Rafael Nadal: It’s not easy to come back that quick

(AAP) While others may doubt him, Rafael Nadal continues to believe he can challenge Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic for Open glory.

If I believed that if could not have this chance during this next 11 months, I would be home fishing.

My real goal is to try to compete for the important things and to compete for the important things I know I have I want to try to beat these guys.

If I am working hard and I have the motivation and passion to keep going, I feel that if I am happy and I can work the way I want to be, I can be.

The 2009 Melbourne Park winner and 2014 runner-up admitted last season was tough and that he’d be lying if he claimed to be at 100 per cent fitness heading into the summer slam.

It’s not easy to come back that quick and it’s not enough to say playing six matches in two weeks that I am back to my full fitness moment.

I feel that Melbourne is an opportunity to play well again and to have positive feelings and then anything can happen if I start to feel good and competitive.

I love playing in Melbourne. It’s an unbelievable event.

“I’m very excited to come back. Last year was a tough year and I just hope to change things this year and play better again.

Source: AAP


  1. Vamos Rafa con esa actitud positiva tu eres grande y claro que si puedes ganarles a los que estan en mejorposiscion que tu, solamente son numeros, mentalmente tienes que estar positivo de que tu puedes conseguir este grand slam Vamos mi Rafa si se puede

  2. Rafa’s academy will be holding it’s first ITF tournament in the Futures category. WOWEEEE


  3. @VamosRafa That is the very reason I feel he should be banned from Rafa’s fan site. Debate is one thing, being ugly is something different.


  4. Rafa will know himself what he can or can’t do and we should leave it up to him to decide what he should do so sick of people stating he doesn’t stand a chance and should retire what right have they to decide his future
    He after all these years is still in the top 10 that alone is a great achievement and I as a long time Rafa fan still beleive in him and will always do so
    So Go Rafa Go and prove them wrong your true fans will always have faith in any decisions you make and win or lose will always be there for you
    Tennis without Rafa would not be tennis !!!

    • So right you are. That is the fan spirit. Rafa hasn’t counted himself out and neither have I.


  5. Let others doubt Rafa who cares what they think Rafahimself believes he can still challenge the top players and nobody knows himself better than him, 0h except J Beer that is . Rafa doesn’t need to man up , you need to grow up . It’s 2017 not the 1950’s

  6. Comparing Rafa and Fed, many people are expecting Fed to do well, even as soon as at the AO, when Fed was absent from the tour for six months. Rafa, OTOH, nobody expect him to do well at this AO, or at any slam, given how poorly he had done in 2016. Such is the difference, despite Rafa finished 2016 ranked way ahead of Fed.

    • It is also so obvious that Rafa always tries to manouvre himself in an underdog position. He calls this “his comeback”. No Rafa, this is not a comeback, you bailed out of the season a few weeks before the rest of the top 10, because you were too nervous on the court. That is not a long break, and there is no reason to speak of a comeback. Man up. Man up for once please.

      • Jaybeer,
        Why do you post on this website when you obviously do not like or support Rafa? You are such a downer and people that believe in and love Rafa don’t want to hear your negative comments.

      • jaybeer, I was not aware that you were so well aquainted with Rafa that he personally informed you that he withdrew from the season because he was ” too nervous on court.” Because if you were not personally informed you are merely making assumptions and these cannot be stated as facts.These assumptions of course are to suit your own negative feelings about Rafa. I also recall in a previous post last year on the same topic you also stated that Rafa’s wrist was not the reason for his withdrawal because his wrist was okay. Unless you were personally informed of this by Rafa or his doctor you are once again merely making assumptions.which are in keeping with your own biased attitude. You have every right to state your opinions but that is merely what they are,opinions, not facts. As for the” man up” plea, why should he “man up” to you assumptions?

      • It’s very obvious that you are another frenetic Federer’s fan and you know? take your hatred to another webside . The big difference between his fans and Rafa’s fans is that we don’t care about Federer, we don’t see him through your eyes, we don’t waste the time going to his webside to say stupid things,

      • It’s not very nice Beverley and others that you only go ad hominem without countering in any way that Rafa is indeed often seeking the role of underdog. A lot of hatred being spit, not very elegant.

      • It is glaringly apparent that you do not know the meaning of “ad hominem.” Please refer to a dictionary. You sound as if you are supporting that quasi-fan who doesn’t belong on a Rafa site. Or is that your attempt in garnering sympathy him. Try supporting Rafa.
        Why claim something that is NOT true.

        Beverley did not make any personal attack against anyone, so stop the false accusation.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Compliments to Margo. She goes ad hominem after denying having done before. You shoot the messenger and ignore the message.

    • Those ones who think that Federer at his age is going to do well and Rafa not are only his frenetic fans so who cares what they want, they can’t change what ever will be the results.

      • Jason, I fail to see what Rafa presenting himself as the underdog has to do with my remarks on statements made by someone on this site as to the reason Rafa withdrew from the tour early. These statements were presented as facts but were merely opinions given by someone who does this all too often. As far as Rafa presenting himself as the underdog, he has always presented himself modestly . i do not see this as a sympathy seeking ploy at all, but that is my opinion only.
        Margo is quite right in her advice to refer to the dictionary for the meaning of ad hominem.
        I was shocked to see you use the word hatred on this site. Certainly we do not always agree with everyone’s views, but hatred.? That is a very ugly word and one can disagree without any thought of hatred.
        This is a site for Rafael Nadal fans but there are some who post here who seem to delight in berating him. This may cause annoyance but to use the word hate is insulting in the extreme and does not belong on this site.

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