VIDEO: Highlights from Rafael Nadal’s straight sets win over Philipp Kohlschreiber in Rome

Rafael Nadal took on Philip Kohlschreiber on Centrale for a place in round three in Rome.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Oh i am vexed. I was watching rafa vs nick in an exciting match on a sky supported device when in the middle of the 3rd set they take it off so we can watch murray’s whole match. I dont have a red button so am now watching a very boring match in comparison and wot makes it worse is that i dislike murray intensly. I feel violated!

  2. Hi there Rafa fans!
    Bad new y’all!!! Dominic Thiem has just exited Roger Federer!!!

    Will Kyrgios leverage on that to also exit Rafa???

    A battle of the generation indeed.

    Based on certain facts, including Rafa’s overwhelming praise of Nick (which will only serve to boost Nick’s morale) Rafa is very likely to lose tonite. I stand by by earlier prediction of 6-4, 6-4 in Nick’s favour.

    But, as a die-hard Rafa fan, I know that anything can happen. We’ll see………………

    • Already wrong Nutty Prophet …. you should get together with fruitcake Margo, you’ll make a great couple O_O

  3. Rafa is back and is getting more solid by the match. All the naysayers can stay home. Vamos Rafa!! Your real fans are still behind you all the way!!

  4. I said Kohlschreiber would be a piece of cake, and it was. Against Kyrgios he will have a bataille royale but I know he can beat him. And he will.


  5. It”s a tricky situation out there.
    If Rafa beats Kyrgios tomorrow (very unlikely though), he will go on to lose to Novak at the quarters.

    However, in the event that Nick triumphs over Nadal tomorrow {a very likely possibility), Nick will go on to beat Novak. However, he’d eventually lose to Andy Murray in the finals.

    So, which one do you prefer???????

    Vamosssss Rafa…….But, we’ll see…………….Hmmmmmmmmmmm……….

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