Rafa responds to being targeted by Russian hackers: “I have never taken anything to improve my sporting performance”

Rafael Nadal has responded to a leak of his confidential medical data after he was one of a number of athletes targeted by a group of Russian hackers.

Here’s what Rafa said:

It is a private matter which does not need to be private. No need for a hacker to deliver it. It would be good for everyone. If every time you successfully do a doping test, [and] it’s announced and the results are published, it would finish all these discussions and all be transparent.

There are many things which, day to day, are banned substances, but when you ask permission and you get it, it stops being illegal … I have never taken anything to improve my sporting performance. Simply, the doctors told me to take something to improve my knee.

Source: tennis.com


  1. The last time I comment on this vulgar subject. Think I found the Fancy Bears on youtube. A Russian news programme (in English) projected an unbelievably biased view of the leaks. A collection of anti-west propaganda, blatantly racist and derogatory comments are rife. Appears they are a bunch of Neo Nazi’s who accuse Rafa, Serena etc of doping (Serena is apparently a man) etc etc. The visiting Federer fans that hate Nadal will find Roger also accused. I can understand anti-west views to a degree but this is pretty sick! The hacking experts won’t have to look far.

    • Thanks for visiting them and reporting! I expected them to be exactly like that. I have watched documentaries about propaganda in Russia and partly I could not believe my eyes about what is going on there. Haha, yes, Serena is a man, of course she is! *ironie off*.
      Also my last word on this:

  2. Have you seen the comments on the YouTube video? These are the ‘attitudes’ im talking about. Pretty ignorant. It cries our for more awareness on the issue.

    • I used my phone so maybe the comments were cut off. There was music. I just thought it awful. The interview was pretty good and GQ supplied the link for the video so I wasn’t expecting that type of video.

      • After seeing the video and you asking me about the comments, I had no intention.

        I meant to direct my question to Fedallica because she would be upset, I think. And I don’t want her blaming herself for us seeing the video. She may have left.

      • I watched the video now, and worst of all was the music! How awful !!!!

        I will prevent myself to read the comments on youtube, as I can imagine! Horrible!
        (Today I already had my dose of horrible comments related an tabloid article from a swiss paper abut Rafas WADA- files being leaked by the hackers – it was enough for today! ).

    • Ahhhh Fedallica, I’ve been staring at this for half hour in disbelief! I’m about to do a research project on social attitudes towards involuntary tic disorder and only had 2 clear citations from Rafa and his mother. This is my third and it’s a biggie! I held myself back from tweeting back to the source as I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. Well done for spotting the importance of this in relation to his ‘routines’ and not the comic value. Rafa’s statement is even clearer than the one in Informe Robinson.

      • Oh, wow! so now you found what you can use as a quote?😱 Thats amazing.
        I also am insecure about posting direct links as I’m scared to be removed from the site…

        I know… I had to giggle a lot about the first part (he is such a cutie when being asked such questions…😆) but then came the last questions and they are giving exactly the answer about what we discussed some weeks ago and proof what you also wrote.
        (Btw Teresa, if you once like to contact me directly on twitter, i’m there with the same name but I don’t know yours. Just in case).

      • Btw. that research you make sounds so interesting! 😱(Would be very, very interested to read it once in future, in case there will be an option).

    • I saw the video and all I can say is OMG, OMG, OMG.

      Tony said Rafa does it only during matches but not at other times. He even stated that if Rafa did it at other times, then it would be a problem. This was during an interview conducted in English.

      • What video Margo? I’ve only seen the article above. Can you provide the source? Uncle Toni has contradicted both Rafa and his mother so it would be useful to know when he said this. We’ve all seen Rafa tic-ing off court haven’t we? It lessens but is always present. I have a video of him tic-ing as a child off court.

      • Teresa, I was referring to the video from Dedallica’s link.

