Rafael Nadal Kicks Off 2017 With Win In Brisbane [PHOTOS]

On the third day of the Australian Open warm-up, Rafael Nadal opened his season at the Brisbane International with a 6-3, 6-3 win against Alexandr Dolgopolov, and advanced to the second round against Mischa Zverev, who beat Alex De Minaur 6-3, 6-3 earlier today.

Dolgopolov gained the first break in the third game. Rafa responded by winning four straight games to wrap up the 36-minute opener and broke Dolgopolov in the fifth and ninth games of the second set. (via ATP)

Rafa’s girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello came to Australia for the first time and was in the crowd for his match.

After the match, Rafa said:

It was great conditions to play in. The crowd was great, the court was great and I really enjoyed it out there.

I feel the love of the people. (via Brisbane Tennis)


  1. Neither the fictional nor the real King Leonidas could take anything.
    He and his 300 men died in the battle of Thermopylae shortly after he supposedly said those words in the Hollywood movie “300.”
    The real King Leonidas is not known to have said those words. He and his 300 men met the same fate as above.
    Yep, I’m a history buff.

    When told by King Xerxes to lay down his weapons, King Leonidas responded “Come and take them.” This is actually recorded.

    Rafa, just tell your opponents “come and take them [points] if you can.” You will win the war.


  2. Rafa I hear that it was marvelous.

    You did so well after being so jet lagged.

    ALl the best for resting today and big game tomorrow.

    Love and prayers,


  3. Congratulations Rafa on a great win against a difficult opponent, especially when you were jet lagged. .. and obviously tired. Today Rafa has a day off. I do hope he does not have a whole list of engagements – interviews, sponsors, meeting the fans, photo shoots, etc. It would be nice if he and Maria could do a bit of sight seeing together but no doubt there would still be a host of the media stalking them. The price of fame I suppose.

    • I hope he hibernates until he must practice.
      Reports are that he will not return home until after the AO, so he and Mary may wait for sightseeing, etc. until after the tournament.
      I am sure that Dian is probably feeling a little dejected. Mary is on the scene now. LOL


  4. Vamos Rafa! It is so nice also to see the beautiful Maria in the crowd. Good luck for Thursday our Champ!

  5. Well done, the Dog was a tough opponent for none of the big 4 except for Rafa, during the last couple of years. Next match will be a test case.

  6. Well done Rafa looking great fit and healthy and playing well next match will be a tough one but as long as he stays focused and confident he will win this
    It is just so great to see him back playing again tennis is not tennis without Rafa

  7. Good solid win for Rafa. Keep this up! Stay aggressive. Like King Leonidas said, “Give them nothing, but take from them Everything!”

  8. So happy Rafa has added another win. He will have a day off to be ready for his win against Zverev.
    Yes you can Rafa.


  9. Congratulations Rafa 😘
    Great play 🎾💪🏼😊 Keep it going 👍🏻
    You look amazing 😍👌🏻
    VAMOS CHAMP! 😃❤🍀

  10. Alexandr is a tricky opponent, so I am happy for the win. I thought Rafa’s play was not as sparkling as in Dubai, but he was still jet lagged. I am delighted he won and had only nine UFEs. He served pretty well too.

    • I agree with you about Alex. Were he not always out with illness, I think his rank would be much higher. But Rafa at his best, Dolgo wouldn’t stand a chance. No one would. Rafa’s got to stay focused, healthy, and know he can take on anyone. The next gen is looking to usurp him but if Rafa can keep doing better, he will keep playing with positive results. I don’t want to hear Toni AGAIN telling the media that this or that player is better than Rafa.


  11. Brilliant stuff. I saw a wee bit & he was looking solid .
    did not see any big FH winners .
    but he was perhaps wanting to feel comfortable on the court and getting used to hitting his FH & BH .
    terrific play .

    • I totally agree that the big FH winners were missing, but Rafa played a cautious match. Let’s hope we see them in the next match! It was great to see how popular he is in Brisbane.

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