Rafa responds to being targeted by Russian hackers: “I have never taken anything to improve my sporting performance”

Rafael Nadal has responded to a leak of his confidential medical data after he was one of a number of athletes targeted by a group of Russian hackers.

Here’s what Rafa said:

It is a private matter which does not need to be private. No need for a hacker to deliver it. It would be good for everyone. If every time you successfully do a doping test, [and] it’s announced and the results are published, it would finish all these discussions and all be transparent.

There are many things which, day to day, are banned substances, but when you ask permission and you get it, it stops being illegal … I have never taken anything to improve my sporting performance. Simply, the doctors told me to take something to improve my knee.

Source: tennis.com


  1. Get with it – im a woman and at least i dont go on and on and on. Having read some of yr stuff it looks like yr the confontrational one

  2. Oh margo why dont you just shut up with your high and mighty attitude. Some of your comments to others make awkward reading as if yr trashing what they’re saying. Everyone has a right to have their say without being at the mercy of you giving a lecture. Arthur – i agree with everything that you have said. Is it any wonder that some regulars dont use this site anymore?

    • You and Charlie? Now you speak for others? Sad really. I guess you both have your significant other in place, with tape over their mouths, as you tell them to shut up. Can’t get any more macho than that! What did Arnold Schwarzenegger say? Stop being girlie-boys?
      Members may respond to each other’s comments without being rude. Confrontation is not necessary.

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