Rafael Nadal carries Spain’s flag at Olympic Opening Ceremony

Rafael Nadal proudly lead out Team Spain in front of a buoyant Maracana crowd during the official opening of the Rio 2016 games.

What a great moment for our champ!

“Very happy to be here, really glad,” he was quoted as saying by Rio2016.com. “It’s something for every sportsman to be proud of, and of course, especially for me after not being in London.”


  1. The play on the other courts was delayed this morning due to high winds. Only Center Court was not affected. They seem to have died down, but it is still very breezy.

  2. Cheers for your help Margo, yes Rafa had better reach the final not seeing him for so long I’m having withdraw symptoms. This is one gold medal I will gladly see Spain win .HAPPY WATCHING!

    • You are quite welcome. I am always willing to help if I can.

      LOL We will get our fixes today in singles and doubles. No more withdrawal!!!


    • Excellent. In any event, you may want to check every hour just in case there are changes. Depending on which court he is playing on, and when the previous match finishes, the time could change. If it does, it’s not usually more than an hour. Better safe than sorry. LOL
      I don’t anticipate a change in this case because the matches are best out of three, except for the final. (HE BETTER MAKE IT TO THE FINAL!!!!!)


    • OK Now Google Rio Tennis and let me know what time it shows for Tennis First round. It should show up right away, you don’t have to do any searching.


  3. Do we have an update on what time Rafa plays today . The tennis in the UK starts at 14.45 , but I’m guessing it will be on the red button which means I can’t record it .

  4. I was confused and thought Rafa was playing today instead of tomorrow. I am so relieved. He should be ready by then. I thought all the tennis players did us proud at the opening ceremony.

    • LOL Quite understandable. I’d be frantic.

      After I replied, it hit me that maybe you were joking, as to insinuate that Rafa was such a heavy party guy he would be partying through Saturday. It had not dawned on me that you missed the comment about Rafa’s first round.


  5. I enjoyed the opening ceremony with the focus on nature and the evolution of Brazil, beautiful and simple yet so colourful and vibrant. Wow did Spain rock, full of joy and smiles. Rafa was all lit up, so happy and proud to lead the team and epitomised the spirit of sport and the true spirit of the Olympics. That million dollar smile made me smile early in the morning here in Ireland. He got such a great welcome. He is one special man who connects with millions in such a positive manner. Now to the business side, wishing him a healthy wrist as he plays his first match to morrow,

  6. So great to see Rafa there! I wish for him continued good health so that he may compete in many years to come.

  7. we were just as proud to watch Rafa Nadal lead Spain’s 2016 Olympic team into the arena as their flag bearer. we missed him at London, too. good luck to you in your matches and all you do in life!🐯🍀🎾🙋🏻❤️

  8. Stayed up to watch but I ashamed to say I fell asleep , luckily I recorded it and today have scrolled through four hours to see a few seconds of Rafa but it was well worth it . Rafa looked gorgeous as did all of the Spanish team . That smile said it all , he is so proud to be representing his country , his smile could have lit up the Olympic flame on its own . Well done Rafa can’t wait to see you out on the court’s.Good luck to team Spain

  9. So ennoyed with myself. I kept up till one o’clock, watched the inauguration show and finally the countries came marching in. Fell asleep with the letter D and awoke with Madagaskar. I MIssed Spain and Rafa. I could have kcked myself with disappointment. Perhaps I’m lucky and can still see it today in the News.Bl…… Hell. Vamos Rafa.

  10. Rafa looked so handsome and got a huge response from the crowd. I wish NBC would have shown him more, but they gave him more attention than most other non-Americans.





    His smile is so infectious and genuine. Next up, his snarl when he’s kicking butt on the court.

    RAFA fan forever.

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