Interview: Rafael Nadal’s travel favorites [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal  has traveled the world, playing tennis in some of the planet’s most beautiful cities. Check out the video below to find out about Rafa’s favorite place to travel, food and more.

Source: Condé Nast Traveler


  1. Poor Rafa! He struggled answer this questions. You can see he feels uncomfortable.I knew exactly what answer the interviewer wants to receive, but not with Rafa. He is too grounded and humble to just go with the flow.

  2. He’s done some very interesting interviews the last couple of days (this isn’t one of them). The Babolat one is lovely. One of the questions is from Rafa Nadal Fans re football outside Spain: is that this RNF or another? If this site he says hello! So we have learnt he would rather Spain stay in Europe and, given the chance, he would study sports or economics at university!

  3. I totally agree with you guys the questions were SILLY. Maybe, they were questions from the general public who do not know who he is. Not sure, but if you get the opportunity to interview him ask him intriguing questions.

    RAFA fan forever.

  4. Those were stupid questions …a real waste of Rafa’s time. If she new anything about tennis or Rafa perhaps her questions wouldn’t have been so lame! Get a clue lady…Rafa enjoys vacationing at home on his yacht with friends and family… Surprised she didn’t ask him where he goes to the bathroom!

  5. There are so many things to love about Rafa. I thought he managed that interview well considering some of the silly questions. I like that Rafa is so enthusiastic about the places he visits, but loves his home best. From all of the photos I have seen, no wonder he is most happy there.

  6. Rafa has such charm and is so proud of the island he comes from and rightly so , it looks absolutely gorgeous so why would he choose any where else. I think Rafa struggles sometimes with what he’s asked , maybe a more jolly interview would put him more at ease . What with the British weather and not so great beaches compared to other countries not expecting to see Rafa on them any time soon 😥

  7. That would have to be the worst set of questions & interviewer I have heard in ages….& I think Rafa felt the same….

  8. Lovely Rafa as always very open and honest even the stupid questions he answered with humility I have never seen Rafa play only on television but how I would love too
    I wish he would visit us here in Scotland I would be first in the queue to see him !!!

  9. Rafa is always so modest and full of humility when asked about his travels.

    From a young teenager he has travelled the great cities of the world, and says he could not select out one.
    What a gentleman.
    I have seen him in Sydney once, and Australia several times in Melbourne.
    i consider myself very blessed to have been a tennis enthusiast and seen Rafa play many times,
    Love and prayers Rafa you are such a real gentleman,


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