Rafa Roundup: This is not the end!

Rafael Nadal King of Clay French Open Roland Garros


“We took the risks yesterday. To have won the tournament I would have had to play five more matches and the doctor told me that was 100 per cent impossible.

Nadal, wearing a wrist brace, said the injury first flared up during his quarter-final match in Madrid against Joao Sousa earlier this month, after which he underwent treatment in Barcelona before heading to Rome, where he lost in the quarter-finals to Novak Djokovic.

Having played on anti-inflammatories in Italy, Nadal said the pain began to return prior to his departure for Paris. “When I arrived here, every day is worse,” Nadal said. “I cannot play with my forehand. That’s the real thing.”

By withdrawing from Roland-Garros, Nadal hopes to avoid surgery to his wrist.

For now, the French Open and the popular Spaniard’s millions of admirers will hope he has another stab at the record next year. He certainly believes he will.

Now is a tough moment, but is not the end. I feel myself with the right motivation and the right energy to be back in Roland Garros the next couple of years, and I really hope to keep having my chances in the future.”

Nadal’s uncle and coach Toni lamented the unfortunate timing of the injury but is hoping his charge will be ready to compete again soon.

“It’s part of the sport. But yes, this setback has come at the worst moment,” said Toni.

“It’s a pity because Rafael was starting to get back to a good level, feeling competitive and this is the most important tournament of the year for us. Now, the most important thing is for him to recuperate completely and when he’s back, we can get to where we are right now.”



Rafa’s success at Roland-Garros is often compared to that of Bjorn Borg’s. The nine-time champion reflects on his inspiration, motivation, and love of the red clay.

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  1. Rafa is the best tennis just isn’t the same without you.
    I have been watching you since you won your first French open on your 18th birthday and have been a faithful fan ever since
    Please get well soon and come back to the court where we can see your magnificance
    Much love and caring

  2. Not the end for Rafa but maybe for the suspended one.

    I wonder what Rafa thinks of Sharapova’s two-year suspension. Not long enough?


  3. Storypick’s 10 reasons why Rafa is the perfect sports’ role model:
    1) Humility
    2) Hard Work
    3) Tenacity
    4) Respect for his opponents (never underestimates his opponent)
    5) Loyalty and family values
    6) Beating the odds (he was dismissed as only a clay court player)
    7) Fighting spirit
    8) A no excuses guy (never blames anyone for his defeats)
    9) Re-invented himself by keeping his game unpredictable
    10) He is a champion, the first to win at least one GS in ten consecutive years.

    Rafa, I can’t think of another athlete who embodies your great attributes.


  4. So happy to see you with a great big smile on your face Rafa, spending holiday on the Balearic island of Formentera, with Xisca.
    What you need is relaxation and time away from thinking of tennis.
    I hope you are considering seeing a sports psychologist. If this is an option for you please think of it as a possible remedy to help you cope with the tremendous amount of pressure you put on youself, as you’ve said, “To play against myself.”
    Enjoy your holiday and take time to heal.

  5. Lopez and Lopez have taken the doubles FO title what a great weekend for the Spanish people

  6. RAFA, you’ve gotta be happily shocked. Spain won both the women’s singles and men’s doubles at your querido French Open. FELICIDADES. Sorry you couldn’t be there.


  7. Désolé Rafa mais Garbine reviendra avec une Coupe Suzanne Lenglen pas des Mousquetaires.


  8. Spain will be very proud today as Garbine Muguruza has beat Serena Williams to take the FO,im so happy for her. What a humble and beautiful speaker. It must run in the Spanish blood,and how lovely of her to mention Rafa. If things had played out different we could have had a Spaniard take men’s and women’s FO title. Lopez and Lopez are in the men’s double final Good luck to them.All has gone very quiet on the Rafa front , even commentators have commented on it.

  9. Rafa, I hope you are smiling as your compatriot Garnine has brought home the Coupe des Mousquetaires. If you make it to Rio, best of luck with your doubles partner.


  10. Rafa, you may not be at RG but three of your compatriots are in the finals for the women’s singles and men’s doubles. Spain may still get another Coupe des Mousquetaires!


  11. Birthday Boy, this is only the second birthday since 2005 that you are celebrating at home in Manacor, instead of Paris. Surrounded by family and friends it can’t get better than that on your special day.


  12. Today is Rafa’s day but he made my day. Totally unexpected…. I just received a “thank you” from his personal Twitter account in my in-box. He also sent a big hug. Well I surely feel hugged! OMG Phenominal!


  13. Happy Birthday Dear Rafael Nadal, I wish you all the best. You are and always will be my very favorite. I love you and God Bless You!!! Marylynn

  14. Novak is playing top level tennis but he is gaining because the golden era has been significantly weaker with Roger’s age/injury and Rafa’s injuries. Rafa gained his slams in arguably the most brutal triad ever. The fact that Andy is ‘shining’ right now (who was never really in the same league as the other 3) tells me the field is weaker. I really don’t believe Andy has upped his game that much at 29. So I really don’t think ‘numbers’ of slams should ever be used to decide who the GOAT is because it really is impossible to take into account these sorts of factors.

    • Totally agree with you! Roger was lucky to beat everyone before Rafa came. Same now with Djokovich…no competition, easy wkns! Of course this is not their fault, but all Rafas titles are well deserved! He ix so unique, like nobody else! Simply the best!

  15. Happy Birthday, Rafa! Hope you enjoy the very special day with family and friends! You’re and will always be our champion!

    Today is also my son’s birthday.😊 We’ll sing “Happy Birthday to Rafa too”!

    Forever your fan.

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