        As for Tony, I have looked for that interview without success. I believe it was a few years ago. If I remember correctly, that is exactly what he said. I remembered it because there was a discussion here and I brought it up at the time. It is so much a part of him that I never give it a second thought and probably don’t even notice it at times. If it’s still on the net you will find it. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

      • Teresa AND Fedallica,

        How about “underwear adjusting?”
        There is a link within the interview that @Fedallica supplied us with showing Rafa doing his thing. One or two shots I don’t believe it is really him.

      • I usually say clothes pulling but said ‘wedgie picking’ (that autoed to plucking) to help identify the video.

      • Teresa, I just checked the video to make sure I gave you and Fesallica correct info. That is what they are calling it. Sorry as did not realize it was name of video. I just hit the play button.

      • I don’t know if this will help you with your paper. There is a short segment of a long article, with Tony being quoted on Rafa’s habits:

        ESPN+Why Nadal Needs To Break His Habits
        It’s dated June 8, 2012

      • In Fedallica’s link to the GQ article about Rafa’s underwear, there is a YouTube link showing Rafa “adjusting” his underwear. That’s why I said, OMG OMG OMG

    • Hi Fedallica, I have to get ethical approval first. It’s a long winded system. It won’t be finished until the end of the year and I have to have very valid justification for proposing it. The study of attitudes towards any mental health issue is important so Im hopeful. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’ve only just opened a Twitter account mainly because I was missing out on a wealth of information about Rafa but will contact you on yours – thanks:). Also thanks for changing the horrible subject of doping which I hate.

      • Oh, wow! Sounds like a lot of work is waiting for you, but what a fascinating field to make research!

        Ok, I understand. Thanks a lot! Would be great to meet you on Twitter, once. Just take your time.

        I now also found the video link inside of the text of the interview that I linked, (but nothing new… and what horrble music they play! *dislike*). And I do not even want to read the comments! They must be awful.

        I still love the interview because of the way he answers, and have to giggle again, though.

        oh, I see I startet a mess in here, once again… I almost forgot that this topic was about that wada-leaks….

        Have a good night, Margo and Teresa and anybody else who is suffering by reading this huddle of posts from us. Excuse me!

      • Fedallica, I thought the interview was really great. Rafa seemed very at ease and open about questions posed to him. There was no hint of confrontation in the text.
        Don’t worry about the video.

  3. Let’s look at the bright side of this:
    The data shows that Rafa was out with injury which completely refutes the idiotic speculation suggesting he was serving any hidden bans.
    I learnt today that independent medics make the decisions completely blind to who the player is, so suggestions of covering up for top players are also out the window.
    As one reporter kindly pointed out Rafa’s 2009 loss to Sodderling was almost certainly due to tendinitis (sorry Sodderling!) (No wonder he choked in 2010)
    Rafa was completely inactive during the time of taking medication.
    The medication he took are common treatments which you and I would be prescribed for the same condition. They are not performance enhancers.

  4. Teresa, I would not go so far as to say this RNF post is damaging to Rafa. If Rafa haters can’t read, too bad because those who believe something will not be swayed by the truth.

    This post is just an incomplete picture of the Russians’ hacking-incident. I read it and forgot about it because it didn’t make sense. That is how insignificant I think this post is. It just doesn’t make sense the way it is presented.

    What prompted me to look further were my email notices from RNF with fans’ comments to Rafa, “we don’t believe…”, and “your fans….,” and the typical “never,” etc. After reading these comments I thought there was a new accusation/allegation of Rafa doping.

    NOTHING, as usual. As another fan posted, “Another slow news day,” or something like that.

    It’s not the first time Rafa haters have visited, I doubt it will be the last.

    Many RNF posts appear to be written by someone who does not have a good command of English. Any fan site dedicated to a specific-language fan base should be handled by a person who has a command of that language. Things get lost in translation as any linguist will attest to.

