VIDEO: Is Rafael Nadal back to his best on clay?

Novak Djokovic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga discuss Rafael Nadal’s return to form. Watch!

Video: ATP World Tour



  1. I think Rafa was seriously tired,
    and if he had had one more day to have some rest it could have been a different result with Andy.
    Win or lose,Rafa on and off the court is a man in a million.
    He has such high values, and treats everyone soooooooooo graciously.Every one he comes into contact with he is amazingly kindness and care..
    Win or lose as far as tennis, he is one of the loveliest human beings going, to all and sundry,
    Love and prayers RAFA for ROME.Get plenty of rest as well as training too.


  2. I think Rafael is nearly back but still has a wee bit to get there fully but he will do it. Madrid semi I feel he just ran out of gas and was so tired which is why Andy won but a rest should see Rome success and the same before the French.

    Vamos Rafa


  3. Win or lose, Rafa is a great champion! He plays with so much passion & is so humble. No matter what his ranking is, he will always be my favorite player. Hope he wins his 10th French Open. Vamos!!!


  4. I think Rafa is the best player ever as far as I m concerned such an exciting player and we need more like him
    I am still not sure if back to his best as yet but I would think 80% there think he still has some work to do. But nothing wrong with that sheer hard irk and determination will get him ther e hopefully for RG tennis needs the like of Rafa as at the moment it’s a bit boring especially with Novak winning all the time
    So good luck for Rome


  5. Yes, on to Rome to play on his favored surface. The competition will be strong so I hope Nadal is in high spirits and ready to roar like the king he is.



  6. No time to regret a loss; as Rafael says-“that is the sport”. He is a true warrior and sportsman;
    he knows what needs to be done. Undoubtedly disappointed, he cannot let the fire burn out yet.
    We see how he loves to play and win. Who has embraced the game with more passion? It truly is a game of agony and ecstasy!👊👑💪🏆😪😛❤️

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