Brisbane R2: When does Rafael Nadal play against Mischa Zverev?

Rafa Nadal is making his first-ever appearance at the Brisbane International – Australian Open Series, so it was no surprise that the public showed up in droves on Day 2 for his debut practice. Photo: Tennis Photo Network / Brisbane International
Photo: Tennis Photo Network / Brisbane International

On Thursday, Rafael Nadal will play his second round match at the Brisbane International against Mischa Zverev (No. 51), whom he has never encountered previously on the professional tour. The German enjoyed his strongest season to date, rising 121 spots to finish the year ranked No.51, his highest in seven years.

Date: January 5, 2017

Match time: Approximately 8.30 PM local time / 5.30 AM EST –  New York, Montreal / 10.30 AM GMT – United Kingdom / 11.30 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 9.30 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Mischa Zverev:

He’s an offensive player with a great serve, good volley.

It will be important to be very focused with my serve, when I’m serving, try to be very… aggressive.

I cannot let him play comfortably, because if not, I will be in trouble because he goes to the net frequently.

Last year, the 29-year-old German stalwart knocked out Stan Wawrinka in quarter-finals of the Swiss Indoors to record the biggest win of his career. It was his fifth Top 10 win and first since 2010 Shanghai (d. No. 6 Nikolay Davydenko).

Source: ATP World Tour



  1. YES, YES, YES..🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾👍😘🍾😘😘😘🍾👍👍👍👍👍


  2. I think Nadal met Zverev on court already and Rafa was able to win over him. Anyway, Vamos Rafael!

    • There are two Sverevs, Alexander A/K/A Sascha, and this one, Mischa who Rafa plays today.
      Rafa beat Alexander at Indian Wells in 2016.

      Rafa will beat Mischa who will lose to a very scary Rafa, a very dangerous Rafa, a Rafa who is on the mend both physically and mentally.
      See MitchDescham’s comment. He separated the wheat from the chaff.


      • LOL, that’s what I say too. Alexander, unlike his Mischa, may cause Rafa a headache.
        If you get a chance, read Mitch’s comment. He summed it up pretty good.
        Are you new here? Or a returning fan?

        RAFA ROCKS

  3. Rafans, (if you have a Twitter account) VOTE for Rafa!

    The Australian Open Twitter asks: “Settle down kids, let’s resolve this once and for all! Who was cuter?”

    Voting lasts for 24 hours, the poll was created around 13 hours ago.


    • Thanks for that.
      I thought it was going to be between Rafa and Dian. Instead, it is between Rafa+Dian vs Roger+Casper. As of NY 10:20pm, 1/4/2017, it is 50/50.


    • The final results of the AO’s “Who Was Cuter” poll are in:

      Rafa+Dian 50%
      Roger+Casper 50%

      Congratulations guys and gal.

      Everyone is a winner. Hhmmm, was this rigged?


  4. OOh this Mischa guy is scary, ‘dangerous’ as Nadal would say himself. Didn’t he have some dream run to some final last year? He’s the sort of player who would go all out to make a name for himself at our champ’s expense.

    Hope Rafa gives him no quarter and crushes him.


    • Agree. If Mischa plays the way he did in Basel where he also had a run, I’m already going to grab some valerian-drops. That one win of Zverev family against Roger today was enough.

      Such a relief to have Rafa-Tennis back. Vamos!

    • That is one of the most cockamamie statements I have ever heard, “He’s the sort of player who would go all out to make a name for himself…” What do you base your opinion on?

  5. So glad you are playing at night. You said the jet lag plus the heat destroyed you. Good for you sleeping on your day off. Smart move. Sweet dreams of your next win.


  6. All the best Rafa. You are very determined and in the best of health/! I know you will prevail! VAMOS RAFA!!

  7. Coincidence

    Brisbane: Rafa will play Mischa Sverev [51] whose brother, Alexander, he beat at Indian Wells in March.

    Hopman Cup: Roger will face Alexander Sverev [20] in a few minutes if there is no delay.

    I hope it’s smooth sailing for Rafa with the lower-ranked brother.


    • Margo, I watched the younger Zverev beat Roger in three thrilling tiebreaks. As you recall, he had a match point on Rafa. I think Sascha still regrets that miss! Mischa will be a challenge since he is a serve and volley guy, but Rafa wont be surprised. He will be prepared.

      • Yes, that sure was Sascha today, 20 years old. This is the second time vs one for Roger H2H. I was asking if Mischa was better than Sascha despite Mischa’s lower ranking. Figuring out Rafa’s odds so I can tell him. LOL

        Didn’t Rafa feed Sascha a bagle in that match?

        I agree with you about Rafa being ready for Mischa. He has to be.
        I hope Mischa is a rickety 29-year-old and that Rafa sends him packing. LOL Rafa says it’s up to a player how well he does. Well he’s got three coaches now so they better earn their keep and not leave it all up to Rafa.
        Rafa’s chances for a win are good. He’s gonna win.

        RAFA ROCKS

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