    • You’ve just made my point Margo. ‘After reading.. I thought there was a new allegation of doping ‘. There is nothing wrong with the post but the headline itself. Seeing this headline I would have assumed a new allegation and so would thousands of people (fans or not) searching Google everyday. I thank goodness that other sports people’s files have been leaked otherwise we would have suffered the type of sensationalist headline RNF inadvertently posted. As it stands the reporters (who suffer their own bias’s like the rest of us) cannot have a feeding frenzy on Rafa without implicating their own.

      • What point? That some who read it didn’t get that it didn’t make sense? That they didn’t take the time to find out anything and simply relied on this very poor case of journalism for the opportunity to pronounce their fidelity to Rafa? You’re smarter than that.

        The headline makes no sense together with what follows (Rafa’s remarks). That’s why I forgot about it until I started getting emails containing all those pretestations from fans. It makes no sense to me, anyway. If people haven’t learned to double check, triple check, what can I say. And I didn’t spend a lot of time searching before figuring out what the real story is.

      • Margo, the point is the headline reads like an accusation. You clearly get my other point that Joe Public do not take time to read things properly and make misinformed judgements by sensationalist headlines. I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand this. Going into your point as to how the post is presented and whether or not it gives a complete picture is a separate issue and not a counter argument to what I have said.

      • There is no question that the headline reads like an accusation. Yellow journalism at its best! Tabloids make millions.

        I did know of the Russians’ forthcoming leak before I read it here. Not all the details but I was aware it was coming. This post was just a non-article as far as I was concerned. Just hot air that a jerk or two came here to blow at Rafa’s fans.

  5. There is no need for Rafa’s fans to get upset as Rafa has already explained that he had permission to take the drugs for his injuries.
    Anyone who believes otherwise either cannot read or cannot comprehend. Those people are Rafa haters and should be ignored.
    I hate to think there are people out there who delight in trying to damage his name bur these Russian hackers are naming lots of sportspeople and it certainly seems to be a revenge issue for the banning of some of their sportsmen/women from the olympics.

  6. PLEASE RNF BE MORE CAREFUL!!! You have inadvertantly created a prominent headline linking Rafa to doping. The leaking of private medical information has nothing to do with doping and is nothing to do with records held by the ADA. You have made it sound as though he is defending an allegation where there has not been one. This is the sort of damaging headline that attention grabbing journalists create skewing information. People do not always read content, they merely make associations – Rafa=drugs. Rafa (in India) had a dig at the media for creating dramas around doping which damage the Sport’s reputation and you have done the same. Just to prove a point you have invited ‘haters’ on here seemingly unable to grasp the real issue. The headline should be one of sympathy for a violation not one of defence. This is damaging to Rafa.

  7. Don’t fool yourself Arthur. They read everything. And Twitter is limited to how many words?
    When RNF has something to say about a comment, they VERY QUICKLY respond, the same day and usually within hours of the post. It has happened on numerous occasions. Rafa isn’t even competing now, so they’ve got more time to respond. And, it was only one question…an updated calendar or the one posted at year’s beginning.

  8. Is there no level these hackers won’t stop at , what is this sour grapes for their athletes being banned from the Paralympics and some from the Olympics . We support you all the way Rafa

  9. Geezzzz… This has nothing to do with lies or accusations. This RNF post does not explain what is going on here. I’ve got a different take on this as there is really no need to report.

    Rafa is actually addressing WADA’s statement about the Russians leaks. WADA has said that the criminal attack has recklessly exposed “personal” data in an attempt to smear reputations. Rafa feels this data should not be “private.” It seems Rafa’s TUEs were included in the leaks; one in September 2009 for betamethasone, and the other in July 2012 for Tetracosactide. Rafa doesn’t care. He wants ALL athletes’ test results made public.

    I am a Rafa fan, but I feel he responds in ways that don’t include opposing viewpoints. WADA even refused to make his test results public a few months ago during that liable hoopla.

    For a person as private as Rafa, I think it pretty hypocritical to suggest that athletes who aren’t “doping” make their medical records public. Has Rafa even given thought to the legal ramifications of WADA divulging medical information.

