VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo Lip Sync To RedOne’s Solo Venture ‘Don’t You Need Somebody’

RedOne – the producer who has penned pop hits for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Usher – has released his brand new video for the bouncy summer jam “Don’t You Need Somebody,” featuring Shaggy, Enrique Iglesias, R. City, and Serayah.

The video features many stars including Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Lopez singing along.

Rafa is seen in a picturesque background as he dances to RedOne’s new single with his shades on. Watch below!



  1. Rafa is a very good dancer and singer he loves to enjoy life ! I miss him playing tennis but he’s been grinding his body for so many years to entertain us happy for him to have a break and if he retires he did his utmost best for all his fans. Hope his injuries can heal ! Enjoy life Rafa !

  2. Great moves Rafa. Missing you but wishing you a speedy recovery.

    In the meantime enjoy the football and best wishes to Spain and I am sure you will get to see

    your country reach finals and win VIVA!!!! SPAIN!!!

  3. Move In Or Move On Rafa. Please move out of Rafa’s Facebook n into Novak’s. If you know Tennis history, you will see why Rafa is a Legend. What he achieved at a very young age, Novak is now achieving! What he has forgotten, Novak is now learning! This Facebook is for Rafa Fans NOT Novak Fans. Thank you. Vamos Rafael. God bless you. You are also a Star in singing n dancing! Get well soon. Love your Aussie Abuela. 😀😇😊

  4. Please don’t talk about Novak. He may be a professional and have a certain amount of talent and discipline. But …. Otherwise not the goat at least in my opinion. He’s having a great year when most of the others are going down or not at their best. Rafa has had the most difficult career – played all at their best and with so many injuries missing so many tournaments etc.
    it could well be that this is his last year I sincerely hope not. Love tennis but without Rafa? 😢😒😢😢.

    Please come back!!!! Vamos

  5. Rafa,get well soon,,can’t wait to see you playing again,,great moves,loved the video,

  6. Dear Move In Rafa Or Move On

    GOOD FOR YOU, there are other players to watch so go watch them.

    You’re done. We won’t stick a fork in you though. ADIOS. Thanks for all your comments (FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ALL THAT), the LAST comment NOT so much.

    RAFA fan forever.

  7. My heart and thoughts with the friends , family and people of America today after another senseless act of evil .You are in my prayers

  8. Love your moves, gorgeous Rafa 😃🎵❤️
    – You look great 😍😊
    Think you should be shown much more in the video though 🎶☀️🌴☺️

    All the best and a speedy recovery 😘🍀💖

    VAMOS Champ 🎾💪👑

  9. Wow Rafa, you are quite the mover and shaker,a man of MANY TALENTS indeed.

    I trust the wrist is healing well, and that resting is is the answer.

    May God bless you ABUNDANTLY.

    Praying for completer healing,

    Love and prayers,


  10. Rafa I just can’t stop watching ur moves.
    This will be my favourite song for this year.
    Where there is Rafa there is life
    Love u

  11. Speak for yourself va4favre. I have a full life and enjoy watching pro tennis with or without Rafa. Nothing lasts forever. There’s plenty of other fish in the ocean – Thiem, Muguruza, Kygrios, Bouchard, Zverev. Even Novak — the ultimate professional. What he lacks in charisma he more than makes up for with talent, character and class. A pro’s pro. Like it or not, he’s on his way to 20+ slams and undisputed GOAT status. A well-deserved honor indeed.

    • True colours unfurled eh? if only Joko had had the right uncle to bring him up. Talent he has, sometimes. Consistency, not so much. I am sure he is basically a nice guy, but of the sheer level of Federer and Rafa? not yet by a long chalk.

    • Sorry to see you back on this site which is for Rafa fans, ie people who admire and support him. You are entitled to your views but we Rafa fans don’t want to hear them.

  12. All the best for a speedy recovery Rafa! Man, you sure got the moves!, and with his beloved sea as background. Great one!
    Tennis / we miss you. Looking forward to the future. Vamos Rafa!!

  13. He’s done. Stick a fork in him. Adios Rafa. Thanks for the memories — pre-2014. Since then, not so much.

    • It will be a long time before this. Easy to be negative, RG was Rafas for the taking if the following matches were anything to go by. He will be back!

  14. Rafa has a full life with or without tennis. It is his fan who suffer his absence. I read all of the reports that his career is almost over, but I really hope that is not true. He is only 30. I know he will not play as long as Roger, but maybe a couple more years please!

    • So true! Absolutely agree on everything you write. Wish he really enjoys his time off the tour more than us. For the future it would be really wise from him to play less tournaments, so that he’ll be able to fight on with full strength and health, hopefully for some more years. And,of course, only if he can still enjoy the competition. I do not even want to think about the day he says goodbye, (horrrible!) but it is his health and choice, in any way. It will be a very, very sad time, but by now, I think that’s not even close.

  15. What a “feel good” video! Loved it. Everyone was having such a fun time. But that
    aqua water in Rafa’s background was just so eye-catching and delicious. Rafa looked amazing too!


  16. Looking scorching hot as usual Rafa..missing you on the tennis courts..speedy recovery

  17. I miss my so hard to watch with 0UT him not in it. Just doesn’t have the same excitement. But I will wish him well. Always health come first. Hope to see you soon.





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