please tell him to stay closer to the baseline. Please tell him to return agressively like djokovic and murray are doing. Please tell him to hit the ball more flat like he did at the us open 2010. Please tell him not to be affraid to hit the ball down the line instead of constanly hit the ball to the backhand of his opponents but moreover help him win his mental strength back

  4. Maria ,(Siberia) or whoever you are this week , thank you for the link . What it shows is that Novak does anything that makes him centre of attention. Your right he’s sweet, sickly sweet and just as artificial. He is a very intelligent man but hasn’t grasped that the likes of Rafa and Roger don’t need to do things to get the people’s love. They are loved for being themselves, then again that wouldn’t work for Novak so I guess he has to resort to tattics. Hopefully 2017 will be Rafa’s comeback year , and I know your a great fan of this as you have had more comebacks (lol) than Novak has tantrums . But we will see …Hmmmmn.😀

  5. Maria from Siberia If you want to praise Novak in any way or form do so on his fan sight!

    Novak has no personality. He tries to be Mr Funny acting out other players moves and

    jokes around but he is soooo pathetic. All the top players give time to charities etc

    Rafa is the MAN he has charisma is naturally pleasant and genuinely cares for people.

    Vamos RAFA

  6. We hope and pray that Carlos Moya will not be callous with Nadal at the AO!! lol

    Now, who says Novak Djokovic is not human, please watch the clip below and is how truly endearing and sweet he can be. Indeed, only very few Superstars can do what he did in this clip. Please watch here https://twitter.com/fanatikcomtr/status/819194835617906690

    I hope my namesake Maria (England) and others like the loquacious Fan Love and ”Mr. Know All” Margo will enjoy the clip as well.

    But as always, we’ll see how Nadal will triumph at the AO …….Hmmmnn

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