    Spend a little energy on your millions of fans by sending us a message or two between tournaments instead of ad campaigns or product endorsements.

      • Margo…are you saying that there is nothing to worry about? I’m very confused…Rafa is not in trouble…Right? What he took was for Inflammation for his tendinitis in his knees…Not used for Performance-enhancement…I’m very tired of all this crap.

      • Hi Souix, nothing at all. I don’t even know why RNF even posted it. The Russians are angry because a lot of their athletes were not able to compete at Rio. They are full of hot air.

    • Rafa does message fans in between tournaments. And he’s just expressing his opinions. How is that hypocritical? He can want transparency regarding his test results and yet still be a private person.

      • What messages did he send to fans after this French Open withdrawal? He granted interviews only in his language (who speaks Mallorcan, it’s a regional dialect).

        You missed the point. Of course he can have an opinion about HIS own test results, but he is asking for everyone’s test results to be made public. Re-read his statement that test results, “…do not need to be a private matter.” He did not say, “my results.” Don’t just pick and choose from my fourth paragraph.

        There seem to be a disconnect between his cloistered life on Mallorca and his voicing that others’ test should not be a private matter, which IS a very private matter between physician and patient. He probably went into apoplectic shock when he found out what was revealed, not because it was damaging, but because of the detail. I say this because he went further to explain about the TUEs. “There was nothing illegal in my leaked medial reports,” should have been enough. The more he protests, the more fodder he supplied to the jerks who believe otherwise.

      • Rafa was very down when he had to withdraw from Roland Garros. I don’t think it’s fair to have expected him to do too many interviews or fan addresses after such an incident. He did Mallorcan interviews as they’re local, so it’s harder to avoid them.

        Rafa does give a lot to his fans. He always, without fail, signs autographs (even after losses) and poses for photos with fans. I think expecting more from him seems a tad ungrateful.

      • Oh please, I wasn’t talking about signing autographs (which usually takes no more than a minute or so). I’m talking about here and Twitter, or just giving other news outlets access to interview him so fans can get an idea of how he is doing, etc. He was very busy after the FO pullout; the academy, TH ads, receiving an award that RNF was good enough to post here. So your excuse about him being down doesn’t cut it. I am talking about the millions of fans he has…

      • My point still remains. He doesn’t owe it to his millions of fans to make a comment. And you’re ignoring the fact that he often DOES tweet in between tournaments – just recently he thanked fans for their support after the USO. And besides, we’re normally very up to date with everything Rafa does via fansites and press releases, so we’re hardly starved of information between tournaments. We don’t need him to tweet constantly to know that he appreciates his fans – of course he appreciates his fans!

        My examples of Rafa always signing autographs prove his good attitude towards fans. Just because it’s an example regarding a small amount of people as apposed to millions, it doesn’t make it any less generous. And I don’t see why you’re being dismissive over how long it takes to sign an autograph. Yes, it may only take seconds to sign an autograph, but so what? Good deeds aren’t measured by how long they take, and it’s still a nice gesture. And bear in mind, after a loss, Rafa must want to be anywhere but still out on court, but he always stays behind and signs autographs. That says a lot.

        So no, I don’t get the point you’re trying to make. Rafa has always shown evidence of being very grateful to his millions of fans.

  10. (Sorry if double posted- I need to type my comment again as I used my email name for my name first time… ).

    Somehow I was already prepared that this russian (state-) hackers are also going to publish Rafas files, as any ridiculous chance is always taken to bring his name in relation with doping. But in general, people do not believe sportsmen anymore (which ist somehow understandable) and are not interested in making any differentations in what they read. After every new tabloid article i need to defend Rafa like a lion towards my collegue who goes “have you seeeeeen, I always told you!!!”, bla bla bla. I don’t care and will go on doing this, forever. Heads up, Rafa. We stand behind you like a wall!

    • Fedallica, Rafa’s record speaks for itself. Just ask those who disagree, “Where is the proof?” That should shut them up. I know how committed a Rafa fan you are, so I feel for you.

