Rafa Roundup: ‘Rafa Nadal is my hero’

Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2016 Nike Outfit (2)


Spain’s Rafael Nadal and Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro are among the players who will compete at next year’s Mexican Open in the Pacific port city of Acapulco, organizers said Tuesday.

The 30-year-old Nadal, the champion in Acapulco in 2005 and 2013, will be vying for his third title at the event, which will be held Feb. 27 to March 4, 2017, tournament director Raul Zurutuza said in a press conference.

“There’s always going to be someone who will try to take advantage of certain situations but his name is not Rafael Nadal that’s for sure,” seven-time Grand Slam winning Swede Wilander told Gulf News on Tuesday.

“If you get permission from the organisation that conducts drugs tests and will call upon you if you fail, and they recommend the dose and supervise its use then it’s completely different.”

On a hot, rainy summer evening in New York, Nadal’s hands are in a pizza-slice shape in his lap, and he’s giggling sheepishly.

Still, it’s clear he’s a Guy Who Knows Underwear. So what underwear does a guy who knows underwear—with a job that requires the utmost comfort at all times—wear to work? We talked to Nadal about his undergarment preferences (both on court and off) and his ongoing war against wedgies.


Which famous athlete would you like to compete against in a game of badminton?

With Rafa Nadal, because he’s my hero, and in fact, I know that he doesn’t like badminton because he says it’s a tough sport. And that’s coming from a tennis player, who in my opinion is the best ever, that plays many hours of tennis, but the truth is that badminton is very, very tough.

Which celebrity would you like to have dinner with?

With Rafa Nadal. Yes, because for me, Rafa Nadal is my hero. He is the mirror I look into because I think we have same competitive and fighting spirit, and we never give up on anything.

#2 Rafael Nadal — There may never be a better shirtless cameo than the Spaniard in Shakira’s “Gypsy.”


  1. At this moment, Rafa is playing an exhibition match against Novak in Milano. For once, I have no idea where to watch this :(. What a pity :(….

    • I tried to find a link to the exhibition, but no luck. I hope Rafa plays well because Novak was initially not sure he could play today because of his foot injury. If you find out, please post it.

      • I only can only see short video clips on Twitter.. It seems t be more fun than a match…
        Novak won the first set 6:4, now it is 2:2 I think.


    I wonder what Maria thinks of that.

    I too am an interested grandma and have been going to see Rafa at the Australian open for many many years,and may they continue.

    All the best Rafa for next matches in B ei Jing in October,

    Love and prayers,


  3. Nadal es integro, bello por dentro y por fuera a mas de ser un excelente jugador, nadie como el es tambien mi heroe, quien se ha ganado el carino y la admiracion de millones de gente por su humildad su carisma y su envolvedor juego. Vamos Rafa

  4. rafa have loved my three weeks hoildays in mallorca this year,hope your well,all the very best for your nexr match,l am one of your older fans and proud of it vamos rafa for know.glennis.

  5. Beverly you certainly made me chuckle , I think your family are very proud of you, and love that that you are so young at heart and also has such impeccable taste.

  6. Beverley, I love❤️, love💛, love ❤️ your comment! Keep on with that passion for Rafa, no matter what your family says. I am sure he gives you so much joy and positive energy, this is all what matters! A very important part of life is about beibg able to have passion, fascination, goose bumbs and Rafa gives us fans a lot from those aspects, doesn’t he? No shame at all to adore his underweae campain at any age! 🤗
    I am 30 but I will still love those pics in case I reach your age.

    • Maria and Fedallica, thanks for your kind words and yes, Maria, although they tease me about Rafa, my family are happy that I “think young ” and most are admiring of Rafa both as a tennis player and a person although not ardent Rafa fans. The opinion is – One in the family is enough!! .
      My heart goes out to Rafa that he once more has to be linked to doping claims even although they are foundless. But there are those who want to tear him down at every opportunity probably because they are fans of other players. A very juvenile, but nasty attitude to take.
      In the meantime thanks RNF for giving us the opportunity to honour our hero through this topic.

  7. My family tease me that their 82 year old mother, grandmother and great grandmother has a Rafa ” fixation” but I tell them that’s better than sitting around thinking about getting old.
    He just seems to be such a lovely guy both on and off court and my fixation for him is in a very grandmotherly way- except , I must confess – when he appears in the Tommy Hilfiger underwear. That puts a bit of a strain on things.
    But he is certainly my hero, and I’m sure hero to millions around the world. I hope he stays healthy enough to be able to compete well for the remainder of 2016.

    • Beverley so have I there is something special about this guy..apart from the fact that he’s drop dead gorgeous in every way .. He is beautiful inside also..such charisma ..and to watch him on a tennis court is a joy such passion..the day he retires I will lose a bit of interest in tennis there’s nobody else like Rafa..I’ve been a fan since Wimbledon 2007

  8. Rafa is just adorable in every way and an inspiration and hero to millions. RNF thank you for keeping us updated you are doing a brilliant job


    LOVE YOU RAFA💟💞💘💗💖💕❤💙💚💛💜💓💔

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