WATCH: Rafael Nadal Reunites with Tommy Hilfiger for New Underwear Campaign

Rafael Nadal poses with an oversized elastic waistband for Tommy Hilfiger’s fall-winter 2016 underwear campaign. Check out the video!

The next Tommy Hilfiger mens underwear collection with brand ambassador Rafael Nadal refreshes classic styles with updated fits and elevated details. Design innovations combine premium microfiber and cotton fabrics for a sophisticated and comfortable result. The Fall 2016 collection features Tommy Hilfiger’s new signature stripe, which brings the brand’s iconic red, white and navy palette to all products.


  1. OMG my heart just skipped a beat and then stopped. Rafa’s killer looks are just as lethal as his tennis. Love him so much!

    Go for GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vamos!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think I know where this is headed:
    Nadal vs Delbonis 6-2, 5-1

    Rafa, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong! Now just play all your matches for the same result!!!!


  3. Are you sure Teresa I’m only an hour from London and I have it on the red button . Great first match Rafa ,how we have missed you . Your like a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to see your winning smile in the next round

    • I tried and tried. Was on net to a few people and they had the same problem with the red button. Looks as though it differs from region to region or is just not working efficiently. Still he won – vamos Rafa!!!

  4. Great first set for Rafa, now that what I call an outfit . Nike never lets him down and red is certainly his colour. Come on Rafa one set to go

  5. Wauw you gorgeous man 😍👌😊
    Rafa’s playing on Court 1 now, can’t see it here in DK though either 😳 – So anoying 😒
    All the best of luck sweet Rafa 💖😘🍀 VAMOS Champ 🎾💪😃👑

  6. Thanks Teresa , if he is due on court one then that is being televised . I guess he is playing so late because matches on that court were delayed because of weather but still went ahead on centre court just doesn’t make sense

  7. I’m guessing Rafa’s match isn’t going to be televised in the UK as we are only seeing centre court and court one and Andy Murray is on now who was scheduled to play later than Rafa .

    • I’ve got Court 1 on BBC iplayer where Rafa is due to play after Kerber. It was a bit of a maze to find it! The ‘red button’ is useless – it makes no sense to me – so no idea if they will show Rafa.

  8. Surely by time Rafa starts his singles match he cant be expected to play his doubles as well today

    • It could be worrisome. I do hope that they account for the delay and give him sufficient rest hours between matches. There is probably a rule for that. Anyone know it?


  9. Margo clink on the link above (Rafa unveils his new Tommy Hilfiger campaign inNYC) and look at the outfit Tommy Hilfiger is wearing , now where have I seen that before he he?

    • THAT IS SO WEIRD!!! Charge that Spanish company with commercial espionage, trademark violations, and copycat infringement. What else can we add?
      I didn’t notice because my eye were glued to Rafa, of course. I see what you mean now in your comment about TH colors, I think. LOL


  10. Can’t see that Rafa will be out playing at the time stated as Serena is about to play on centre court and court one’s match is delayed, that’s even if it’s televised . Was so looking forward to the match but the red button is a pain and with no commentary telling you what’s going on it all so confusing. And in the UK we only seen to be showing anything with the UK athletes on the main channel

  11. Would be interested to know if Rafa will be playing on centre court or court one, as court one’s game has been delayed due to weather ( whatever that means, it’s not raining , a bit windy yes) but centre courts game is still being played uh!

    • Center Court is a little more protected than the outer courts. One and two are supposed to start soon. Other water events have been cancelled due to the high winds.

    • Could be because of wind. This morning, some boating competition was actually cancelled due to wind. I completely neglected to account for a windy weather delay for Rafa.


  12. Rafa’s definitely got a more naughtier side than he lets on. His girlfriend is one lucky lady.

  13. What a head nod and smile!! Can’t get sexier than that!!!
    Acting getting better with each new campaign. One of his better ad videos. MWAAAH! Who loves ya baby!


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