      • Thank you! Of course this sometimes makes me sad, but fortunately I have developed a thicker skin when it comes to that. I was trying what you proposed, but my colleague never gives up and continues with his fairy tales. (He just likes to jeer around, but what can I do… he believes what he wants). In my country live much more “only- Roger”- (and Stan) – fans and some of them never liked Rafa and will never do :(.

  11. Somehow I was already prepared that this russian (state) – hackers are also going to publish Rafas files as always every little “chance” is taken to bring his name in relation with doping. It’s sad that this accusations happen to him over and over again, but in general, people do not believe sportsmen anymore (which I understand, somehow) and are not at all interested in making any differentations in what they read. After every new tabloid article I need to defend him like a lion towards some collegue of mine who goes “have you seeeeeen…. I always told you” bla bla. I don’t care, and I will go on doing this, forever. Heads up, Rafa. We stand behind you like a wall!

    • Is this the disappearing comment?

      One of mine sent hours ago just appeared. Something is wrong with something…

      • Yes, exactly! But this always happens to me when I put a wrong name by mistake. When I fill in “Fedallica” it’s going to be automatically sent.

      • Means: The comment which I sent first, with another name was first checked and published later. I guess once you are registered on the site with your name, then your comments are published automatically. But if you make any, even small difference in your registration form by mistake, it’s not immediately published.

  12. When will Rafa play next, that’s all I care about! So he took some drugs legally while injured to help his body heal. Boo hoo. Slow news day.

    • Someone commented Beijing. RNF, after 4 requests, has failed to supply a statement to fans re any changes or additions to Rafa’s schedule.

      • RNF can’t respond to every request. It does take time and energy to run a fansite, facebook page and twitter account. Cut them some slack.

  13. This post by RNF made little sense to me until I found out what Rafa was actually referring to as there are no false accusations here.
    Rafa is responding to media reports of WADA’s statement, “The criminal attack” has recklessly exposed “personal” data in an effort to smear reputations. “It is a private matter.”

    It appears the hackers leaked that Rafa was granted a TUE in September 2009, and July 2012; betamethasone and Tetracosactide, respectively. It is this type of information that WADA considers “private,” but Rafa is saying it should be public information so as to add transparency. I guess he has not considered the legal ramifications of doing this, at least here in the US.

  14. Rafa, we believe you! No one can defame you! Those who would try to ruin your reputation will NOT succeed! They’re wasting their time! We’ve seen you grow to manhood on the tennis courts of the world; NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN SEEN YOU DISPLAY UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR !!! Ignore the lies, knowing that your fans will ALWAYS support you!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  15. Rafa I would pay no attention to their hacking as they are just out to cause a stir.

    Go on as you have always done with the perfect benefit of your integrity at all times.

    Love and prayers,




    LOVE YOU RAFA AWAYS. ❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💞💟

    • How? He’s defending himself from baseless accusations. How the Hell that make him a spoilt little kid?

      Also, this is a fan site for Nadal. Why would you come on here and make digs?

    • Ladyofroyalhorses You are an ass for such a stupid comment. No place for such comments. No place for you here. As you say Grow Up, Cop on, Go away.

  17. Knowing Rafa and his courtesy to others I commend him on his ethics. If he was on the doping he would have been there till the last man standing with all sorts of energy. I would say if anyone needs testing would be Djokovicz. All the best to my all time favorite player Rafa. It will be a very sad day when his body will not allow him to play. I know I will cry for sure on the loss of a talented player and courteous athlete.

    • Haven’t you learned anything? Don’t do to Nole what others tried to do to Rafa! And no, I am not a Nole fan.

  18. Jamais je n ai pensé que rafa ait pris des substances pr améliorer ses performances il est bien trop professionnel et amoureux de son métier qui est bien plus qu’ 1 passion pr lui 👍👍il n’y a pas plus honnête que lui ds ce métier ✌vive rafa ❤❤❤and vamos👏👏👏👏

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