Rafael Nadal loses in two sets to Andy Murray in semi-final at Madrid Open

Unfortunately Rafael Nadal suffered a 5-7, 4-6 loss against defending champion Andy Murray in the semi-final of the Mutua Madrid Open today.

It is just the second time that the Brit has beaten our champ on clay, the last occasion being the final of the same competition last year.

After the match, Rafa said:

I had another positive week. I made it to the semi-finals. I think I’m very consistent every week.

Today mentally I think I was okay. I fought a lot until the end. I tried to look for solutions, and I think I did that; it wasn’t enough.

See you in Rome, Rafa! VAMOS!



  1. I don’t think Rafa did find solutions I’m afraid, even though I’m a long term fan.
    How many breaks did he have and couldn’t finish, around 11? He could have won with more aces (which he needs to practice to make easy points) and drop vollies . I know he bodged a few, but he should have kept trying. Vamos por Roma!🎾


  2. We have seen rafa ruling over andy most of the times and rafa should have this in mind yes andy played great but rafa was not upto the mark as he was in previous tournament as rafa as expected trying new things

    But rafa u just cannot allow andy to have an upper hand on u and especially on clay

    Vamos rafa

    Stay healthy stay calm


  3. Congrats to Andy Murray, today. Rafa lost to a terrific opponent. There’s no shame
    in that. If Rafa suffered a loss against Sousa then there may have been cause for concern but not against a #2 ranked, highly skilled player as Andy is.

    Rafa still performed terrifically all week long. I look forward to his next tournament
    in Rome. Best wishes!


  4. So close, and yet….
    Either player could have won this, but Andy did. He has learnt so much from Rafa, particularly in attitude. Never mind, Rome, here we come!


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