VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal – Rome Masters R2 (May 11, 2016)

Rafael Nadal talks about his first round win over Philipp Kohlschreiber in Rome.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Rafa is already one set down to Kyrgios on his beloved clay surface!!!
    The King of Clay is being dethroned?????

  2. Did anyone see the match between djoko and Roberts? I didn’t watch but happened to see in the replay djokos reaction in the 2nd set at 4/4 and he was playing the next game. When he scored a point or won that game he went berserk – crazy – roaring and every nerve, muscle, ligament was visible. AWFUL but shows that he seems to want to win every game, set, match or even point. Don’t like it at all!!!!

    Just wish Rafa could put him in his place or for that matter anyone else.

  3. Dumb questions! The press are accustomed to hear arrogant answers and behavior from some players and they expect the same from Rafa! It´s so many years on the circuit and they still do not know Rafa…or are just asshole envious! VAMOS RAFA You know best than the rest how to play on clay ! Just beating

    • Ha ha, I bet he does! I am constantly amazed at how poor the questions are and then we get mostly AP stories written by interns. I would guess, however, that Rafa is used to this by now. Actually, Kyrgios’ was misquoted recently about 50 things he would rather be doing. Some reports linked it to playing tennis, but actually he was referring to talking to the press.

    • Teresa, I think it’s the opposite. Probably he makes them feel like pulling out their hair. He gives them no quarter and kind of shuts them down immediately when he feels they want a controversial response to a question. That’s the main reason I luv watching his interviews.
      Did you see the one when he was asked about “everyone” being worried about Djokovic and Nadal responded something to the effect, “everyone?” with a glint in his eye, eyebrow raised, then kind of a big grin? That one is priceless. I had to crack up.

      • I haven’t seen this one – will look for it on youtube. He is great at shutting reporters down though – he’s been doing this from pretty young as well. He knows the game well – very intelligent.

      • Totally agree.
        He’s not just a cute face, there’s deep intelligence and a sense of humor especially when he turns the table on his questioners.

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